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Little pudding already2Half a year old,... Because my grandfather and grandmother are very fond of each other, no matter how I negotiate with my husband, they will never give the little guy a bowel training.

Grandma always said, "we're still young. What's the matter ?"

However, time flies, and the little guy is waiting.

Yesterday, my grandmother said to the pudding, "I am going to the nursery school. You will not ask the adults for help when you urinate. What should I do ?"

The little guy said, "I wear diapers every day. What do you mean ?"



This morning, the pudding got up very early and worked hard on building blocks in the living room.

The husband brushed his teeth, washed his face, and went to the living room to see what the pudding was doing. The little guy raised a "work" and said, "You see, this is ice cream !"

The husband said, "hey, what is ice cream ?"

While jumping, the little guy shouted excitedly: "It's a flame ice cream! Ice cream is on fire. You took me to dinner last time. I also covered my face ."

"Do you still remember? You don't eat much ?"

The pudding said, "There is not much to eat, a little less. I have a lot of fish and I have a steak !"

After a while, the little guy ran into the bathroom and said to me, "Mom, you'll take me to a hot pot tomorrow. Don't forget it !"


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