June 30, 2010 to today I have been to Beijing for five years, I tell you everything!

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Beijing, I have been a full five years, this five years have been happy, have been happy, have sad, sad, helpless, there is a whole body up and down on the remaining 1.5 yuan to endure a week.

BEIJING, why so many people like to come here, I also, so far I do not understand why I came to Beijing, perhaps because of the beginning of the stop, some people here to fail, some people here to succeed, they laughed.

Since come to why should negative energy to do things, 7:30 A.M. to 8:30 on the subway, bus so people, why you have to crowded, why should the status quo, that is because you are not enough wild, people do not give themselves to force a never know how strong.

When I first came to Beijing, I was a friend and I used to do bus 26, to discuss some things; at that time I was very angry, why some people can drive a BMW why some people drive a Porsche (apart from some officials second generation, rich second generation), why I can not,

In my impression I hate the most is the people are those who do not lack the legs of the beggar, you have the ability why not to make money to support the family, because you are not responsible and motivated.

10 winter is very cold, that is my first winter in Beijing, every week to do part-time, the route is two Li Zhuang to Tuanjiehu, remember once clear route: Two Li Zhuang 26 road to get on the bus-"Peony Park transfer subway line Line 10-" Tuanjiehu Get off-"walk 20 minutes to the company

Beijing 5 years of intercourse:

Just came to Beijing I live two Li Zhuang, Baidu comment on the second Li Zhuang is this:

"Two villages in the community mainly living groups of 23-year-old youth groups, students, just graduated student, so living environment security, complete facilities, convenient and fast." It is the best choice for young people to solve their post-school stay. At the same time, many properties also provide short-term accommodation business, two Li Li's student apartment is the Haidian district, the most cost-effective student apartments. It is the best place to live in your education, work and training career. ”

I live there when I was 18 years old, then one months 200 yuan, the deposit is a person rent, no bath, want to Bath to bathhouse, to now I have not been to the bathhouse, then the bathhouse is charged, listen to the dorm buddies said bathhouse every bath to spend 2-3 yuan, I first night sleep in the dorm when I also bathe , I took the basin to the toilet, the toilet someone is washing clothes, water is very cool, I used cold water to bathe, good cool!  So exciting! The person next to the laundry looked at me in a strange way, "Do I look as abstract as you think?" ”

And then I lived there for one by one months and I moved out of the apartment, and my concept of consumption is this: money to earn money, usually when the nun goal to set a little higher

, the apartment is obviously much better, the dormitory people are very friendly, often a meal what, all kinds of chat, anyway very friendly, including water and electricity costs! The rent for the quadruple room was 5,001 months .

Then I moved to the Haidian District Wang Zhuang Road 27th Courtyard, at that time I did several part-time work, not including water grid fee. There are a lot of memories, downstairs there is a shop, Hunan people open, do the spicy soup is really delicious. Rent 1500/month

Then there was a small situation, I moved to the basement of the Lord lived for one months, now think of really good sad at that time to the company to 3 hours, the Beijing has been spared a circle, now very much want to have time to walk past the road. (3,001 months, a dark time in life)

Then I moved to the Haidian District five crossing subway station near, where the best uncle Shandong, now have time to go to his home blowing bragging, eat dinner! 8,001 months (discounted rate)

Then I moved to the oil compound, where I met the Xinjiang Sanjiang, he invited me to go to Xinjiang this year to drink and roast whole sheep, I am sorry for not having time. 22,001 months

Then I moved to the Haidian District six road crossing Rich run home. Rent 25,001 months, single room

do not take the dead wages every day, the daily calculation of how much money spent, that day time has long gone is the nausea cycle, on their own has not improved, appropriate to improve their living environment, improve their own requirements.

Why do some people drive BMW, Mercedes, why can't you? Think about it! Sao years.

Beijing Five years career:

The first year I came to Beijing to do server maintenance, as well as small software development, very easy not to earn much money.

The next year I also did three part-time work, tired into a dog, every time I came back almost took off the shoes fell to bed early, but very substantial; then did a housing management software, I later almost ran across the whole of Beijing, but now the software has brought me a lot of income.

The third year I at five crossing open breakfast car, asked a fellow to help me get, every month to pay him, later because of various reasons did not go down, man-made factors.

Four years to find a company, exercise a lot of technology, the ability to improve, private reverse telecommuting earn a little money, friends call me to start a business with what app, entrepreneurship is not so fun, and later died very miserable!

Five years, Lunar New Year I set four goals for myself, every year to open a family Congress, to March I lift the car, next month to do a visa!

Love in Beijing:

18-year-old we are so simple, each other is very love, the first kind of the strong feeling of the show love so far forget almost, we have been together for three years, finally still separated, but still very grateful to her, thank her for making me mature, thank her for making me become a responsible man,

Too many things here do not say, summed up: Su-eun Love, die fast, struck by thunder, more well-matched!

Later went out to climb to meet a girl, to me very good, but this world there is no perfect person, and then she returned to Chengdu, we have less contact, I did not go to Chengdu for various reasons, said more are tears, summed up: long- distance love is TMD nonsense!

Then swim to know a girl in Anhui, I am very good, she is a very pursuit of the people, home on his A child, we are not together she went abroad to study abroad, so we,,,,, summed up: Love is not a person's things, need to hold each other firmly, love is to pay!

Now the girl is Jiangsu, our way of thinking, the way of life is very well-matched, she likes to dance! Not the square dance, every week I will accompany her to the park to participate in a club dance troupe, I am going to soy sauce, this year ready to pull the card, not small, she is not small, three years older than me!

Love is a feeling!

friends in Beijing:

A very strong feeling, on the road do not know the road will ask the next pedestrian, Beijing is too realistic, many people are a defensive heart, leaving Beijing to other places people are warm and good to answer, some can even take you to the destination, this is the difference!

In Beijing I know a lot of people, mobile phone book total: 3897 people! Some although not often contact, know is a fate it! I like to make friends, no matter what kind of friends.

Now live in the place downstairs a buddy open Hualian supermarket, every night can't sleep will go down and they blow up, very good a buddy, Beijing parking fee of 5 yuan per hour, no Package day form, so a day counted down 120, sometimes also 100, one months 3,000, plus oil money What,,,,,, Tear Ben!

That day, the man went directly to the property in the name of his supermarket gave me a parking permit, from now on parking is no longer difficult,

A lot of Korean people in the community, Japanese, recently the Japanese do not dare to come out at night ....   Korean people are very acne!    Talk about everything! But I can't speak Korean. I can speak Japanese!

There are many friends,,, everyone is a north drifting heart in Beijing to struggle, I like those who come to Beijing, no relatives, no relatives in Beijing!  , only on their own to fight! Don't forget your goal, why do you want to come to Beijing???

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The revolution has not yet succeeded comrades still have to work hard to commemorate my five years in Beijing.

June 30, 2010 to today I have been to Beijing for five years, I tell you everything!

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