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A note on the wisdom and wisdom of the Sutra

Master of Headroom

Liu Cheng Furgus Kee

The clearance Mage spoke for a week at the CUPERTINO Society of Goppotino, California, on March 1, 1994. The Zhang Dexieng to give a seven volume of the tape, after listening to the summary notes, remitted into the chapter, to support readers.

Dear Classmates:

Today we have such a good chance, in the United States net of the society and learn from the wisdom of the wisdom of the Sutra, is very fortunate. Goudard often said: ' The Dharma Sea, the letter to be able to enter, wisdom for energy. ' The venerable generation teaches, saying 49 years, the longest time to speak the wisdom, accounted for 22 years, the weight of the sutra is also the heaviest, it can be seen that the Dharma teaching is based on intelligence. Some people misunderstand that it is not correct to think that the people who repair the Pure land tend to neglect wisdom. In the Amitabha Sutra, it can be seen that the Buddha, in order to promote the Dharma, in the great disciples, especially the wisdom of the first of the relics of the Buddha, among the Bodhisattva in the selection of the great wisdom Tuas as the object. It is difficult to accept the Dharma if it is not really great wisdom. Therefore, wisdom is the degree of energy, the net is very appropriate to say.

There are 14 kinds of translation hearts in the past dynasties, there are seven kinds of common, this is the most widely circulated master Xuanzang translation. All the factions in China have chosen to be included in the Pureland recitation, which can be seen in the whole of Buddhism in its occupied position. The time relationship, although not detailed explanation, but will certainly put the essence of the place to give you a briefing.

After the question is the wisdom of the wisdom of the eight words, can be divided into four paragraphs, 1, wisdom, 2, many more, 3, Heart, 4, Sutra. If Sanskrit, the words of ancient India, turned into Chinese words, meaning wisdom. In the rules of the rule there are five: a secret, such as the mantra, are transliteration. The second is to have more meaning, in China can not find the appropriate vocabulary, such as the Brahman, this name is more than righteousness. Three for China no, such as Sanfu, tree name, China no this tree. Four for Shun Gu, such as Ahan Doro three Miao qie three Bodhi. Five for respect, such as wisdom. Generally speaking, there are three kinds of wisdom, one for reality, the body of the vacuum, that is, the real phase. The second is the use of reality for the observation of wisdom. The third is the text wisdom, interpretation precept, the whole Buddhist scriptures are written wisdom. Wisdom of many aliases, such as authenticity, reality, the first Leng Yan, the road, after all, empty and so on. Buddha to say so many names refers to one thing, the purpose is not to let us cling to the name, so that we realize the true interest. There is a gatha in the theory of great wisdom: ' If one is a law, the Buddha says all kinds of names, and with all sentient beings, they give their names. ' This gatha is very important to explain the Buddha's word for all sentient beings, and to establish many famous terms. Wisdom is often turned into intelligence, intelligence is shabbiness, know the truth, Hui is to pick, according to the true meaning. In other words, wisdom has the function of shining, Hui has the role of identification. Access to a promising thing as wisdom, Tongda inaction of the empty reason for Hewlett-Packard. In short, according to all the law is not available, the mastery of all the law does not have obstacles, is true wisdom.

Many more, the Baltic translation for the other side, honey many translated into. The other side of the United States, if the Chinese grammar should be to the other shore. The meaning of the Chinese idiom ' home ' is close. such as painting Kung Fu pure Heat, said his kung fu home, that is, the perfect righteousness. The wisdom of many is the ' perfect intelligence ', which is different from what is generally said wisdom. Sanskrit to the other side, the Ancients commented that the life and death compared to this shore, the Nirvana compared to the other side, there is wisdom to complete the intelligence to leave life and death, the other side of the great nirvana. The Buddha often mentions in the sutra that the ordinary of Buddhism must be robbed by the three great monks, whose time is calculated by robbery rather than by year. We were born in the past, the immeasurable robbery has been the smell of dharma practice, can have today's good root of the cause of virtue, smell the world to say the perfect Dafa. Why have we not been a Buddha in our past life? It should be known that the Buddha said that the three great monks were robbed by the small huan of the first fruit whiskers. In the past, although there is a practice without the first fruit, the time of their practice can not be counted, the first fruit to be fixed. From then on three Yin-10 live, 10 rows, 10 back, the calendar of a monk only robbed, at this time, the strength of the micro, was troubled, the name far. From the beginning to seven, the second Ahan robbery, the growth of the road, have the ability to worry, called near to the jackfruit. From eight to ten calendar third Ahan robbery, Tao Li Sheng, meditation wisdom ability to strengthen, all the trouble, name big. In the four religions belong to the teaching.

