Learn wp7 XNA game development together (1. First knowledge of XNA)

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X in XNA represents a powerful cross-platform software tool between Windows Xbox and its partners. N indicates "Next generation", and A indicates "Architecture )".

XNA is a game development environment based on DirectX. It is Microsoft's revision and extension version for Managed DirectX. Its task is to help developers reduce costs when creating better, faster, and cross-platform games. By integrating Microsoft's best innovations and the best innovations in game development from the industry, XNA aims to reduce a large amount of development costs and allow developers to build Zhuo Ge games.

Currently, Windows Phone7 uses XNA Game Studio4.0, which is also the highest version. But there are also differences:

1. Monitor and use accelerometer data to develop a gravity-sensing game.

2. data can only be saved to IsolateStorage, but not to other media.

Required development environment:

1. Operating System:



2. Hardware: the video card must support at least DirectX10 and Shader Model2.0.

3. Software:

A. Development Tool: Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 Express for Windows Phone

B.. Net Frame: Microsoft. NET Framework 4.0

The above software environment has been installed when Microsoft Windows Phone Developer Tools Beta is installed. If an error is reported after you press F5 after creating the game (Deploy failed with The following error: the current display adapter does not meet the emulator requirements to run XNA Framework applications .), this indicates that the video card may not support DirectX10 and must be upgraded. You can also use the DirectX Caps Viewer Tool provided by Microsoft to test whether the video card supports DirectX10.


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