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What is blue chip stocks | first-line blue chip stocks | second-line blue chip companies

Blue chip stocksIt refers to a listed company with a large share capital and market value, but not all large-disk shares can be called blue-chip stocks. Therefore, it is difficult to set a definite standard for blue-chip stocks. From the experiences of various countries, companies with large market capitalization, stable performance, leading position in the industry and considerable impact on the securities

What are outstanding stocks, junk stocks, blue chips, and red chips?

As its name implies, high-performance stocks are the stocks of high-performance companies, but the definition of high-performance stocks is different at home and abroad. In China, investor balance The main indicators of high-performance stocks are earnings per share after tax and returns on net assets. In general, t

Potential stocks, common stock, preferred stock, blue, garbage stocks, blue chips, red chips

bad prospects of the industry, or because of poor business, and some even into the loss ranks. Its stock in the market performance is depressed, the share price is low, the exchange is not active, the year-end dividend is also poor. Investors in considering the choice of these stocks, should have a higher risk awareness, avoid blindly follow the speculation.Blue-Chip -in the stock market, investors in the industry in which they occupy an important d

Those who buy Hong Kong stocks should pay attention to the company stocks of Linux development or related businesses.

Those who buy Hong Kong stocks should pay attention to the Linux development or related business company shares-general Linux technology-Linux technology and application information. The following is a detailed description. Companies that use low shares to describe Linux development or system application development cannot integrate the business, because the development of Linux software and the future prospects have not been favored, one of the reaso

Basic concepts of stocks

"Skip empty ".Fill in the blanks:When there is an empty jump, the blank price that has not been traded will be compensated, that is, after the stock price is left blank, it will return to the unprecedented price for a period of time to fill the gap.Archive:In the upward trend, the stock price is falling back and forth as the stock price increases rapidly to adjust the price.Daily price:The highest price for individual stocks when the market is change

Mining of semi-annual reports and unexpected stocks

Mining of semi-annual reports and unexpected stocks At present, the market has entered middle June, and the performance of listed companies in the first half of the year has basically been settled. Then, those stocks with more than expected performance are most likely to be used in part of the funds, which forms a powerful support for buying disks and pushes up the stock price. However, due to factors such

On the experience of stocks

Stock Buying experience (method class 80)The first: Do not wait for the lowest price to buy, because the stock price may have started to pick up when waiting, do not wait for the high price to sell, because in the waiting, the stock price may have started to fall.The second: not to buy after the rally, not to throw after the plunge.Article three: The trick is to invest in the bull market and sell all the stocks at the end of the bull market or near th

How to buy stocks when the market is in high shock

When the market is volatile, what stocks cannot buy:1, the night before has been launched, and rose over the stock. (The first time was more than 5 points, and the stock was not the strongest in the recent sector.) )2, do not chase limit.3, not to chase the opening volume of the stock, especially the opening of one hours of the amount can be close to yesterday a day of the volume of

One trick per day: Pre-layout violence pull-up stocks

One trick per day: Pre-layout violence pull-up stocksfont: size skin:Collection2015-03-04 11:00:10The market often appear dark horse stocks, a bull in the case of an imperceptible increase in the situation, how to catch it before the start, the following we have two constraints to find potential cattle stocks.  1. The first premise is a unit to break the boxWhat is a box break? General box Breakout After t

"Chenjiang-The wisdom of stocks" reading notes

the game, in the face of the bet to manipulate, must find out the other side of the psychology; finally remind you that the thief's ability is not stealing, but in the crisis how to escape The real earner is money. Good greedy petty, eat not small loss of mentality so that the general shareholders almost inevitably become the loser The stock market is where experienced people get a lot of money and people with money get a lot of experience The process of learning shares is to customer s

A daily trick: stick to the six ways to select quality stocks

A daily trick: stick to the six ways to select quality stocksfont: size skin:Collection2015-05-08 11:00:05  1, select industry leading stocksIndustry leading listed companies as the industry's most representative and growth of enterprises, its investment value far more than the same industry other enterprises. Therefore, seize the industry leader also caught the future of the industry, Daniel shares.Leading stocks tend to have a "before the market st

Differences between stocks and bonds

Stocks and bonds are both marketable securities and are two major financial tools in the securities market. Both are released in the primary market and transferred to the secondary market. For investors, both are financing methods that can raise capital through public issuance. It can be seen that both are essentially Capital Securities. From a dynamic perspective, the stock yield and price affect each other with the bond interest rate and price, and

"The Wisdom of stocks"

1 understand some accounting, see the basic business situation. 2 The psychological basis of technical analysis is based on the hypothesis that human nature is similar. 3 The most important reason for investors to buy shares is that stocks are rising, and selling, mainly because the stock price is falling. 3 The trick is to invest in the bull market and sell all your stocks at the end of the bull market or

Margin of Security + growth stocks + franchise

Securities analysis, smart investors, how to choose growth stocks, Buffett Greenham laid the margin of safety theory, Fisher founded the growth stock theory, Buffett solved how to efficiently and accurately choose high-quality stocks. I personally think that greenum's margin of security, Fisher's growth stocks, and Buffett's franchise are equally important. They

Concepts of Large-disk and small-disk stocks | Differences

Large inventory and small inventoryIs a relative concept, mainly calculated by the flow disk. Currently, the Shanghai and Shenzhen stock markets generally share more than one billion shares in large-disk shares. At present, most of the large-listed stocks in Shanghai and Shenzhen are state-owned enterprises, such as banking stocks, steel stocks, oil

Daily strokes: How to select stocks in a strong adjustment

Daily strokes: How to select stocks in a strong adjustmentfont: size skin:Collection2015-01-20 11:00:05In the strong adjustment, the focus of the investor's stock selection is to choose the more well-poised stocks, such a well-poised potential stocks can often be better performance in the subsequent rising market. The following five types of stock options are av

China concept stocks outlook this week: the company's financial report attracted attention

Introduction: Foreign media published an analysis today, said that, although a number of Chinese concept stocks will be released this week, the latest quarterly earnings, the "Fortune" global Forum will be held in Beijing, but foreign investors are still the most concerned about whether the renminbi will appreciate. At the same time, the grand financial results are quite interesting. In a news report on the appreciation of the renminbi, the volume of

Concepts and features of stocks

With the deepening of the reform of the economic system, China's stock market is also constantly developing and improving, and the number of investors participating in Stock market investment is increasing. Stock market investment has become a financial means that people are willing to take risks, stocks naturally become a hot topic for everyone. What is a stock? A stock is short for a stock certificate. It is a marketable securities issued by a stock

"Bi thing" Microsoft logistic regression algorithm--predicting the rise and fall of stocks

In the original: "Bi thing" Microsoft logistic regression algorithm--Forecast stock rise and fallData preparation:A set of stock history sold data (stock code: 601106 China One heavy), starting Date: 2011-01-04 to date, where variables are "open", "highest", "minimum", "close", "Total hand", "Amount", "ups and downs" and so onUPDATEFactstockSET [Ups and Downs] =N'Rise'WHERE [gains] > 0UPDATEFactstockSET [Ups and Downs] =N'Fall'WHERE [gains] 0UPDATEFactstockSET [Ups and Downs] =N

Desktop stocks help you get the latest stock quotes in real time

First, download open desktop stock software. Main interface: We can see the following on the desktop. System setup: Click on the "System Settings" button, we can modify the software background color, transparency, font color and so on. Stock Management: Click on the "Stock management" button to eject the "add quickly" interface (Figure 1) Figure 1 Enter the stock code in quick Add, such as: 600000, will appear the corresponding stock, click the "Query" button, you can query the s

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