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In fact, I tested the first polycom CX600, is very human, very good one phone.

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Also tested Polycom cx300,500, but always liked Polycom CX600.

Like to fall in love, really business in use, especially when small business use, will consider the cost, for ordinary employees, it is impossible to use such a phone of about 3000 yuan. In addition to the staff is a department manager, or boss, it is possible to use this face-filling.

If you are just a regular employee, then congratulations, there is a very good price-performance phone: Polycom CX700.

In fact, you do not have to worry about the production, too old, for enterprise internal users, with this enough.

Look at my clients, the ones that use it.

Hangzhou customers: More than 80 units of Polycom CX700.

Beijing customer: The number of Polycom CX700 can be 5 units.

Customers in Shanghai: More than 30 units of Polycom CX700.

See this, do you want to use it?

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Finally, I push a purchase place, my Shanghai customers are procured from this. (PS: But you can search by yourself on the communication!)

Original Polycom cx700 Color touch screen IP phone desktop conferencing phone (not often, sold out, it's gone!) )

Https:// 3e2b0df9-81e3-4bc7-953d-e78daf9f125a

There are new customer concerns:

1. The effect is not good

Rest assured, the actual test, the effect is very good, do not believe, you can use 1 units to test.

Or ask me to apply for a test.

2. To pull more than 1 network lines

If your enterprise previously deployed a telephone line, a network cable, in fact, do not change the original line is also possible.

The cable is connected to a telephone.

Connect the computer to the other end of the cable.

Similarly, Polycom CX700 pulls and calls, and the computer can work properly.

If you want better sound quality effect is not affected by the computer network, you can add 1 network cables, all Polycom CX700 walk separate VLAN, on the QoS is also for its release.

3. Telephone Access problems

To save money:

You can use VoIP with Skype for business Server 2015 to achieve the same effect as analog lines, digital lines.

In order not to change the traditional analog lines:

You can purchase a voice gateway for an analog line instead of a previous traditional PBX, and then with Skype for business Server 2015.

In order not to change the digital line:

You can purchase a voice gateway for a digital line instead of a previously traditional PBX, and then set up with Skype for business Server 2015.

In fact, you'll have a much cheaper way of using an open-source ippbx+ voice card to implement an analog voice gateway or a digital voice gateway.

If you need more information, you can contact me,QQ: learning 3313395633.

Do your own voice gateway needs a voice gateway, this voice network card in my home, as well as Shanghai customers have been used, which is recommended to you:

Asterisk open source star tdm400p 4-Port analog card (2 FXS, 2 fxo) pcqq.temporaryc2c

If you don't want to be in trouble and want to be cheap, what's the Voice gateway?

Yes, the domestic Express voice gateway, not certified by Microsoft, but with OCS R2,lync 2010,2013,skype for Business 2015 set into no problem, more importantly, service. (Whether it is technical, or sales, all services are in place!) )

Recommend a classic product, if your company needs, please contact their customer service or Ms. Huang: 138 1773 6121.

Microsoft Lync-compatible products


Schindler and Microsoft Lync Compatible Products ( absolutely reliable , MX8 , I've been using it for years, and I know a company that's been using this ! )


As a leading manufacturer of converged communications equipment, Schindler has multiple series of VoIP products compatible with Microsoft's Lync Unified communications platform, including voice gateways, digital relay gateways, IPPBX, and integrated converged gateways. In the enterprise Unified Communications deployment, Lync and TTM converged communications products are combined to flexibly respond to a variety of scenarios:
Scene 1 : realize the interconnection of Lync Platform and Enterprise's original telephone system, protect enterprise investment
Scene 2 : combine Lync Client with analog extension to achieve a multi-machine
Scene 3 : Hybrid deployment of Lync Client or analog extension reduces enterprise unified communications costs

MX Series Voice Gateways: Building Lync connection to the carrier network

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-Support for analog and digital ports interfacing with carrier networks
-Flexible and versatile configuration options available
-Support power-off and network escape

OM series Ippbx : With Lync Seamless connection    
650) this.width=650; height= "title=" clip_image012 "style=" margin:0px;border:0px;padding-top:0px;padding-right:0px;padding-left:0 Px;background-image:none, "alt=" clip_image012 "src=" Wkiom1ggkezj1-tdaabmw4nxjy8617.jpg "border=" 0 "/>    
-OM can provide a wealth of basic voice services, complementary services and unified communications services    
-analog extensions, IP extensions, and Lync client Trinity to meet different levels of enterprise requirements    
-Support for Lync Client and analog extension number two    
-Flexible, fast, low cost    
-IP network failure, can switch to the original analog extension

VC200 Integrated converged gateways: implementing Lync interconnection with other communication platforms and terminals
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-Voice Media agent
-500 Routing rules
-Number Conversion

Product Specifications

MX Series Voice Gateways

2-96 x FXS/FXO ports

mx100g Digital Relay Gateway

1-4 x E1/T1 Digital Interface, support ISDN PRI signaling

OM series Ippbx

20-512 x IP Extensions

VC200 Integrated Aggregation Gateway

3 x 100 Gigabit Network ports




Paid for the following IT services:

A. Project

Lync Server 2013 Project Planning, deployment, operations, troubleshooting.

Skype for Business Server 2015 project planning, deployment, operations, troubleshooting.

Large Enterprise Cloud Desktop Deployment planning, deployment, operations, troubleshooting.

Cisco UC project planning, deployment, operations, troubleshooting for small micro-enterprises.

It planning, deployment, operation and troubleshooting of small micro-enterprises.

B. Training

/"Skype for Business 2015 project"

/"Learn about Cisco UC Deployment with Beginners"

/"Big Enterprise Cloud Desktop Deployment Combat"

Learn Cisco UC deployment in action with rookie-on-line (offline course classes, see Baidu Cloud)

C. Costs

Welcome to communicate and consult.

D. Contact information

Consulting qq:3313395633

This article is from the "Lifelong Learning" blog, please be sure to keep this source

Lync Project experience -07-skype for business 2015 cost-effective phone-polycom CX700

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