LoadRunner 11 download and cracking

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1. Download the reference article:

Http://www.51testing.com /? Uid-4827-action-viewspace-itemid-225451

2. References for cracking:

Http://naotang.com/index.php? Option = com_content & view = article & id = 66: loadrunner11 & catid = 11: C-testtools

For convenience, I copied two articles:

Article 1:

Download loadrunner11:

You can download the link to lr11 through personal testing.

Loadrunner11 cracking:

The method for cracking is the same as that for previous versions. I use the lr8.0 cracking file, which is also useful. Is to replace the following two files in lr8.0 with the files in the bin directory of the lr11 installation directory: C: \ Program Files \ HP \ LoadRunner \ bin two files to be replaced: lm70.dll mlr5lprg. DLL loadrunner11 license problem: provide a super license supports up to concurrent: AEACFSJI-YJKJKJJKEJIJD-BCLBR if the use of friends please leave a message and paste it up, to facilitate those who need friends, if you have any post, please indicate the source. Thank you.

Article 2:

Loadrunner11 cracking Installation Method

Author: naotang

Source: www.naotang.com (please indicate the source for reprinting)

The installation method is the same as lr8.x and lr9.x. Note that if the system is win7, you need to "run as administrator" (right-click-attribute) when running LoadRunner ), otherwise, an error (for example) is reported when you add a license ).

When you perform other operations, an error is reported, for example)


1. Use mlr5lprg. dll and lm70.dll in lr8.0 to overwrite the corresponding files in the "bin" folder in the lr11 installation directory.

2. manually modify the registry and delete the following content (if you do not delete it, the system will prompt "License security violation…" when adding a License ......") :

[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ SOFTWARE \ Mercury Interactive \ LoadRunner \ license2]

[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ SOFTWARE \ Mercury Interactive \ LoadRunner \ license2 \ history]


[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ SOFTWARE \ Mercury Interactive \ LoadRunner \ license2 \ permanentlicense]



[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ SOFTWARE \ Mercury Interactive \ LoadRunner \ license2 \ temporarylicense]


[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ SOFTWARE \ Classes \ interface \ {87b3add4-21eb-11d5-93ef-00105aa0fd2d}]

@ = "IControl"

3. Add the following licence to use it.



Replace file:

Two DLL files: 1

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