Heart Word is Chinese, since ancient times to explain the text of the word is very much, but the heart of the 600 volume of the great wisdom of the essence of the most successful language. The heart of the Great Wisdom Sutra, so called the center of the Great Heart, also a metaphor for the hearts of people, is important. Finally by the word is a problem, the Buddha said Precept, by the disciples of the written, are known as the Sutra. Gulaida interpretation by the word, commonly used, photographed, often, the law four words. In other words, each Buddhist sutra is a systematic article, from beginning to end has been through, no clutter, photographed as a never get tired of sentient beings, so that readers, such as magnet needle. Often is not easy, the law is far and near with compliance, indeed beyond the time and space, that is, the truth of modern times.

This sutra is the Tang Dynasty monk Xuanzang translation, the master is Henan Yanshi person, surnamed Chen name Kokusai. 13 years old in Luoyang Pure Land Temple monk, Zhen view three years to study in India, calendar 128 countries. At that time the western regions and India were not unified, there are many small countries. After studying to the ancient Chinese and Indian country, this monument still exists. He bred in the teacher and the Victory Army, his teachers are a monk a vulgar. Zhen Guan 19 years back home, three years to go, a total of 17 years. Master Shishoujie 65 years old, died in Tang Lin Shitoku in early February five, A.D. 664. From India back to the country after 19 years, turned into 73, 1330 volumes, the number of parts for the translation of the Master of the Crown, China has the greatest contribution. The translated classics are all income Tripitaka. This heart is the master in the May 24, 22 in the end of the Nanshan Cui Wei Palace translation of the yuan. In the past, Nanjing Jinling carved by the Yang Renxian old lay to the master of the classic translation of the circulation. The temple has sent me a full set, I put it in the Dallas Buddhist will 501 upstairs.

View free Bodhisattva, do deep wisdom, shabbiness Five Yun is empty, degree all bitter.

' View at ease ' namely Guanyin Bodhisattva, Chinese translation This bodhisattva name has two kinds, turn ' comfortable ' is the table wisdom, the Bodhisattva has the perfect wisdom, in the law at ease. Turn to the ' Guanyin ' table Bodhisattva Merciful, through the sound to save the suffering, this two each has to take righteousness, indicating that the Bodhisattva self-to-be. The line of deep wisdom and more, the line is practice, calendar things to practice heart. Ordinary heart is not clean and unequal, Bodhisattva is enlightened person, in all shun adversity to repair the pure heart, with the perfect wisdom, do very deep realm. Deep to shallow and said, in the church has a shallow depth two kinds: the first kind of people empty wisdom, break I hold, but found in empty, not empty, this arhat, the Buddha, the right to teach bodhisattva three by the repair, that is the common wisdom, Yin first called Mahayana beginning teaching. The second kind of law empty wisdom, not only people I empty, law I also empty. Further, broke the law, not only see empty, and see not empty, this and the previous three times people have seen the difference, known as the non-common wisdom, that is, the beginning of the yuan to live above the Buddha's certificate, taught that the actual teaching Bodhisattva, including the Mahayana final teaching, Dayton, round teaching. It is the deep wisdom that the Buddha can testify.

Shabbiness is the hub of Kung Fu, wisdom, and practice. For three wisdom, this three wisdom for all wisdom, Tao, all kinds of wisdom, that is, the use of wisdom. In daily life, six contact with the six dust realm, our opinions and opinions belong to wisdom. The first kind of empty view deep, can break the thought and confusion, show all wisdom, see the true meaning, the essence is the philosopher said ontology. The second kind of false view deep, can break the dust sand confusion, clear tao kind of wisdom, see vulgar Truth, is the natural phenomenon of the legal world fully understand. The third is the middle view of the deep, can break the clear, show all kinds of wisdom, see the noble truth. All wisdom and Tao seed wisdom is a not two, the front two of the view are biased on one side, not to achieve a round. Until the observation of Kung fu deep, know that all the sex is a two, the truth of the universe life is fully understood, no doubt, is the perfect wisdom to see the noble.

