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Linux Good Book, classic book recommendation thought article

"Linux/unix design Idea "

The book combines the principles of UNIX and Linux effectively and summarizes the principles of unix/linux software development. While preserving the UNIX aspect of version 1th, the new ideas in Linux and open source were highlighted.


Introductory article

"Linux Programming (4th edition)"

The Linux program design is a classic in the field of Linux programming, and is widely praised for its simplicity, comprehensiveness and abundance of examples. The Chinese version of the first two published, in the domestic Linux enthusiasts and programmers also aroused strong repercussions, the upsurge has continued to this day. "Linux Program Design (4th edition)" The content of more rigorous organization, the translator is carefully carved, retaining the authenticity of the authoritative works. A comprehensive and accurate description of the features provided by Linux, as well as a sample program experience throughout the book, make this the best Linux Programming Guide for beginners and an indispensable reference book for senior programmers.


Process Chapter

The understanding of the UNIX process

This book is the only UNIX programming book designed for modern web developers. All the examples in this book are written in Ruby and apply to all program developers who have advanced language experience.

The key content of the book is as follows:

    1. File descriptors and their operating mechanisms

    2. When to need daemons

    3. How to create a new process with fork (2)

    4. 4 different ways to quit a process

    5. Practical considerations for generating shell commands and how to avoid them

    6. The overhead and pitfalls of creating a process are discussed at a high level

    7. Internal workings of resque and unicorn


Kernel Chapter

" deep Linux kernel architecture "

"Deep Linux kernel Architecture" is a book that is worth reading by Linux programmers and is a detailed description of the Linux kernel.

The concept, structure and implementation of the Linux kernel are discussed in the book. The main contents include multitasking, scheduling and process management, management of physical memory and interaction between kernel and related hardware, how the process of user space accesses virtual memory, how to write device driver, module mechanism and virtual file system, Ext file System properties and access control table implementation, the implementation of network in the kernel, The implementation of the system call, the kernel of the time-related functions of the processing, page recycling and page Exchange related mechanisms and audit implementation. In addition, this book with the kernel source code in the most critical part of the explanation, to help readers grasp the important points of knowledge, so that in the application of the full display of Linux system charm.


Shell article

"Linux shell script Raiders " (2nd edition copyright determined)

"Linux shell Script Raiders" is Linux shell programming the actual combat cheats, the programmer's unique strategy: prepare, hands, one success!

For beginners, the content of the book is easy to follow and practice, allowing them to apply quickly, while professionals can find something new in the book to make their skills more skillful.


"Linux command line and Shell Scripting Encyclopedia (2nd edition)"

Books are a must-read for hackers, making it easy for you to master command lines and shells in full

The book is divided into four parts: the first part introduces the Linuxshell command line, the second part introduces the Shell Script Programming Foundation, the third part delves into the advanced content of shell script programming, and the Forth part describes how to use shell script in the real environment. This book covers not only detailed hands-on tutorials and practical information in the real world, but also reference and background information related to what you have learned. The book is comprehensive, concise language, sample rich, suitable for Linux system administrators and Linux enthusiasts to read the reference.


Application programming

Needless to say, theUNIX Environment Advanced Programming (2nd Edition)is called the Bible of Unix programming.

The content of the book authoritative, clear concept, elaboration, for all levels of UNIX programmers are an indispensable reference book.

and "UNIX network Programming " can be consulted as a dictionary.


TCP/IP Chapter

"TCP/IP Detailed " Volume 1, 2, 3 author W.richard Stevens is also the author of "Advanced Programming for UNIX environment", and none of the books of cattle are not classic. But die young and observe a moment of silence.


C language

Recommended two Japanese books

C language of the Ming Dynasty

won the Japanese Engineering Education Association Works Award, is Japan's C language Primer first book, best-selling 20余万册.

This "C language" is a very basic thing, high-rise flat, he stressed the most basic, but also the most important thing. The book is not only illustrated and examples rich, with 190 pieces of code and 164 charts, the basic knowledge of C language is thoroughly analyzed, including the contents of arrays, functions, pointers, file operations. For the C language grammar and some difficult to understand concepts, are carefully drawn, clear, popular to explain.


The Conquest of the C-pointer

It is called the most nutritious C reference book in Japan. The author is Japan's famous "Poison tongue programmer", whose words are sharp, the view is clear, often allows the reader to quickly grasp the essentials.

The book combines the author's years of programming experience and sentiment, from the concept of the C language pointer, through the experiment step by step to explain to us the pointer and array, memory, data structure of the relationship, showing the common use of pointers, revealing a variety of use techniques. In addition, it teaches us how to interpret C language's "Tangled" declarative syntax and how to bypass the C-pointer trap in a unique way.


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Linux good books, classic books recommended

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