Make transparent and lifelike purple glass fonts in Photoshop

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This tutorial teaches PS text effect learners use PS to make the glass with the wine, the text effect of the tutorial produced is very good, personal learning after very much like, do not dare to enjoy alone. Recommended to share the study with friends, at the same time, this is a foreign tutorials, translated the text, the interface has not changed, we will see it, but also warned PS learners, it is time to learn English. These basic still need to study! OK, let's take a look at the final effect chart:

The specific production steps are as follows:

Step 1, first create a new 1500px 1000px file. The fill background color is gradient #acacac, and #e1e1e1. The following figure

Step 2, now, enter the text "Psdtuts" Here for the font "Cooper Std". You can change the font as long as you feel it is effective.  The font color is # dbdbdb, size 300px. Copy a type layer, rename it, as shown

Step 3, double-click the Layer (psdtuts–bottom), add the layer style, as shown below multilpy = multiply inner bevel = inner bevel smooth = smooth

Step 4, click on the layer (psdtuts–top), change its fill value to 0% then double-click it, add the layer style, the following figure

Step 5, using the rectangular tool, draw a rectangle, covering the lower part of the text, the color is #aa4280. The rectangle exists between ' psdtuts–bottom ' and ' psdtuts–top '

Step 6, select Add Anchor Point tool, add anchor point to Rectangle Edge

Step 7, add anchor points, use the Direct selection tool to select those points, and move up and down, thereby making the shape of the liquid. You can also use the Delete Anchor Point tool to clear any unnecessary points.

Step 8, copy the layer, and then the grid layer selects the grid layer, hold down CTRL, click the text layer (as shown in the image below) and then click Delete (ctrl+shift+i).

Step 9, click on the layer, add the layer style, as shown below

Step 10, here is completed, of course, you can also use hue/saturation to simple adjust color

Complete the diagram:

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