The five aggregates, that is, are divided into two methods: color and heart. The color method is the matter, all substances are represented by color. Mental mental aspects of the heart as the representative, the heart is divided into four categories, by, want, line, knowledge. Is the first five knowledge, want to be the sixth consciousness, the line is the seventh end that knowledge, the knowledge is eighth Alaya knowledge.

The color method is the material, the matter is the mass micro-poly, the gathering is the Karma birth law. The Edge Poly is born, the margin disperses is extinguished. Diamond Sutra said: ' All is false '. Also said: ' All have the law, such as fleeting dream, such as dew also like electricity, should be applied '. This is the truth about the five aggregates and the life of the universe. Dharma-speaking is a metaphor, which means that all matter is polymerized by many tiny molecules. Now scientific instruments are progressing, using microscopes to see atomic electrons as well as elementary particles. Diamond Sutra said that all matter is a combination of all substances, from the molecular composition of all substances, Buddha's five eyes than we use a microscope to be accurate.

Buddha said that the basic material has four kinds of characteristics, called four, namely, land, water, fire, wind. The large representation of an object, although small to the naked eye, does indeed exist in its object. The big fire represents the temperature, the water represents the humidity. Scientists have another saying that it takes positive electricity called the fire big, with negative electricity called water large. It is called the wind large, the four are representative of the basic material four characteristics.

The most important purpose of the spiritual practice is the first paragraph of the Scriptures, ' to view the Buddha, the deep wisdom of a long time, shabbiness Five aggregates are empty, the degree of all suffering. The five aggregates contain all material phenomena, and spiritual aspects are thought to be known. The five aggregates are the cause and the birth law, the cause and the birth law all has no self-body, is the real phase, the real phase is the empty phase. Empty meaning there are four kinds: (a) empty nonsense, the cause of life, no self-nature, self-reality, after all, is empty, this meaning understandable. (ii) The void, the absence of a coarse phase and the subtle color, the nominal, and all the law. (c) The emptiness and righteousness of the Heart (d). Heart empty is a slightest dye is none, in the theory said: from the speech phase, from the name, the centrifugal margin phase, can observe the truth of the law. Because of all law, there is emptiness, all law is not available, and emptiness is the reality of the law. Diamond Sutra said, as fleeting dream, described as appropriate. Seeing all the facts clearly, all suffering disappears. Because of all the suffering from the confusion of the reverse delusion clinging to, the delusion of perseverance brings us boundless suffering. The truth is clear, the delusion of elimination, perseverance forever broken, all suffering away from, this is called all the suffering of.

The truth of mind, but the five aggregates. The truth is the careful meaning, the view is to observe with wisdom. Body is a color, the heart is to be thought of, in the five aggregates in order to ask me to do not have, immeasurable robbery to false I can break off. All troubles are from me, I hold empty, trouble is broken, trouble, beg reincarnation also not get. Small multiply four fruit arhat, see the trouble that is beyond reincarnation, segmented life and death is gone. Then observe the five aggregates, Yun from the edge of life, there is no self, the edge of the clones, seeking the five Yun-phase can not be obtained, the law has also done. Legal practice arises from the knowledge of the barrier. The obstacles to Bodhi Nirvana, the understanding of the barrier, Bodhi Nirvana Natural Now, the change of life and death is not. 600 Juan The essence of the great wisdom is these words, is gave away. Why the average person is difficult to understand this meaning, because the immeasurable robbery, the obsession is too strong, must Lao Shizun 22 years to tell the truth, we can accept. Come up to say is the purpose of wisdom, the following to elaborate on the five Yun, 12, 18 The truth of the world, easy for us to observe.

Shariputra, the color is not different, the color is not different, the color is empty, empty is the color, by thinking of the knowledge, also as.

This passage shows that the five aggregates are empty, empty is not to say, if nothing is empty, it is not difficult to understand, do not need the Buddha for 22 years to explain. Difficult is not to know the hue to understand the empty meaning, nor is the hue disappears to say it is empty, but to speak empty at the same time, and there is a thing. The world's notions of emptiness and there are opposites, there is not empty, empty is not there. If there is empty, empty is there, it is difficult to make people understand. The wisdom speaks empty, is namely the color empty, says the vacuum, namely the empty color, called the wonderful has. There is no good, vacuum is not empty. Because the color is the four-way combination of the phenomenon, empty is the rationale of the vacuum, the law is the first space in the middle road, is not partial empty. The five aggregates are empty is the theme, the following color is not different empty four sentences are annotations. All the laws, the birth of the law, are all a phase, are illusory, are not self-nature. Chinese discourse: The Law of Karma, I say that is empty, also is a pseudonym, also is the moral. These four sentences together look, namely the Heart Sutra four sentences. The Buddha speaks of color, emptiness, name, Middle Road, all say a thing, we can not understand, we see these four items as four things, do not know what Buddha said is a thing. The same is true of the color law, which is thought to be done. If in detail, the color to be thought of the line of knowledge, by the non-empty, empty, is empty, is empty, is the rest, and so on.

