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As you may have seen, I've deleted the two jquery tutorials I've written in the past, because the attachment doesn't exist, and so on, so it's removed and I'm writing the second edition of the jquery tutorial from today on! I hope you can support me! This section does not deal with how jquery is written, but only solves a few common problems, as it is a frequently encountered problem in an interview. If you've mastered jquery, you can become a capital for raising wages.

A beginner's jquery friend basically asks the same question, "What is jquery?" "And so on, the understanding of this problem will play a role in promoting the learning behind. Here are a few of the questions I've sorted out:

1. What is jquery?
2, what is the class library?
3. What's the relationship between jquery and JavaScript?
4, JavaScript and Java What is the relationship?
5, JavaScript, JQuery, Ajax, JSON, and so what? What's the difference?

I believe that a lot of people have a indefinitely feeling about these technologies, and it's not very well understood that the above question is definitely a problem for beginners, if you are interested in it or want to ride it. Then please come with Kwooshung and March on jquery! Let ' s go!

Q:What is jquery?
A:jquery, a class library of JavaScript, created by John Resig, has attracted many JavaScript gurus from around the world to join the team.

Q:What is a class library?
A:This is a basic concept in the program. A class can be understood as a set of statements that describe a set of objects with common attributes and functions. Literal understanding means that a class library is a collection of classes. Java and. NET class libraries have similar meanings. But in jquery, it's just a collection of a collection of method functions that allow us to achieve complex results with simple code.

Q:What does jquery have to do with JavaScript?
A:jquery is written using JavaScript, which means that JavaScript can be invoked arbitrarily, and other programs cannot be invoked easily. Like JavaScript is chicken, jquery is eggs, chicken can only raw eggs. To be clear, jquery is written in JavaScript, just like the eggs are chicken.
If you don't get it, look at another example:
We can compare JavaScript to text, and if we write two recipes, "Western Recipes Encyclopedia" and "Chinese Recipes Encyclopedia," the former is prototype (before jquery is a class library) the latter is jquery. The recipes are all assembled with a lot of cooking methods, also called the class library of dishes. Inside the program is called Class Library, method library, function library and so on.

Q:What does JavaScript have to do with Java?
A:At first glance, they are related to or are products of the same company, but they are neither siblings nor developed by the same company, the former being developed by Netscape Netscape, which was developed by Sun Corporation, April 20, 2009, Oracle (Oracle) Announced a 7.4 billion dollar takeover of Sun. (detailed information can be searched on the internet)

Q:What are JavaScript, JQuery, Ajax, JSON, and so on? What's the difference?
A:Reading here, I don't want to talk about JS and jquery, right? If you still think you need to explain, then you read the first few questions, definitely understand, directly cut to the chase.
Ajax: All called "Asynchronous JavaScript and XML" (Asynchronous JavaScript and XML), it is a combination of four technologies of javascript+css+dom+ XMLHttpRequest, And JS is the core of Ajax. jquery makes the implementation of Ajax much easier and easier. Ajax is what we often say about local refreshes.
JSON (JavaScript Object notation) is a lightweight data interchange format. Easy to read and write, but also easy to machine parsing and generation. It is based on a subset of JavaScript. JSON is a completely language-independent text format that can be easily understood as a format or interchange of data storage.

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