Learning, accumulation, 10000 hours of Law

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Painstaking accomplishments, tough personality, to sacrifice some other.

I learned about 5 hours a day on average and persisted. After about 6 years, I can become an expert.

In fact, learning is also dialectical. If you only learn one aspect of knowledge, it is impossible to reach a very high level, and everything needs to be involved, especially in basic disciplines, astronomy, geography, humanities, history, religion, and philosophy form their own knowledge system.

In fact, it is necessary to form a system of knowledge that is essential to your own unique world view. When your world view is complete, you can push your professional skills to the peak and start a school.

Knowledge is accumulation. Perseverance, painstaking efforts. A nouveau riche can appear in one second, but an elite family requires the accumulation of several generations. This requires not only knowledge, but also a strong character: tenacity, self-reliance, and perseverance.

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