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Many people do not know what the lamp host is, including small set just beginning also don't know, the original lamp is Linux, Apache, Mysql, Perl/php/python initials, which is a Web server Web site environment configuration mode. So how does a VPS Configure a lamp host?
First, the lamp host is installed Linux system, this is generally in the purchase of a VPS server, you can choose pre-installed System, choose to install the Linux version of the system can be.

The same Apache and MySQL, PHP installation can also be submitted in the opening of the VPS server, through the submission of work orders, or apply for technical support by the VPS Host Server service provider to help install the configuration, of course, they can also install themselves, if it is a VPS novice, may compare the trouble, Recommended See "Fast Cloud VPS Video Tutorials 10".

So, the lamp host environment even if completed, lamp host installed Linux system, although the visual operation of some deficiencies, may give VPS novice operation, management as a little bit unchanged, but the stability of Linux system and VPS Server security is undoubtedly better than Windows.
Lamp host environment is relatively, is the most ideal site environment configuration, in the Linux system Operation management, can also use the relevant VPS host management software, effective and convenient management, such as: WDCP, Webmin and other VPS Server management system.

But now many friends use LNMP, is linux+nginx+mysql+php

But now many friends use LNMP one-button installation package, for novice friends can use to learn, but for familiar people or manual installation, if the problem can be easily positioned to solve, and some things do not need to install.

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