The first sentence color is not different, empty is true, is self-nature, is the body, color is all phenomena. Phenomenon is true as the main body to come out of, the body is not available, rather also can not get, is from the false into the empty, according to the real nature. The second sentence, the opposite, the empty color, to do the void, all the law, all phenomena are real as the main body, is from the empty out of the false, according to the causes. The following ' color is empty, empty is the color ' two sentences is an empty façade, which means that it is a two. The law is the same, the law is no exception. Buddha in Hua Yan Jing said: "Break a tiny dust, out of the Great thousand Scrolls." Also said: A pore relay Dafa round. If the color is not the same, the sexual phase is not the same, how may have this wonderful phenomenon. Knowing this fact, the Buddha in the sutra said all kinds of non-Incredibles realm can be accepted.

The general program of the five aggregates are empty and the Buddhist scriptures have important relations to the survival of the Pure Land. When I was at the Taichung Lotus Club, Li said to me: "There are many people who recite the Buddha, and the life is few." There are more than 200,000 people in the Lotus Society, but there are only 35 people who actually recite the Buddha's life. What he said is very conservative. As far as I know, the people who recite the Buddha in Taichung are quite respectable, if 35 people per million are close to the truth. But the ratio is still small. Why do you recite more people and live less? The key is to see not broken put down. Wisdom can help us to get through, so we have to pay attention to the classics. Our physical and mental is not true, the body has the old disease, the moment changes, are false have. Psychologically, we are all aware of the thought and the idea of being able to live. Keep the idea of ' samadhi ', and call it ' making '. A definite work is just a continuation of a thought, and there must be some loss in the definite realm. The world four Zen eight set, do not want to the day can be lasting to 80,000 robbery, fixed power without losing, and 80,000 robbery will lose after. The self-nature of this will not be born and out, no Samadhi out, such as the "Dingdan", such as the "First stare". ' Sex is determined ' and ' fixed ' completely different, sex is not to be repaired, that day shabbiness five aggregates are empty, sex is set immediately before. I hold empty, trouble is not, the law is empty, the knowledge of the barrier has not, self-nature of the empty natural now before. This is easy to say, it is not easy to do, ordinary no beginning to rob, I have a very bad habit. "If you can have an epiphany, things need to be fixed," said Goodall. The root of the benefit, good root thick people, in theory can be accepted, if you want to turn the realm, but also have a considerable time to practice. The reason and the thing is a not two, in the daily life to the matter to the thing, the heart always mentions the shabbiness, the five aggregates are empty, shabbiness all people things are all the law of the empty phase, to their own without beginning to rob the wrong ideas, gradually in wisdom in the light of the elimination of the clean, this is true practice. Hua Yan through the last a meeting, good fortune Boy 53 to give us a calendar of things to practice the heart of true practice. More thinking, more experience can break the habit of trouble, see it down. Then for the wish of Amitabha, can have real experience, determined to live in the Pure Land, the life of the natural can have achievements. Wisdom is of great help and great interest to us.

The root of the five aggregates is the overlapping of the birth, one does not think the real as the self-nature of the transformation into a non-ming industry knowledge. These words should be listened to carefully, can not think of imagination, a thought is wrong. For example: Today Cloudy, the sun is covered with clouds. Careful thought, the sun is several times larger than the Earth, can be covered by clouds. True as self-nature will never become a knowledge of the unknown. The knowledge of the unknown is a non-consciousness, which means that there is no clear book. It really works as self-sex, and takes this thing in action. As the eye can see, the eye is self-sex, with glasses, can still see the outside realm, the eye through the glasses to see the outside environment, known as the unknown industry, also called the eighth knowledge. Do glasses really hinder the eyes? And not. This relationship needs to be made clear. A knowledge is alaya knowledge, so there is a line, there is a line to think, a want to have to be, one has to be only color, which is from the five Yun said, from the eight knowledge, is ' A read not born three fine, the boundary is the edge length six thick '. The saying is not the same, it means the same, the same truth. People in the world do not understand that there is a god in the arrangement there. He did not know that the evolution of nature has a certain order, such as people wear clothes, first wear underwear, and then wear a coat. Stripping off the first coat, gradually to underwear, the lam-rim can not be confused. When the mystery of the first, the development to the coarse phase, the return of self-nature, first by the outside, first in addition to the color, and then the other side of the line to understand. Make clear the facts, the daily work has a great help, for all color method not clinging to their own color body and all the characters in the world belong to the color method, can be put down. Further to be able to put down, no longer the pursuit of enjoyment, joy and sorrow, can follow the fate and not climbing, succumbing sentient beings, rejoice merit, the equality of hearts. Prosperity is not a pleasure, adversity does not suffer, it is put down, the rest wants to do knowledge and so on.

