Jenkins Plugin Usage Summary

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Jenkins Plugin:

1.ansicolor:this plugin adds support for ANSI escape sequences, including color, to Console Output.

2.Ant plugin:this Plugin adds Apache Ant support to Jenkins.

3.Copy Artifact Plugin:adds A build step to Copy artifacts from another project.

4.Custom View Tabs plugin:this Plugin allows Custom labels and colours on View Tabs to show job status information.

5.External Monitor Job Type Plugin:adds the ability to Monitor the result of externally executed jobs.

6.Gerrit Trigger:this plugin integrates with Gerrit code review.

7.Git Client plugin:shared Library Plugin for other Git related Jenkins plugins.

8.Git plugin:this Plugin integrates Git with Jenkins.

9.LDAP email plugin:this Plugin resolves user email addresses from an LDAP directory. It is not needed if Jenkins uses LDAP as its authentication source and user records has a standard "mail" attribute.

10.LDAP Plugin:adds LDAP authentication to Jenkins.

11.Matrix Authorization Strategy Plugin:offers matrix-based Security Authorization Strategies (Global and Per-project).

12.Matrix Project Plugin:multi-configuration (Matrix) project type.

13.Multiple SCMs plugin:this Plugin enables the selection of multiple source code management systems for a build. For example, it enables checking out the source code from one SCM while checking out legacy or Third-party code from Anoth Er.

14.Nested View Plugin:view type to allow grouping job views into multiple levels instead of one big list of tabs.

15.Parameterized remote Trigger plugin:this Plugin triggers a job on a Remote Jenkins host

16.Parameterized Trigger plugin:this plugin lets you Trigger new builds when your build have completed, with various ways Of specifying parameters for the new build.

17.Promoted Builds Plugin:this Plugin implements a "promoted build" feature where a build of one job can be marked as "p Romoted "When it passes certain criteria.

18.SCM API Plugin:this Plugin provides a new enhanced API for interacting with SCM systems.

19.Translation Assistance Plugin:this Plugin Adds an additional dialog box on every page, which enables people to Contri Bute Localizations for the messages they is seeing in the current page.

20.Subversion plugin:this Plugin adds the Subversion support (via Svnkit) to Jenkins.

Jenkins Environment variables:

Jenkins Set Environment Variables

When a Jenkins job executes, it sets some environment variables so you could use in your shell script, batch command, Ant script or Maven POM 1. The following table contains a list of all of these environment variables.
Environment Variable Description
Build_number The current build number, such as "153"
build_id The current build ID, such as "2005-08-22_23-59-59" (YYYY-MM-DD_HH-MM-SS)
Build_url & t/z: d:z/Z0 G W The URL where the results of this build can found (e.g. http://buildserver/jenkins/job/MyJobName/666/)
Node_name The name of the node the current build was running on. Equals ' master ' for master node.
Job_name Name of the project of this build. This is the name of the gave your job when your first set it up. It's The third column of the Jenkins Dashboard main page.
Build_tag String of Jenkins-${job_name}-${build_number}. Convenient to put in a resource file, a jar file, etc for easier identification.
Jenkins_url Set to the URL of the The Jenkins master, that ' s running the build. This value was used by the Jenkins CLIfor example
Executor_number The unique number that identifies the current executor (among executors of the same machine) that's carrying out this Buil D. This is the number of the "Build executor status", except that the number starts from 0, not 1.
Java_home If your job is configured to use a specific JDK, this variable are set to the java_home of the specified JDK. When this variable are set, PATH is also updated to has $JAVA _home/bin.
WORKSPACE The absolute path of the workspace.
Svn_revision For subversion-based projects, this variable contains the revision number of the module. If you had more than than one module specified, this won ' t is set.
Cvs_branch For cvs-based projects, this variable contains the branch of the module. If CVS is configured-check out of the trunk, this environment variable won't is set.
Git_commit For git-based projects, this variable contains the gitish of the commit checked out for the build3 ^: F6 x* y5 ~+? + S 5 O
Git_branch For git-based projects, this variable contains the Git branch the is checked out for the build (normally master) ; k . N D; | _ (_-z (E (W

Promoted Build Plugin environment Variables

If you are using The promoted Build Plugin , you'll have access to the following environment variables. This allows-to-access information about your Jenkins build since certain environment variables stated above (such as B Uild_tag now refer to the promoted Build Plugin ' s job. The
environment Variable replaces DESCR Iption
promoted_url build_url the URL of The original jenkins Job that's involved with the promotion. Build_url now refers to the Promotion ' s URL
promoted_job_name job_name The name of the The original jenkins job is involved with the promotion. Job_name now refers to the Promotion's job ' s NAME
promoted_number build_number the Build number of the job being promoted. Build_number now refer's the The Promotion number
promoted_id build_id The Build ID (ex. "2005-08-22_23-59-59" (YYYY-MM-DD_HH-MM-SS)) of the The original jenkins job. BUILD_ID now refer's to the Promotion ' s build ID.

To pass parameter methods to other project:

Build_num of the current project:

Real_deploy_num=<specificbuildselector><buildnumber> $PROMOTED _number</buildnumber></ Specificbuildselector>

Project_Name of the current project

quick_job= $PROMOTED _job_name

Jenkins Plugin Usage Summary

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