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The new version came again, the Dragon Boat Festival will not let everyone live well:

Components4developers is a company established in 1999 with the Purposeof providing high quality development tools for Dev Elopers andenterprises. The primary focus is on SOA, EAI and Systems Integrationvia We flagship product KBMMW.KBMMW is a portable, highly scalabl E, high end application Server andenterprise Architecture Integration (EAI) development framework ForWin32,.. NET and Linux with clients residing in Win32,. NET, Linux,unix, mainframes, Minis, Embedded and many other places. It is currently used as the backbone in hundreds of central systems, inhospitals, courts, private, industries, offshore in Dustry, finance,telecom, governements, schools, laboratories, rentals, cultureinstitutions, FDA approved medical devices , Military and more.4.83.00 June Important notes (changes that could break existing code) ============ ========================================== * Added ownername string argument to Tkbmmwonauthenticatemetada TA, TkbmmwonapprovemetAdataresult and Tkbmmwongetmetadata to allow client to provide additional information fwhen obtaining me        Tadata (table name etc). New Stuff =========-Added support for & #xhhhh; and & #dddd;        Character Encoding/decoding in XML.          -Added Missing Properties (Logtypefilter, Logdatatypefilter, loglevelfilter) and related getters/setters to        Ikbmmwlogmanager interface.        -Added log.logmemory methods for logging pointer based memory areas.        -Added support for reading external Tds files on addition to external MAP files for debugging.          -Added selective option for using either frame based stack tracing, OS based stack tracing or raw stack Tracing via the Log.stacktracemethod property (default frame based).        Setting it to Raw could provide more detailed tracing, but also risks showing incorrect entries. -Added Logmanager.ignoreexception, IGNOreexceptions, Clearignoreexceptions and isexceptionignored.        They can is used to register specific exception classes so do not want KBMMW to log.        -enhanced exception logging by forcing a stack trace if none are provided with the exception object.        -Added Iso8601utcdatetime property to Tkbmmwdatetime which always returns a UTC formatted Date/time string.        -Added Rfc1123utcdatetime property to Tkbmmwdatetime which Lways returns a UTC formatted Date/time string.        -Added tkbmmwplatformmarshal.memory2bytes function.        -Updated ANYDAC adapter with suggested changes by Francisco Armando Dueñas Rodríguez.        -Updated SQLite Adapter to support MacOS. -Added more debugging functions to tkbmmwlog including logging JSON and easier access to debug of Memor Y,stack,bytes,xml,json etc. Changes/minor Additions =======================-Added ownername StrinG argument to Tkbmmwonauthenticatemetadata, Tkbmmwonapprovemetadataresult and Tkbmmwongetmetadata to all        OW client to provide additional information fwhen obtaining metadata (table name etc).        -Added ownername to overloaded GetMetaData method in Tkbmmwclientquery and Tkbmmwclientstoredproc.        -Changed all RequestID references from Longint to Integer.        -Changed some longint to integer or Tkbmnativeint. Fixes =====-Fixed HTTP cookie expiration which did not work in chrome due to chrome not supportin        G TimeZones.        -Fixed HTTP and AJAX Transport stream format to not except when connection was lost to ensure nice close down.        -Fixed MacOS compilation.        -Fixed integer overflow issue in KBMMWMURMURHASH3 and changed to use UInt64 instead of int64.        -Fixed IOS compilation errors due to Ambigous Seek method. -Fixed Android compilation errors in TKBMMWcustomthread.currentprocessid.-Fixed IOS lockid-Issues in Tkbmmwlock (Fast lock implementation).        -Fixed WIB message actions not receiving arguments due to message not unstreamed.        -Fixed unmarshalling root custom type in Kbmmwobjectmarshal.pas. -Added lowestunstreamstate to Tkbmmwcustomtransportstream. Its used internally with batched messages for example to ensure not unstreaming from oridinal data (and        Thus avoid multiple decompression/decrypting on already decompressed/decrypted data).        -Fixed various message batching/unbatching bugs.        -Fixed JSON Bug resulting in a/V.        -Fixed multilevel list unmarshalling bug. -Fixed XML bug related to node attributes named ' type '.

KBMMW 4.83.00 Publish

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