Learn the importance of programming, you deserve to think

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Learn to program a lot of benefits.

Learning to program has many benefits. In addition to the obvious, such as the ability to create Web sites and Web applications, in the process of looking for a job, even if you are looking for a job that is not written every day, having programming skills can make you stand out.

This digest compiles from Skillcrush, author Laurence BRADFORD.

Before exploring the possibilities of coding skills to bring you all the work, let me say an example.

I've got a code-independent job, but it's because I write code. Most of this job opportunity is related to my skills and collaboration or marketing.

Give me an example of working for Josh Owens. Josh is a well-known figure in the Meteor.js community who was once a core contributor to rails. He hosts Meteor podcasts, teaches meteor online courses, and helps startups build meteor applications. (Meteor.js is a pure JavaScript open source platform for building web and mobile applications)

First I contacted Josh on Twitter, and many of my career relationships were born here. After a couple of emails, I mentioned my copywriting experience (reading: pre-coding skills). In this way, the casual mention of this topic has helped Josh do a project like meteor.

Although I did not write a single line of code for Josh in my actual work, I understood JavaScript and understood how the entire framework worked, and I personally took part in the meteor so that I could do my job well.

In fact, there are many examples like this that know the code but do not actually work with writing code. (For example, my recent position is a professional technical expert on a website).

Most of my work is about writing, but there are many other areas and posts that will make you stand out from the code.

Remember: There is no need to meet every requirement when applying, in fact, if you can meet it, you may be super qualified. Think about the job description an HR might want, and suggest that you meet his 80% requirements. Also keep in mind that rules can be broken. If you have a job you think is perfect, you like it, but you can only meet his requirements of 70%, it doesn't matter, just go to apply.

Looking at programming will make you stand out from several non-programming tasks.


· Technical writer

It's a lot like my job. Technical Writing requirements:

· Writing internal files

· Create customer support materials (or user's Guide)

· Even writing blog content

Programming Advantages: Simply put, you can understand what you are talking about. In other words, you can write in the correct terminology and language. If you do not understand the meaning of the topic, it is difficult to become a technical writer, you want to ah in their own uncharted territory, who knows what to pay attention to.

· instructional design

Instructional designers and technical writers are somewhat similar, except that they need to focus on creating learning materials. Typically this position involves making a video or document.

Programming Advantage: Many instructional designers not only develop scripts and content, they must also know how to use different e-learning software and basic HTML formats. So for the students with programming skills, this position is more advantageous.

Product Development/Management

· Project Manager

A project manager is a job that needs to be across multiple industries. They are usually required to manage the project budget and schedule, as well as to schedule and coordinate project deliveries.

Programming Advantages: Project managers play an important role in communicating with technology (developers, engineers, designers, etc.). In fact, most of the time, the project manager acts as a link between the team and the top management. So, if you can understand each person's role and responsibilities and handle the relationship, you will become an efficient project manager.

· Product Manager

When a product manager develops a product, from product planning to execution, they need to maintain good communication with engineers, sales, marketing and technical personnel to ensure that the product meets the intended objectives.

Programming Advantages: We all know the relationship between the product Wang and the program ape, so if you know the programming, you may be very good communication with the technical staff to avoid some unnecessary friction.


· User Experience (UX) Designer

UX is a very broad area that can include everything from research to design humanization products. Their goal is to make the product or website easy and convenient to use.

Programming Advantage: UX designers must collaborate with others, like product managers and engineers. From familiarity with design principles, accessibility standards, and tools that are familiar with solid models, many successful UX designers know almost everything about programming. And if you code, you can quickly design your prototype application and understand what limitations and obstacles you will encounter during development.

· User interface (UI) Designer

UI and UX are two terms that can be easily confused. The UI is primarily a user interface, or appearance, so in some ways the UI tends to be designed, while the UX is more focused on the structure.

Programming Benefits: from a developer's point of view, designing a simple user interface with clear feasibility is key to UI design. As a UI designer, you need to be able to communicate well with developers. So if you have programming skills, you will be well qualified for this job.

In addition, there are even marketing-related work, will be programmed to add a lot of words.

A few days ago, the editorial department out of an editorial transformation of the column, listed the various possibilities of transformation, but from the above, but also has the programming skills of ape apes more easily transformed, is simply what industry can turn!

So now you want to learn to program the students quickly action it.

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Learn the importance of programming, you deserve to think

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