Shariputra, is the law of the air phase, deathless, non-scale, not increase or decrease. It is the air that is colorless, not to be thought of. No eye ear nose tongue body meaning. Colorless sound Fragrance Touch method. No vision, not even the unconscious world.

Buddha in this by the law is summed up in five Yun, six into, 12, 18 realms. The first sentence of this passage is the law and space, and the law includes the four categories. All laws have a common meaning in, that is, deathless. Birth and death is a phenomenon rather than a fact, there is no sudden, the phenomenon disappeared into extinction. If in-depth observation, but the edge of the accumulation is born, the edge of the illusion of vanishing. This refers to five Yun, six into, 12, 18 bounded deathless of the argument is difficult to understand, if further explanation, had to cite an example. The children play the building blocks, pile it into a house, its in the same place. Again, the house is gone. When a wise man sees this phenomenon, he is enlightened that it is not true, and that its death is not true. Because it does not, the edge of Poly is not true, the original is not born, the edge of the scattered, of course, it did not extinguish. The scientist observes all things, tells us that the matter is immortal, the ability is immortal, this is very close to the Buddhist scriptures said all law deathless. Ordinary See all the laws of life and death, clinging to the false, for all the process of the formation of total negligence, and then degenerate into the reincarnation. Ordinary, there is such an illusion, unbreakable and hard to accept the truth. Buddha had to succumbing vulgar truth and said, people have birth and death, plants live in different, the mineral has lived bad empty. This sutra is with the true meaning, the Tathagata Five Eyes round Ming, observe the Universe life Truth, for us to say truthfully. The whole wisdom of the outline, the words of simple righteousness, and the Mahayana through the Hua Yan Fahua as complete. If you thoroughly understand the true meaning of the sutra, it is not difficult to recognize the non-living law.

' Not dirty ', dyed the scale, leaving the pollution of the net, this refers to the four truth cause, bitter set out of the road. The ' bitter set ' is the cause and effect of the world, ' extinguishing the Tao ' is the cause and effect. Ordinary wandering life and death is called the scale, the holy people to see thinking, beyond the three circle of the net. This is the Buddha for the persistent empty, tired of the illusion of people and said. Speaking of the reality of the body, this from the empty, can not be dyed to make its scale, the treatment of its net. Although it is covered by the evil, and the sex is not dirty, and the good edge of the smoke of the habit of the pure.

' No increase or decrease ' is a enlightenment to the bodhisattva. Usually large multiplication prone to the wrong idea, the growth of the road, the trouble to reduce, see the four fruit arhat, definite hui growth, proof of the first live, the right to teach Bodhisattva to the phenomenon is very serious attachment. The Buddha told them here that this phenomenon is not true, so there is no wisdom. Wisdom is the practice of Kung Fu, Mahayana Scripture said: A complete Bodhi, return to no income, the explanation does not increase or decrease. We often say: bodhi growth, trouble reduction, this words understood, why say no increase or decrease? We say that the increase or decrease is from the phase, the Buddha said that the non-growth is from the sexual speaking. The sex is the empty phase, the annoyance is the empty phase, the Bodhi is also the empty phase. From the sex, there is no increase or decrease, the scale net, the birth and death. From the phase, all the laws have been destroyed, there is a net of scale, there is increase and decrease.

