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There will always be choices in the workplace, especially for those of us, the frequency of Job hopping should be quite large in all industries. So what kind of company should we choose? Large or small.

I have been working for more than three years and have experienced a small amount of work. Recently I have interviewed many companies in different forms and talked about my feelings and thoughts.


In small companies, I am personally impressed that most environments are not very good. Let's define the size of this small company. There may be dozens of people, but there won't be more than 100 people.

Experienced a small company and met several small companies during the interview

I think there are two possible types:

1. Real black, poor, and ugly

Reason for employment: There is no place to go, and there is no way to graduate. Please work hard.

Disadvantages: working overtime is a common task, poor salary, and basic welfare. You have to do everything.

Advantages: Exercise your tenacious willpower and cultivate the anger and blood of men. Of course, if you do more, your abilities will naturally improve. However, if you do not have a good talent and you are not very good at yourself, your field of view should be narrow.

2. Stable businesses, good profits, and benefits comparable to those of large companies

Disadvantages: It's still a matter of personal vision. If you have good personal abilities, you are not ambitious, and you are good at small companies.

Advantage: at least the benefits will not be poor, and the environment will also be good. The contribution and leadership of the company's small company will see that being a person for two or three years may be the backbone strength of the company and have a sense of accomplishment.


Talk about your first company, that small company.

I chose this small company when I graduated. I said there was a comparison at the time, but the reason why I finally decided to go to this small company was that he gave me a 3 K salary, there are more companies than the other two, so I went there. Although the environment is not good, I have to endure it. I think there are many opportunities to exercise. The environment in a company is really good, however, didu's salary of 1600 really fell.

Like the 2nd types of small companies I have mentioned, the annual profits of companies with their own relationship are good, and dozens of small companies are still quite comfortable. My salary increases every year, and I have never mentioned it myself. It is about 1 K a year. I had a 5 K year-end bonus when I graduated. I'm so happy.

My job in the company is to do some small projects with little overtime work. I started to bring it with me, and then I did my own projects, all aspects of the project, and then I would like to bring some new graduates to my younger brother, I did not dare to name my masters. I was ashamed and did not feel that my skills were not enough. So considering the situation in the company, I was not the master of a wide understanding of what I learned, so I decided to leave and wanted to see the moon outside China.

If you have never seen a foreign Moon, you will think that the moon outside is a circle. Even if I doubled my salary when I was working for two years, I had to pay more than yuan for the year-end award. When my boss was heavy, I decided to leave. I think the outside world is wonderful. I need to go out and check it out. Then I leave and come to an Internet company with a relatively large scale. Although my salary is only 1 k more than the original one, I think the mysterious big company should be able to learn a lot. Fortunately, I have not met the first small company after graduation. I have seen some dirty and messy companies that are full of stuff before the interview. One episode: an outsourcing company asked me to go for an interview. After I went in, I checked that there were a lot of tabs in it. I thought the company had developed a small branch, later I learned that this is the headquarters of the company, and I am ashamed of myself.


Coming to big companies

Although I didn't earn much money (maybe not as much as I used to do), I suddenly felt that I was a lot better off, because my company was familiar with it and could brag with others, you can also post money to your career. In a clean office environment, the toilets, genuine operating systems, application software, and new technologies used in the company's projects are all fresh, just like a village forced to come to the city and see the Ferris Tower, suddenly open. People are surrounded by 4 or 5 years of work experience ......

That's half a year. It's just too fresh. The only thing I feel is that I am bored with my work. I maintain such a small project all day and sometimes I don't know what to do for a long time. Maybe it's my own problem, but what I'm sure is that this is not what I want, not what I want. However, in more than a year, the company's technology has improved and its knowledge has increased a lot, but the bigger change is that its own ideas have changed a lot. I used to think I was a. netProgramClerk, as someone once said in the garden, this is a very bad and strange call. It is true. Why do we define ourselves as a XX programmer? We are just a programmer.CodeProgrammers, whether it is C #, PHP, Python, JavaScript... this is an important change.

I have been thinking about what big companies I am pursuing?

Leaving the first small company to pursue something that someone wants to bring and give guidance to others is nothing more than lack of ability and ability to acquire knowledge. When we are strong enough in both aspects, we become a master and no longer need the guidance of others. The large company you pursue becomes an empty shell.


Therefore, I think big companies and small companies do not matter. First, we need to make ourselves awesome, or know how to make them awesome, and then there is a platform for skill display, big and small are just shells. The root cause of the problem is whether you can be awesome.


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