Markdown Usage Tips--font, color, font size, background, first line indent, etc.

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Markdown Common tips: 2015/12/19 16:05:18

Line Wrapping : Method 1: Two + spaces + carriage return Method 2: Wrapping labels with html language:<br>

first line indent two characters : (each with a space, two consecutive) &ensp; half-width spaces &emsp; full-width spaces

font, font size, and color :

Markdown is a markup language that can be written using an ordinary text editor, which can make plain text content formatted with HTML-like markup syntax. However, it does not support the ability to modify fonts, font size, and color.
The Csdn-markdown Editor is its derivative version, extending the functionality of markdown (such as tables, footnotes, inline HTML, and so on). Yes, it's embedded HTML, and the next feature needs to be implemented using an inline HTML method.
font, font size and color edit the following code

<font face= "Blackbody" > I am boldface </font>
<font face= "Microsoft Jas Black" > I am Microsoft Black </font>
<font face= " Stcaiyun "> I am Chinese choi Wan </font>
<font color= #0099ff size=7 face=" blackbody ">color= #0099ff size=72 face=" Blackbody "< /FONT>
<font color= #00ffff size=72>color= #00ffff </font>
<font color=gray size=72> Color=gray</font> size

: Specifies the size of the text. Possible values: Numbers from 1 to 7. The default browser value is 3

Specific color classification and marking please refer to: various colors

Background color:
The markdown itself does not support background color settings and needs to be implemented using built-in HTML: the bgcolor property of table labels such as table, TR, TD, and so on to achieve the function of background color. Examples are as follows:

<TABLE><TR><TD bgcolor=orange> background color is:orange</td></tr></table>

The effect is as follows:

Background color is: orange
2015/12/19 16:04:07

Split Line: You can create a divider line with more than three asterisks, minus signs, and bottom lines in a row, and there's nothing else in the line. You can also insert a space between an asterisk or a minus sign. You can create separate lines for each of the following types of notation

Links: The link text is marked with [square brackets], followed by parentheses around the square brackets and inserted in the URL link: you can refer to
[This link] ( has no title attribute.

Code block:

Code block: a paragraph that starts with more than 2 tab keys is considered a block of code (the effect is as follows):

struct {
  int year;
  int month;
  int day;
 } Bdate;

If you need to reference code within a line, just use the anti-quote ' cause (ESC) code block and syntax highlighting: use three anti-quotation marks "'" on the previous line and the following line in the code block that you want to highlight, and the language that the first line is used for after the surface code block

Insert images on the Internet:

! [Write a description of the picture here] (
Use Latex Math formula:
Inline formula: Use two "$" symbols to refer to formulas: $ formula $ line formula: Use two to "$$" symbol reference formula: $$ Formula $$

1. Markdown Official guidance
2. Csdn:markdown Blog Column

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