Buddha said: ' With the flow to recognize sex '. This sentence is very important, the sex is deathless, the scale is not clean, does not increase not to reduce. Truth is true as the Buddha said, in the authenticity of no saint, repair, cause and effect these matters, show the essence of wisdom. Zen Home has a good saying: ' See the fall off, the only dew really often. ' This is the realm. In addition, you can learn from a metaphor, vacuum reality, such as the Mani Orb, as the body, 12 18 of the world as the orb of light and color, because it can now be many different luster, so it is expensive. The body of the orb is unchanging. Nor is it due to the present, nor is it extinguished by color. If the body is not moved, the hue has been extinguished and the body has not been born and destroyed. All laws are not born, all laws are not extinguished, and if they are solved, the Buddhas are often present before them. The meaning is exactly the same.

At the beginning of the shabbiness, the five aggregates are empty, not only colorless, but also do not want to know, there are no 12, eye and ear nasal tongue body meaning, color sound fragrance touch method, there is no 18 boundaries, 18 is the horizon and even the sense of the world. These are the laws, the emptiness is the argument, the law has no such false phase. Six fathers in Enlightenment said: ' What period from the original is clean ', and said: ' There is nothing ', explaining the self-nature of the body, Cao, the Buddha and the Great Buddha is the proof of this matter, Fanf fans are also fascinated by the matter. The phenomenon of the accumulation of the world, when lost. Why is there a mystery? Why is it so crazy to have these phenomena? This is a serious matter. In the Leng Yan meeting, Fu Lou that the honorable person Shang raised this question, the World Buddha has the very ingenious reply, everybody if you want to know its detailed, please consult the fourth volume Scripture. Clarity is enlightened, otherwise it is still in the absence of the Ming Shell. Must be self-awareness, such as being you said by others, the door of their own enlightenment closed, later difficult to enlightenment. So the real good knowledge will not you said the problem, he will induce you suddenly dawu, this teaching method of good coincidence.

Diamond Sutra said: ' All the phases are vain. To say so surely, that is to say: The air is colorless, no five aggregates, no 12 18 realms. Phase is there, sex is not, sex is neither, Sanyo is not true, this is the key. With the first sentence as a description, the air is colorless, that is, the substance that is spoken today, the matter in the sense is there, is false have, illusion has, wonderful have. There is no good, vacuum is not empty. If there is a real obstacle. Careful observation is not difficult to get the truth. If it is true, there are obstacles to things, things and things. If you see a film, the screen is empty, nothing, although the picture, and no dye. Sex for the screen, there is no birth and death, dye the net, increase or decrease, and the picture has been extinguished. After understanding, the mind is pure, called enlightenment. Heart no longer have delusion, perseverance, choice, gain and loss, leave all false delusion clinging, restore self-nature, self-nature is the original, so that the perfect Bodhi, return to no income. This is the Buddha know, the Buddha, if you understand this truth into this, that is, the rationale is not disorderly, the real report solemn soil, on the top grade to life. The truth is very important to the Buddha, if it is clear is bosom. The heart is the phase, namely the law, the law is the heart change, Alaya change. Sex is the ontology of emptiness, self-nature, which is spoken here. Sex is the body, the heart is the function, see the sex is clear heart. After the bosom, no longer have the delusion clinging, all the holy opinion also has not, said the sex said phase, all not to have, moreover all the law, originally did not have a thing, is so-called sort, the heart line is extinguished, the opening then is wrong, the movement thought is good, does not have the heart, does not move the thought, all phenomena Some people say, since bosom, see sex into Buddha, why do you have to live in the Western paradise? We should know the state of the Buddha-fruit land, the root of the benefit of people can experience and difficult to be proven. Although can experience and worry habit not broken, in all the boundary illusion, still will have the heart, still may fall reincarnation. Not only ordinary, even the big Bodhisattva are afraid of the fall, so Hua Yan will be on the big Bodhisattva vowed to survive the West, so it seems, how can despise Pure Land Dharma.

There is no clear, no clear, even no old death, no old death. No bitterness set out the road.

