Mac uses shortcut keys to quickly turn safari private browsing mode on and off

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We all know that Safari 5 has introduced a very good feature is a private browsing (you know, if you do not understand, you will know sooner). Quote Apple's own introduction:

When you turn on private browsing, the "Private" icon appears in the smart Address bar. Thus, if you do not want your history, search, download, or login information to be visible to other users who use the same computer, check that private browsing is turned on. It's also easy to turn off private browsing. Just click the icon in the Smart Address bar.

The way to open private browsing is usually to click Safari in the menu and then dot Private browsing .... Then you'll see the confirmation dialog box in the image above. A friend who has read our previous article might have thought of a good way to turn on the menu bar by adding a shortcut key to it. If you follow the practice of the article strictly, you need to fill in the custom menu title with private browsing ... (Note the following three dots, as shown below).

Then you'll find that by pressing the shortcut key, it will also pop up the confirmation dialog window. It also means we have to move the mouse/keyboard again. Is there a way to not allow that confirmation window to appear directly into the private browsing State? In fact, as long as the definition of the time to remove the three points on it. As shown in the following illustration:

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