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In csdn search, csdn still has a lot of programming resources, and many things can be found through its search.CodeCategories are also comprehensive.

Simple and practical code collection websites, powerful recommendations. For example, if you want to find a DES encryption, find a data compression, find a C code for INI file operations, and so on, you can easily catch it.

It is a code search engine, especially for C/C ++Source codeYou can search by function name or class name. It's cool.

The well-known open-source code library has the corresponding source code as long as it can be thought.

It is the same as the above SourceForge open-source code library, but SourceForge uses CVs, which is managed by SVN version.

The Chinese version of the open-source code library seems to have been directly translated by SourceForge. Its synchronization has not been investigated yet.

These two sites are similar. Put them together. It focuses on Visual Studio programming code and tutorials in windows. In the past, it was a must for people who used MFC.

This is an expert Q & A website that can solve many programming problems.

It is also a code search engine, similar to codase, and can find the code with the specified license

Find the code and never forget Google's groups. You must go. Chinese brothers may be unstable during access. Use a proxy. If you use Firefox, you can use the xyzproxy I developed to switch the proxy, which is very convenient :)

This is also a source code website. There are still a lot of resources on this website.

VC knowledge base, a good VC Resource Station in China

Developer heaven? Some tutorials seem good.

Websites that collect C/C ++ programming resources

Another code is used to search for a website. How can this problem be solved?

The source database index has many mathematical databases, which are very useful. It is better to find a library and use this website.

50 C/C ++ source code websites
C/C ++ is the most importantProgramming Language. A list of 50 excellent websites and webpages are listed here. These websites provide C/C ++ source code. This list provides links to the source code and their small descriptions. I have tried my best to include the best C/C ++ source code website. This is not a complete list. If you have any suggestions, contact me. I will welcome your suggestions to further strengthen the list.

1. of useful C language source code snippets
Http:// hotscripts-provides hundreds of C and C ++ scripts andProgram . All programs are classified into different categories.
3, Lngwid = 3 -- more than 10 million lines of C and C ++ free source code
4. than 9000 projects written in C.
5. practical code segment provided by daniweb.
6. C programming resources on
7, -- dr. Dobb's journal source code.
8. and C ++ programming resources.
9. codecogs is a collaborative open source library, C/C ++ numerical component.
10, [url = Q = programming ++ LANG: C & cs_r = LANG: C] Q = programming ++ LANG: C & cs_r = LANG: C [/url] -- C source code of Google Code.
11. is an open topic on system programming and other computer-related topics.
12. /~ Ingargio/cis71/code/-- a list of simple C language programs provided for students.
13. /? Cat = 2 -- C/C ++ resource Code project provided by codeproject.
14. following are some C and C ++ library DLL, vcls, source code, components, modules, application frameworks, class libraries, source code snippets, etc, you can use it in your project without the need to pay fees or royalties.
15. [url = http://people. SC /~ Burkardt/cpp_src/cpp_src.html] http://people. SC /~ Burkardt/cpp_src/cpp_src.html [/url] -- this is a comprehensive list of 345 source codes for C ++.
16. -- a list of common console programs and windows program code written in C ++.
17. /~ Weiss/dsaa_c ++/code/-- C ++ data structure and Algorithm Analyze the source code of (version 2.
18, C source code snippets.
19. -- C ++ source code.
20. source code for and Numerical Software
21. C ++ source code.
22. [url = /~ Hetrick/c-sources.html] /~ Hetrick/c-sources.html [/url] -- free C/C ++ numeric source code.
23. ++ tool.
Http:// C ++ source code and other useful tools.
25. C ++ link to Brad adpleton-resources, projects, libraries, teaching and coding.
Http:// is a Web page that collects the list of links to several C/C ++ websites.
27. you can see and download all the C ++ standard library examples in this book.
28. FTP: // C/C ++ user magazine
29. FTP: // Windows Developer Network
Http:// program
31. code segment.
32, -- C ++ source code
Http:// ++ programming resources,
34, Hl = en & LR = & Q = programming -- Google Code Search-C ++ Programming Language
35. is an open website on system programming and other computer-related topics.
36. Tabid = 1 & categoryid = 3 -- C ++ source code, codebeach provides
37. -- C ++ programming language written in 5000 Project
38. library C, C ++ and C #.
39, Visual Basic, PHP, ASP technology, C, C ++ Daquan.
40. Borland C game, sample of source code for images and sound.
41. -- C ++ source code.
42. -- C and C ++ e-books and source code examples.
43. C ++ mathematical equations and formula source code.
44. [url =] [/url] ++.
45. [url = libraries -- C ++ standard library-tutorials and references.
Http:// /~ Reingold/calendars.shtml Edward M. Reingold's calendar book, papers, and code.
47. C ++ source code file.
48, /~ Tveldhui/papers/techniques/-- solve scientific problems with C and C ++.
49. tool box for C/C ++.
Http:// file contains a large number of C sample programs.

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