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Photoshop creates broken glass text

In this tutorial, we will create a terrific broken glass text effect. We'll learn a lot about blending modes and layer styles in this tutorial. In this tutorial, we will create a terrific broken glass text effect. We'll learn a

Photoshop to make broken cracked glass text

The creative approach to the tutorial is very good. It also uses the layer style to set the text, but the author uses the selection to extract part of the text, and move the position appropriately, which results in a similar glass cracking effect. The effect is very realistic. Final effect 1. Open

Photoshop layer Style transparent textured glass text effect tutorial

This is a simple word effect tutorial, before the transparent word effect of the tutorial has some, this effect is also some like ceramic texture, the general production of the word effect can not be separated from the setting of the layer style, If you like, you can try it, it only takes 15 minutes. Tutorial

A tutorial on making crystal glass portrait effect by Photoshop

To give you Photoshop software users to detailed analysis of the production of crystal glass portrait effect of the tutorial. Tutorial Sharing: First of all, this tutorial is not original, is my observation of other master design works, and then in their own understanding of the results of the exploration and production. If there is similarity

The effect of making glass ball by Photoshop

Now, a wide variety of glass-like materials, almost every Photoshop teaching site will see such as "PS Make Glass button" and so on. Today, we also come to catch the popular, make some beautiful glass ball.    1.Create a new document in Photoshop, size 256x256 pixel, RGB

Photoshop luminescent glass Word effect Tutorial

Effect Chart: Tutorial Start: Use the ballpark Weiner font. Place this text layer directly and copy it. Then hide the top text layer. Set the opacity of the fill to 0% to begin applying these layer effects to the text layer at the bottom. We use a lot of subtle shadows, different blending modes and contours to make this slant glow. The stroke adds a great edge to the highlight. Everyone should dare to try different settings and

Post-production tutorial on the effect of Photoshop translucent hair glass

To the users of Photoshop software to detailed analysis to share the translucent hair glass effect of post-production tutorial. Tutorial Sharing: 1, prepare the appropriate material map, I reluctantly selected a picture of the positive angle. 2, create a new picture, reference to the original color, pull a gradient background color. Pull the hor

Photoshop to make a polished glass window effect tutorial sharing

For the users of Photoshop software to explain the detailed analysis of the production of polished glass window effect of the tutorial. Tutorial Sharing: 1, open the original image, the background layer to copy a layer, press CTRL + U adjust Hue/saturation (0,0,35). Figure 2 Artwork Fig. 3 Saturation degree

Photoshop makes glass brick wall material drawing effect

When drawing the decoration effect, the glass brick wall is often designed, and the glass brick wall is usually realized by the texture. Today, we use Photoshop to create a material map of our own glass brick wall from scratch. You can apply this

Photoshop layer style make transparent glass font effect tutorial

To teach you to use Photoshop to make transparent glass font effect, very simple, the main is to set the layer style, like the students can learn! Effect Chart: 1. New settings are as follows 2. Select the Shape tool 3. Add shape style, set as follows

Photoshop makes the winter glass mist on the handwriting font effect

start to write with our fingers on the glass ~ Of course not really let you reach out your finger! Press Q to enter the quick mask, use the brush tool, write a few letters on the screen, press Q again to exit the quick mask, and write the words into the constituency, but the reverse, So press ctrl+shift+i and then click the Day Mask button to be OK. 13th Step: Copy a 5-pixel blurred photo layer, delete the mask,

Photoshop design translucent plastic glass effect production tutorial

We will give you a detailed analysis of photoshop software and share with you the tutorial on creating a translucent plastic glass image.Tutorial sharing:1. Create a 1000*1000 pixel canvas with a resolution of 72 pixels/inch, and click "OK". Select the gradient tool, set the color as shown in the following figure, and then pull the radial gradient from the center to the corner as the background.2.

Photoshop creates a very realistic broken egg effect-PS tutorial

This tutorial shows you how to use Photoshop to create a very realistic broken egg effect. The made eggs are divided into three parts: eggshell, pale yellow and egg. Although it looks simple, each part has many details to deal, we need to be more careful and patient. this tutorial is intended to introduce a friend of PHP's Chinese network to use

Photoshop makes transparent glass effect

In this Photoshop example teaches you will learn how to make a transparent glass effect. In this Photoshop example you will learn how to make a transparent glass effect. It's not too late! Note: version to

The effect of Photoshop on the collapse of Broken mountain highways

Now there are a lot of strange photos on the web, a large part of the production through PS and to achieve real results, this PS Tutorial example through a simple image synthesis example, "Broken Mountain Road" to show the charm of PS deceitful Act, interested friends can try! The Broken Mountain Road, the effect of drawing a Collapse of

The late course of the effect of Photoshop for rapid manufacture of water mist glass

To give you Photoshop software users to detailed analysis of the rapid production of water mist glass effect of the later tutorial. Tutorial Sharing: 1, will make the picture into a smart object, and then copy the layer to its Gaussian blur. 2, in the fuzzy layer mask with brush tool paint the traces of water (hardness/opacity/flow is 100%)

A tutorial on the effect of using Photoshop to make broken buildings in sand dunes

Using Photoshop to make the broken buildings in the sand dunes, the characters are basically synthetic, and after the background and three-dimensional characters are used, the materials and brushes need to be added to the text to add texture, post-processing details and adjust colors. Final effect 1, create a 700 * 430 pixel file, the

Photoshop filter makes fine art color glass effect Tutorial

Tutorial Introduction using Photoshop Filter to make exquisite artistic color glass effect, relatively simple, mainly by the use of filters made out, like the students can learn! Tutorial Effect Chart: Start making it: 1, in capital D, restore the default foreground color and background color, perform filter-ren

Photoshop Draw transparent glass effect button

In this tutorial, I will teach you how to create a clean Web page with a transparent glass effect in Photoshop. In this tutorial, I will teach you how to create a clean Web page with a transparent glass effect in Photoshop.This is the end result of us. All right, let's get s

Photoshop simulates the text effect on a glass with water

Photoshop text effects tutorial, simulating the text effect on the glass with water. First look at the final effect: 1. In Baidu or Google search for a window with water droplets picture, of course, can also use the photo I provided. Then open the picture and use the image "> adjust" > Go to Color. Figure 1 2. A

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