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After taking over Maestro, Jakie has done a lot of work. Now, with the addition of Load Procedures, we can easily Load resources such as shp and SDF to the MapGuide server like MapGuide Studio. In addition, the expression Editor, which is only available in Map 3D and MapGuide, is also added to Maestro. Directly.

The original Jakie blog is in, please flip the wall.

If you are interested, go to download the source code for compilation. You need to install TortoisSVN,

After installing TortoisSVN, complete these steps in order:

  1. Create a new folder, called Maestro
  2. Right click the folder, and select SVN Checkout
  3. As the Repository Url, enter:
  4. Click OK

The repository shocould allow anonymous checkouts, if not try using your OSGeo ID credentials. If you use a command line based SVN agent, this line shoshould do the same:

Svn co Maestro

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