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It has become fashionable for computers to upgrade their solid-state drives to enhance their speed and nuclear performance. However, a variety of different computers, can upgrade SSDs, how to upgrade SSD to achieve the speed of nuclear performance, but the biggest problem of upgrading SSDs. In order to meet the needs of upgrading the SSD friends, this computer upgrade SSD program is specially made, which is summed up as eight know-how. It can be said that most of the problems in upgrading SSDs can be answered here.

Trick one, how to determine if your laptop can upgrade SSDs

In fact, if it is listed in recent years, notebook computers, are equipped with SATA disk interface, upgrade SSDs Naturally there is no problem. But if your laptop is a few years old, check to see if you have a SATA disk connector. If not, or IDE interface, then your laptop will be eliminated, even if you can find the IDE interface SSD or transfer, that also cannot row! So how do you check your love machine has a SATA interface? Very simple, Download a disk tool on the Internet crystaldiskinfo detect it. Or look at the love machine bottom and instructions, find the machine model, and then on Baidu a check will know. Of course, if it is convenient, you can also take down the hard drive to see whether the SATA interface. In the figure below, the left side is the first generation of SATA serial port, Speed 150mb/s. On the right is PATA, the IDE interface disk:

Trick Two, check the Love Machine disk interface type, the correct choice of upgrade scheme

Today's notebook computers are usually equipped with the following disk interfaces:

1, IDE interface, whether it is the CD-ROM or hard disk bit are IDE interface, this machine is generally no longer upgraded;

2, SATA2.0 and IDE hybrid interface, this kind of machine is very common a few years ago, now rarely see. The optical drive bit is the IDE interface, the hard disk bit is the SATA2.0 interface, this kind of machine can convert the hard disk to SSD directly;

3, SATA2.0 interface, this configuration of the previous few years of the pen is also very common, hard disk bit and CD-ROM is the SATA2.0 interface. This machine can use an upgrade kit to convert the optical drive to SSD. However, because the SATA2.0 interface speed by the 300mb/s limit, buy a small entry to the SSD can be replaced;

4, SATA2.0 and SATA3.0 interface, now the market is basically this configuration of the pen, hard disk bit is the SATA3.0 interface, CD-ROM is the SATA2.0 interface. This machine is best to use the upgrade kit, SSD installed in the SATA3.0 interface of the hard disk bit, in the CD-ROM to install the original mechanical hard drive, the optical drive replaced to do mobile optical drive;

5, two SATA3.0 interface, after entering the quad-generation core platform, most of the quad-generation core pen power no longer uses the SATA2.0 interface. Both the hard drive bit and the optical drive bit are SATA3.0 interfaces. This machine uses the upgrade kit, SSD can be directly installed in the SATA3.0 interface of the optical drive bit, the same optical drive is replaced to do mobile optical drive:

6, three SATA3.0 interfaces, some high-end laptops have been equipped with two SATA3.0 hard disk bits, and a SATA3.0 optical drive bit, but also support the disk array. This kind of notebook computer, even the optical drive does not have to change, directly in an empty space upgrades SSD can. Of course, you can also buy two SSD, do disk array, so faster;

7. The standard SATA3.0 interface is mixed with the mini SATA3.0 interface, some of which use one or more standard SATA3.0 hard disk bits and one or more mini SATA3.0 HDD bits. The optical drive bit is also the SATA3.0 interface. This machine can purchase the Mini SSD or standard interface SSD upgrade, of course, you can also use the upgrade kit, the SSD installed in the optical drive bit, the optical drive replaced to do mobile optical drive:

8, not with the CD-ROM drive super or lightweight this, directly to the SSD installed in the hard disk, the original mechanical disk removed and installed in the upgrade package to do the mobile hard drive.

