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Hi, I'm Long Jun. A lot of webmaster Read me this article title, may think I in the fuss, these instructions are stationmaster every day use, familiar can not in familiar with, nothing but "site:" and "Domain" instruction. In fact, these advanced search instructions there are more specific usage, many webmasters do not know it, most only know the query under their own site is Baidu included in the number of all pages, and all of the pages included in the page contains the number of related fields, nothing more. Today, Changsha SEO for everyone to share the further development of these advanced directives, so that seoer fully master their own and competitors of the website, convenient to do more in-depth research, analysis.

First, webmaster necessary site instructions and expansion.

1, inquires the website all searches the page which the search engine collects. This will, not much to say, the directive is: site:+ domain name. General

2, query the site in a certain time period by the search engines included in the page. We want to search the site within 24 hours to be included in how to check it? At this time we can enter the browser address bar below url:http://www.baidu.com/s?wd=site%3a (domain name) &lm=1. At the end of the number 1 for 1 days, then the 7-day Query method only needs to change the end number to 30, one months and a year of the same query method. What you need to note here is a search query that supports only one day, seven days, one months, a year, and all the time periods. "Only applicable to Baidu"

3, inquires the website column page and all inside page. Site instruction expansion, such as many of our web site integration of the forum system, and the forum does not enable two domain names, such as Seowhy forum. Then we want to query this kind of website Forum column Collection Situation method is as follows: site:+ domain name/bbs. This method also applies to query into the first level of the column page. "Not applicable to Baidu"

Second, the webmaster required domain instructions and expansion. "Only applicable to Baidu"

1, query the site all related domain: domain:+ domain name.

2, query the site in a certain time period of the relevant domain. This is similar to the site Query method above. Query within 24 hours the new related domain method is to type in the browser address bar: Http://www.baidu.com/s?wd=domain%3A (domain name) &lm=1; Query the new related field within one week will change the last number in the URL to 7. Similarly, the query one months, one year method is also change the last number on the line. Here a lot of webmaster tools can also provide this query function to Webmaster's home Chinaz tools for example:


3, inquires the page which contains the website column or the inside page. This query method is a lot of novice webmaster is not know. When we finished writing an article to A5, Chinaz and other websites, and after the audit will be many other websites reproduced this article. Some sites are reproduced without the bottom of the copyright link removed, we can find the page through the search engine. Because we contribute articles are generally only at the bottom of the article with the text link, then we can through this method of accurate query to our site to bring how many effective external links. To small station "talk about from Baidu Encyclopedia website path Optimization" This article for example, just in the Baidu search box to enter the contents of the search box, the effect is as follows:


From the above, you can see that this article to the station to bring the external links for 100 or so! Here can also be directly into the search box in the internal page of the address, but the results are not very accurate, very not similar is also included in the.

Third, the query snapshot "General".

Here not too much explanation, in the search box to enter the home page URL can (http://+ domain name).

Four, inquires a website in the designated B website related domain "applies only to Baidu".

Take the small station for example, I want to inquire my website in seowhy all has already been included in the related domain of Baidu. As an example to facilitate understanding, I first attached a small station in the outside of the chain of the situation, for your reference.


Query instructions are as follows: We know that anchor text outside the chain in Baidu is not to be found in the forum to do the signature outside the chain, small part of the proposal to do an anchor text and a text link. The following figure:


Do a keyword anchor text and a domain name anchor text, if there is a user group restricted, you can do a keyword anchor text + a text link, if not allowed to do anchor text will do a keyword + text link. The purpose of this can be combined with the above method, you can know in a forum to do the effect of the chain.

Custom Search command "generic" through advanced search.

Most search engines will have their own I more advanced search function, small series to Baidu as an example, link address and environment see the following figure:


Through such as five methods, we can not only very good grasp of the status of our website, targeted optimization, but also very convenient to analyze the situation of competitor sites, imitate each other, beyond each other!

This article by Changsha SEO webmaster Long Jun Original editor, the original http://www.hntui.com/jingyan/68.html, reproduced please indicate the source, the niche is appreciated, thank you!

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