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Linux network programming must see books recommended

and who want to explore the nature of the things that network communicates.--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------Linux Network Architecture: Design and implementation of network protocols in the Linux kernelPublishing house: Tsinghua University PressBinding: PaperbackPublication year: 2006-7AKA: The Linux network architecture:design and implementation of Network protocols i

10 best C # programming books are recommended,

10 best C # programming books are recommended, C # And. NET are highly sought after and loved by developers around the world. Books are the ladder of human progress. Want to learn C #? There are 10 best books to learn C # programming

Linux Network Programming Books recommended

.--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------Linux Network Architecture: Design and implementation of network protocols in the Linux kernelPublishing House: Tsinghua University PressBinding: Paperbackpublication year: 2006-7also known as: The Linux network architecture:design and implementation of Network protocols in the Linux KernelTitle: Linux Network ArchitectureDescription: T

Recommended best books for programming learners

1. JavaJavaProgramming Language(Third edition) --- four famous Java books ---- James Gosling (father of Java)Java programming ideology (version 2nd) ---- four famous Java books ---- Bruce EckelJava programming ideology (version 3rd) ---- four famous Java books --------------

List of recommended books for Linux Programming

List of recommended books for Linux programming (resend) Shell programmingLinux and Unix shell programming guide Bash: Advanced bash scripting Guide (if you are using the GNU/Debian system, you can use apt-Get install ABS-Guide to install this document) Bash programmi

Recommended books: C # And. Net 3.5 advanced programming (version 4th)

Recommended reason: C # And. Net 3.5 advancedProgramDesign (version 4th), 103.50 yuan, save money only for books to learn not to eat... Powered by I bought a C # And. Net 3.5 advanced program design. It's expensive. We recommend one. After receiving the goods, I will take a closer look and make another comment. Product Description: C # And. Net 3.5 advanced

Linux Learning Books recommended Linux learning books recommended

Manual"6 in fact, the kernel play deep, and the system and compile to learn "computer architecture: Quantitative Research Methods" "Compiling Principle" (Dragon book)List of recommended books for Linux programmingShell programming"Linux and Unix shell Programming Guide"Bash Bible:Advanced Bash Scripting Guide (if you

Java programmer must read 15 books-java self-study books recommended

watching, while doing, one afternoon to read the book, all the examples of this book run out. The role of this book is to make you develop TDD ideas through combat.Third, the path of the Java architectsAt this stage, you should have been very skilled in the use of Java programming, and have a good programming ideas and habits, but may also lack of the overall application software architecture, now is the f

0 Basic Basics What books do you read in Java? Recommended Java Advanced Books

Java has the introduction of books, read this article you know, this article contains the study of Java at each stage of the book recommendation, the history of the most complete, learning Java, no books How to do, it is like the battle without weapons a truth, these books sorted out to everyone as a reference for learning, especially for self-scholars, If you st

Linux good books, classic books recommended

author is Japan's famous "Poison tongue programmer", whose words are sharp, the view is clear, often allows the reader to quickly grasp the essentials.The book combines the author's years of programming experience and sentiment, from the concept of the C language pointer, through the experiment step by step to explain to us the pointer and array, memory, data structure of the relationship, showing the common use of pointers, revealing a variety of us

Recommended advanced books for PHP programmers and advanced books for PHP programmers

Recommended advanced books for PHP programmers and advanced books for PHP programmers UNIX Network Programming volume 1 (version 3rd) UNIX Network Programming volume 2 (version 2nd) Advanced Programming in UNIX environment (ve

What is the disease of Lin Daiyu: four famous books, four famous books in the eyes of a clinical doctor with profound literary skills: many medical records. Recommended by Samsung

The author is a doctor in a large hospital. I can see that the author's literary skills are not bad. At least I like to read four famous books. The author tries to speculate on the diseases of the four famous books from the simple text description. It is not logically rigorous and can be used as a popular science of medical knowledge. The author also introduces the ideological, ethical, and technical gaps

Recommended Books [New Lindahua recommended book for machine learning circles]

what is the factors that might influence the run-time performance of your C Odes.CUDA programming:a Developer ' s Guide to Parallel Computing with GPUsShane CookThis book provides an in-depth coverages of important aspects related to CUDA programming – a programming technique that C An unleash the unparalleled power of GPU computation. With CUDA and a affordable GPU card, you can run your data analysis pro

[Linux Introductory books] recommended

", recommended index: ★ ¡ïWhen to buy | In the purchase of excellenceprogram development, high salary in Linux, Linux programmers, high pay in the driver development. It can be said that the boiled fish have seen the Linux driver programmer, the salary is under million yuan, none. The prevailing view is that Linux-driven development is hard to learn, which is not true. Beginners think that Linux drive development is difficult to learn, the key is that

Linux Classic Books recommended

to track the coreThese are familiar, basic Unix first, can be a UNIX primary user See what level you want to reach, my personal understanding is:Beginner: Proficiency in command, familiar with Shell programming, can configure simple services, clear the location of various types of service-related configuration files,Ability to read and modify system-provided configuration scripts (/etc/*.*)

Recommended by foreign programmers: books that every programmer should read

Computational beauty of nature Philip and Alex's Guide to Web Publishing Object-oriented analysis and design with applications | Object-Oriented Analysis and Design by Grady booch Tive Java | simplified tive Java Chinese edition by Joshua Bloch Computability: An Introduction to recursive function theory by N. J. cutland Masterminds of programming | the wisdom of programmers/the soul of Programming Tao Te C

C + + learning books recommended

interpretation of concept.《C + +STL "This is not about using the library, but about how the library is implemented. The stomach is bad, need to absorb slowly.The book of this course is still recommended in order to read.Advanced A, Advanced B two routes should be parallel.Other advanced Reference BooksTo raise these reference books, only to avoid controversy, but also to broaden the horizons, I did not rea

Computer recommended books

I cannot provide guidance from a famous teacher, but I want to find the best books and learn from the best books. I can make some compensation. Of course, it is best to take the initiative to seek guidance from mentor and professional personnel. Classic books have one feature: they are well-detailed, popular, theoretical, and informative.

Linux Learning (ii)--Tongo's recommended books

Being a senior programmer proficient in Linux programming has always been a goal pursued by many friends.According to Chinahr statistics, the average monthly salary for Linux programmers in Beijing is 1.8 times times that of Windows programmers and 2.6 times times for Java programmers, and Linux programmers are averaging 2.9 times times the year-end bonuses for Windows programmers. At the same time, the data show that with the increase of working expe

Recommended for Android development books: From Getting started to mastering the series Learning Route book Introduction

Recommended for Android development books: From Getting started to mastering the series Learning Route book IntroductionTransferred from: times we will continue to receive questions from beginners, "What are the classic introductory materials and learning routes for Android?" "," What are the recommendations for the Android Development starter tut

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