Little tired~

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Recently in the development of Ruby, now learn to use, a good start, but also in the side to solve the problem while taking notes, the way inside saved a bunch of, and now do not know how to organize. It's all about getting started with Ruby. The programming language that is too close to natural language is not suitable for me, Found that the water is getting darker and deeper. It's probably because you don't get it all figured out that writing code will certainly be problematic.

After two months, the body is a bit too bad. When a colleague meets, ask me if I haven't slept well. It's a long way to sleep forever.

But it is also a long memory, git is not very familiar with the use of. A little afraid to execute commands, even if you read the document is always worried about the consequences.

Their own character and some way of thinking is not suitable for this line. But still, the least you can do is do it right now. Be worthy of all the pay.

Come on, king, just get over it.

Don't leave the beginner's mind, MO-Li he speaks.

Little tired~

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