Looking at 10 different types of social platforms

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Brokless social networking: Look at 10 different types of social platforms

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According to foreign media thenextweb reports, social networks swept across the world and are everywhere in the world. Choosing a social platform suitable for your own business will be conducive to business development and promotion ideas. These platforms not only promote communication between enterprises and customers, but also promote sales by providing discounts.

Now, social platforms have evolved into a channel for publicity. For enterprises, they select one or more social media to establish publicity channels to increase the number of users and visibility. For more startups, they focus on user quality rather than quantity. Regardless of the purpose, choosing a suitable social platform to preach ideas to users is far more effective than traditional propaganda and can avoid a large number of competitors. Then, how can we select a suitable platform from a social networking platform like the stars?

"What social platforms attract your attention and help improve your business ?" On this topic, I asked some young and promising entrepreneurs. Let's take a look at their answers.

1. Angel list

Perblue CEO and co-founder Justin Beck: Recently we used angel
List, the biggest highlight of which is that you can contact startups around the world. You can also participate in activities of other companies or individuals, or connect to other social platforms such as Facebook and Twitter.

2. Sina Weibo

Location 180 founder Sean ogle: we all know that China's economy is booming and there are many opportunities. However, many people cannot grasp the good opportunities for Chinese websites. Weibo is a mix of Twitter and Facebook. It uses 30% of Internet users in China and has more than 0.3 billion users. You should have a chance to communicate with them.

3. bizsugar

Thursday Bram, founder of hyper modern Consulting: This is a social media news website that is biased towards commercial news, can interact with other companies, and find valuable information.

4. Pinterest

Jun Loayza, co-founder of rewardimethyl: I am running an e-commerce website. It is unreasonable to hear many websites say Pinterest can bring more traffic than Facebook and Twitter. If you are a retailer, you can use Pinterest to share photos of your products.

Social video platform

Epic launch Ben LANG: Both SocialCam And viddy are called "video community Instagram", which allows users to share videos with friends in the simplest way on social networks.

6. Highlight

9 clouds co-founder John Meyer: highlight is a geographic location application that gives you a better understanding of people around you. This application is available in 2012
The sxsw Conference was launched, although I think it is more personalized than commercial services. But on the other hand, this is also one of the correct ways for enterprises to care about customers.

7. Yammer

Brent beshore, founder of adventures: I have been paying attention to yammer, which is growing at an astonishing rate and has been positively praised by users. At the same time, it promises to improve user efficiency, so that users can afford it and cannot afford it.

8. blurtt

Mavro Inc. | Praetor global LLC. founder George mavromaras: blurtt is an independent app in the iOS app store that allows users to add comments to images. Adding annotations to images is a marketing tool. If you are a small enterprise, you can use it as a unique marketing tool.

9. the fancy

Aaron Schwartz, founder of modify watches: the fancy is a very interesting shopping website where you can find cool products and services. The
Fancy aims to provide users with a platform to show their products of interest. The sales of the fancy are exploding.

10. polyvore

Bluegala founder Josh Weiss: polyvore features a platform that allows you to consult and answer fashion questions and help yourself with DIY. In fact, polyvore is not only attractive to girls, but more importantly, its collage function can trigger the wireless creativity of users who love beauty.

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