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How can I filter out the thinking time in analysis?

In the analysis put "help" under a funnel-like icon, the mouse on the display "Apply Filter on Sunmmary page", click this button. In the pop-up box, pull to the bottom, there is an option: Think time, in the values there is a drop-down option "Include Think time", remove the previous tick option.
Http://wenku.baidu.com/view/8ba2121ec281e53a5802fff2.html transaction response time includes: function itself, think time, wasted time (execution of correlation, checkpoint, etc.), response time

Wastetime ()


int I, baseiter = 1000;

Char dude[1000];

Double Wastetime, Actualelapsedtime;

merc_timer_handle_t Mastert, timer;

Examine the total elapsed time of the action

Mastert = Lr_start_timer ();

Start Transaction

Lr_start_transaction ("Demo");

Create some elapsed time for the transaction

for (i=0; i< (Ten * baseiter); ++i)

sprintf (Dude,

"This is the-the-elapsed time artificially =%d", i);

Add some think time

Lr_think_time (0.5);

Create some wasted time and record it with timer

Timer = Lr_start_timer();

for (i=0; i< (5 * baseiter); ++i)

sprintf (Dude,

"This is the the-the-waste time in a script =%d", i);

Wastetime = Lr_end_timer(timer);

Lr_output_message ("User created waste time =%lf", wastetime);

Lr_output_message ("before lr_waste_time:duration =%lf-waste =%lf",

Lr_get_transaction_duration ("Demo"),

Lr_get_transaction_wasted_time ("Demo")); ---->duration = 0.609375-waste = 0.000000

/* Convert Timer in seconds to wasted time in milliseconds

and add to internally generated waste time */

Wastetime *= 1000;

Lr_wasted_time (Wastetime);

Lr_output_message ("after lr_waste_time:duration =%lf-waste =%lf",

Lr_get_transaction_duration ("Demo"),

Lr_get_transaction_wasted_time ("Demo"));----> Duration = 0.625000-waste = 0.031000

Lr_output_message ("Think time =%lf",

Lr_get_transaction_think_time ("Demo"));

Lr_end_transaction ("Demo", Lr_auto);

Actualelapsedtime = Lr_end_timer (Mastert);

Lr_output_message ("Total Elapsed time for Action =%lf",


return 0;


VUser Output log file

Note There is no difference between the transaction duration before

WASTETIME.C: User created waste time = 0.031250

WASTETIME.C (+): before lr_waste_time:duration = 0.609375-waste = 0.000000

WASTETIME.C (+): after lr_waste_time:duration = 0.625000-waste = 0.031000

WASTETIME.C (): Think time = 0.500000

WASTETIME.C: Notify:transaction Demo ended with Pass status (duration:0.6406 Think time:0.5000 wasted time:0.0310) .

WASTETIME.C (): Total Elapsed time for Action = 0.640625

Lr_start_timer (s), Lr_end_timer (unit s), Lr_wasted_time (the function's formal parameter is in milliseconds, so the time required to pass the timer is 1000 lr_get_transaction_wasted_time: function is used to return the current loss time of a specified thing (wasted times). lr_get_transaction_duration: Returns the time that the event took to be executed here   The use of the Lr_get_transaction_wansted_time function must be noted: it can only return a result that is greater than or equal to 0 for things that are only in the current state of operation, otherwise less than 0 is returned. The second is that he should call the Lr_wansted_time function to remove the wasted time before it is used, otherwise lr_get_transaction_wansted_time will return 0.

LoadRunner Time loss-analysis ignored

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