Line brush treasure easy to use line brush treasure a key to save the brick brush machine tutorial

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What is the advantage of wire brush brush machine?

1, soft brush that is, the use of software brush machine, now there are many brush machine software can help users to do a key brush machine, very suitable for those who are completely unsure of the brush machine small white crowd.

2, card brush that use SD card for brushing machine, that is, the corresponding brush pack on the SD card, and then brush the machine.

3, the wire brush that is, through the computer's brush software to the brush machine package data cable connected to the mobile phone memory, and the soft brush is different, the wire brush is used in the computer software rather than on the phone software.

4, Factory brush will return to the factory, let manufacturers to mobile phone brush machine.

Thread Brush Treasure One key save Brick brush Machine Tutorial

1 mobile phone plug in USB cable connected to the computer, from the selection has been downloaded completed ROM package, click the "Start Brush machine."

2 Pop-up dialog box for driver update.

Brush the machine must be installed before the corresponding brand model of the driver, or can not brush the machine. If you are unable to determine if the driver is installed, it is recommended that you click "Yes".
If you have installed the driver, you can skip this step.
3 Display driver update interface.

Small white user can follow the prompts to operate. Please close all unrelated applications before installing the driver to avoid conflict. Disconnect the connected phone at the same time, to avoid the need to reboot after installation. To complete the above steps, tick the "I have completed the above steps and agree to continue" and click "Next".
Brush Machine Master can click "Advanced Mode", select the appropriate driver to update.

4 driver installation, the installation process will be pop-up security verification to choose "Install"

5. Drive Installation Complete

After 6 Click "Finish", the line Brush Pack will automatically analyze the ROM package

7 ROM packet analysis is completed, please follow the interface prompts, manual operation to enter the brush machine mode.

8 into the brush machine mode automatically began to brush machine.

Brush machine successful, manual boot can!

All right, here's the way to use the line brush Bao is also introduced, I hope this tutorial can help friends more in-depth understanding of the line brush bao this software.

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