Third, the purchase of SSD only select the right not to choose expensive

It is also a great learning how to choose the SSD for upgrade. Purchase SSD, the same choice is not expensive. High-grade SSD is good, but not necessarily suitable for your love machine. General, can according to their own love machine specific circumstances to buy:

A, the old machine or the SATA2.0 interface machine, recommends buying 128G below the entry SSD. Because the SATA2.0 interface speed limit, again good again fast SSD also cannot play. In addition, the old machine due to poor performance, high-grade SSD can not further improve the speed and performance;

B, if your love machine has an empty disk interface, you can choose the air interface with the appropriate SSD. If a lot of pen electricity has another mini empty disk interface, it is best to buy mini SSD upgrade directly;

C, the vast majority of users are just chatting on the internet, there is not much information to store. Then it is best to buy directly 240/256GB SSD upgrades, one-step, not only fast, capacity is sufficient, no need to retain the mechanical disk;

D, the vast majority of users are best to buy with upgraded set of SSD, this upgrade package is very comprehensive and convenient. Not only can replace the replacement of the mechanical disk to the optical drive, using the attachment of the SATA-USB adapter can also be used as a removable hard disk. Of course, you can also remove the optical drive to do mobile light driven by:

E, purchase SSD, focus on the speed and performance of SSDs, reference price decision. That is, the higher the price, the more it is worth buying. Many users blindly buy high-priced SSD, think the price is good, can use a decade eight years. In fact, SSD technology is progressing very fast, and the price is falling continuously. And now the SSD service life is very high, 35 years will not have problems. This is evidenced by the fact that vendors offer 3-5 years of free warranty. As for 35 years later, now buy the SSD is already obsolete! Think about it, where were the 24G, 32G, and other SSD capacity three years ago?

Tips Four Seven ways to choose a laptop upgrade SSD

Laptop upgrades SSD, in fact the way can make a variety of, not just one. There are seven common ways to choose one of the following:

㈠, one-step: is to buy large-capacity SSD, directly replace the original mechanical disk. With the continuous decline in the price of SSD, 240/256GB fixed disk price has been greatly reduced, if your notebook computer is only a daily application, do not need to frequently store large-capacity data, you can use the one-step mode, direct replacement SSD. Storing large volumes of data in a removable hard disk so that the data is safer and more reliable;

㈡, SSD to do system disk: For those with large data storage capacity and often used users, need 1TB or even larger data disk to store. Then you can upgrade a 64GB, 120/128GB, or 240/256GB SSD to make the system disk and speed up the system. SSD installed in the original hard disk bit to do system disk, large capacity mechanical disk installed in the CD-ROM to do the data disk, the original CD-ROM drive removed to do the mobile optical drive, perfect upgrade;

㈢, select SSD cache disk: Now, there is also a cache disk technology on the market, such as the gold speed cache disk. SSD can be used to speed up the large-capacity mechanical disk, so that the entire large-capacity mechanical disk into a large volume of SSD. Although the speed and performance is worse than the SSD, but in the speed and performance far more than the ordinary mechanical hard drive. For those who need to play large games or run large software, because the mechanical disk is greatly accelerated, the use of faster and better. This kind of technology, the upgrade cost is low, the speed promotes comprehensively;

㈣, select SSD Hybrid hard drive: At present there are also Seagate hybrid hard disk, in traditional mechanical hard disk integrated 8GB SSD do cache disk, used to accelerate large capacity of mechanical hard disk. This kind of hybrid hard drive, the price is only slightly higher than the traditional hard disk two hundred or three hundred yuan, the price is similar with other cache disk technology. However, compared with other cache disk technology, the buffer disk is integrated in the mechanical disk, no need to install two disk, also do not require software support, more convenient to use;

㈤, Intel Intelligent Response Technology: This technology is basically consistent with other cache disks such as the Gold speed cache disk technology. It just needs to be upgraded in laptops that support this technology. Support Intel Intelligent Response Technology of the pen power, only need to buy a small volume SSD plus, then open Intelligent Response Technology and install a response driver can be achieved;

㈥, disk array: Due to the SATA3.0 interface speed limit, the current SSD speed is within 600MB/S. The best way to add extra disk speed is to set up a disk array. Fortunately, most of the current support disk array, 120/128GB or 240/256GB SSD price is also cheap, buy two SSD to do RAID0, not only can promote speed to 1000mb/s, and capacity can double, the only problem is, 4K speed can not upgrade, Random speed is not increased;

㈦, purchase PCIe or m.2 interface of SSD. To really improve speed, or to buy the two years before the advent of the PCIe or M.2 interface SSD. However, because these two interface SSD only just listed, the price is very high, is not the ordinary user to be able to enjoy, Gaofu or the enthusiast user may play.

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