Laptop ubuntu16.04/14.04 installing NVIDIA graphics drivers

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Notebook model

Mechanical Revolution (Mechrevo) deep sea Titan X6ti-s (black gold) 15.6 inch

CPU model




HDD capacity

128SSD+1T Mechanical HDD


GeForce GTX 1050

Memory capacity


How do I buy a laptop for Linux?

Installing Linux drivers on notebooks is mainly on the GPU and Nic. The network card chooses Intel or Broadcom basically does not have the question.

The graphics card recommends n cards, and is the MUXed connection method.

Here's a concept that needs to be explained, MUXed vs muxless

We all know n home on the laptop to promote the Optimus technology, usually with Intel's core graphics rendering, encountered high graphics load program on n card rendering, and then the results to the core graphics card. How do you output the results of the graphics card?

The notebook with n card is divided into MUXed and muxless two kinds, mux is the meaning of data selector:

Muxless's machine is relatively cheap, n card with core graphics card, core graphics output, Windows naturally no problem. However, for a long time, the Linux platform does not support GPU offloading, which cannot communicate between the two video cards, and the n card does not show the output. The user had to shield the N card, using only the core graphics card.

Later a group of people worked out the Bumblebee, barely able to use a dual graphics card, just configuration trouble, and not every machine can be used. Later with the launch of RandR 1.5 and other improvements to Xorg, Linux finally formally supported the GPU offloading,n driver immediately follow-up, at the end of 2013 there is a more official solution called Nvidia-prime. However, you can only manually switch the video card until you log in again to take effect.

MUXed the machine without pressure, turn off the Optimus, n card not with the core display cartoon letter, direct output can.

At present, the muxless architecture of the computer installation NVIDIA graphics card driver has Bumblebee and Nvidia-prem (specific self-Baidu, the introduction of Muxed method of notebook installation)


Personal research

Laptop support for Ubuntu is not very friendly, especially graphics driver installation is more troublesome. So far only x6ti-s this device can be installed properly (IdeaPad 700,thinkpad T450, asus Stone can only install Ubuntu System graphics driver installation is not successful, Thor's computer is difficult to install Ubuntu)

Verify that the computer is able to install the driver: The input command is capable of displaying the Nvidia graphics card. The obvious card connected directly to the PCI bus and connected to the CPU, it is said that the CPU-GPU using a MUX framework, in this case, the installation of the driver is relatively easy. (X6ti-s is the use of this framework)

Installing the video driver

Query the video driver version supported by the native graphics card on the website (HTTP://WWW.NVIDIA.CN/DOWNLOAD/INDEX.ASPX?LANG=CN)

To install using instructions:

# Open a terminal window and run the following command (add NVIDIA official driver source)

$ sudo add-apt-repository Ppa:graphics-drivers/ppa

$ sudo apt-get update

# Installation Driver

$ sudo apt-get install nvidia-378 nvidia-settings

Note: Now laptop, especially use security boot mode to install Ubuntu. To properly install the driver, you must turn off security boot. Since and before installing Ubuntu, no cancellation code is set. It is required to set a verification code when installing the video driver. This is set to: 12345678 (because verification does not require all the verification code, only the input refers to positioning, so this setting is most convenient) Therefore, the user who installs the system in this way must install the video driver on the command line, and the driver using "additional driver" will be stuck in this step, Subsequent steps cannot be performed. After the security boot verification code is set up, the graphics driver continues to install until completed. You will then need to restart your computer instead of simply logging out. Reboot, the boot screen will let the choice to continue boot (first) or close security boot (the second), select the second (otherwise Ubuntu will appear login interface loop problem), verified, successfully closed security boot. Successfully entered the system, the graphics driver was installed successfully.

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Laptop ubuntu16.04/14.04 installing NVIDIA graphics drivers

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