This paragraph illustrates the teachings of the World Buddha, the first four sentences 12 causes, the last sentence of four noble truth. 12 The cause and the four truth are the most fundamental teachings of Buddhism, explaining the reality of the reincarnation of life and death. 12 A total of 12 causes, which means 12. Non-ming margin line, the edge of the knowledge, the name of the color, the name of the color margin six into, six into the edge, touch edge, by the edge of Love, Love Edge take, take the edge, destined to life, the edge of old death. These 12 loops are endless, forming the reincarnation phenomenon of the third world. The first two articles of death are the result of the absence of any work which is caused by the loss of the Ming Dynasty. The fruit of this life is the result of the past. From the knowledge to the subject, these five articles are the fruit of this life. 12 What is said in the cause of the absence of the Mahayana scripture is not clear, but the branch is not clear at the end. There is no clear break into the Buddha, the end of the branch is not clear broken can only see the worry, the small ride to the Buddha fruit. Confusion is confused, there are wrong ideas, there is the wrong behavior. The industry is made, the industry will be reported, the newspaper will come reincarnation, reincarnation is the third knowledge of 12 karma, known as the soul. He came to reincarnation, the real cause is the absence of the Ming and the line, the parents are on the edge, reincarnation to find the fate of the parents, children and parents of the cause of the four categories, repay, revenge, debt collection, debt, there is this kind of debts born in one. After reincarnation in a two weeks, nothing to say, give him a name basement color, the name is said he has spirit, color is said he is material, to the father of mother blood for the body, the moment has not yet become a human shape, the world called the placenta. In the mother belly gradually grow up, eye and ear nose gradually formed, called six into, that is the fetus. The touch is born by the mother, in contact with the outside world. Newborn baby before two or three years old, only touch, not affected. It is subject to the feeling of bitterness and joy. There is a feeling of bitterness, will be born hate, so by the edge of love, there will be a choice of love, so love to take, because 妄取 so that the industry has. This love, take, there are three of the cause of this life, there is karma for this life, there will be the fruit of the afterlife, it is destined to live, the fate of old death. This is the process of 12 karma operation. In the past, rural children tended to remain naïve at the age of seven or eight, only to touch and to feel that everything was beautiful. Today a two-year-old child can feel, has lost the innocence, very pitiful. Buddha said that there are two kinds of reincarnation, one is the introduction of the industry, to guide sentient beings to where to incarnate, in the past, has repaired five of the life of the road, repair 10 good heaven. The same is a person and life enjoyment encounter different, belong to full industry. The most important thing is the practice of the present, to love, take, have Dobby guard, if first by falling in love, then can receive the effect of twice. In turn, it is called ' also destroy the theory ', why there is old death, because of the life, why live, because there are industries, one to push up, 12 if there is a broken, reincarnation is not. There are only three of us who can do the practice in this life-love, take, have, as long as a broken one, reincarnation solved. The Karma for Life and Death is Love, Love is not heavy. Greedy love five to six dust, greedy love name smell Lee, what people can really see broken put under, on beyond six, forever off reincarnation. If you can't fall in love, take a break on the line. To all the law does not take out, do not give up is smooth, do not take is not to build the industry. The fate of the virtuoso, not more create new calamity. As far as from the upper break, onlyThere are all the great bodhisattvas come again, and with all sentient beings together with dust. As well-known as any living Buddha, informal, do not keep their symbolisms, do not keep the precepts, as if love to have all have, in fact, his heart clean, spotless, is superior real time. Ordinary can only be in love to take the effort, love to have is the habit of immeasurable robbery. Today at the beginning of the Buddhist Dharma, understand the truth, and the realm is now, the problem of the habit came again, see Shun Adversity and love evil heart, greed and slow, selfish, the idea of a rise, the important thing is enlightenment, with a "Amitabha" instead of all the idea of the right.

The Four Noble Truths are ' bitter gathering and extinguishing the Tao ', and the four words also say double cause and effect. Bitterness is now the fruit of the report, set is the karma of the past, the death is the future of the people to pass the report, Tao is now the cause of the practice. In short, the truth is true, the Buddha said that the three realms are bitter, three bitter eight bitter, there is no need to fine table, beginners often disagree, because the world is a lot of happy things, why say it is bitter? The world of pleasure can become bitter, that is, the bad suffering, and hard work will not become music, visible music is not true. It is important to know why to be a man and to rotate six. The truth is that the Buddha observes the thorough, the life is to pay the profession to come, makes the good karma The blessing newspaper, the creation evil industry suffers the bitter fruit, this is the fact. See others enjoy, oneself suffer, think God Buddha Bodhisattva injustice. To save this kind of thought, not only can not solve the problem, but also create a bad industry, must be convinced of the law of causality, improve their own thinking and behavior, broken evil repair good, accumulate work, and transform their own destiny, but this is not a complete solution. This life in the afterlife may be a great blessing, but can not be guaranteed to create sin industry, such as the blessing to enjoy the best, and now before the end, will fall three Tu, to fundamentally solve, must go beyond samsara. The fruit of the monastic certificate, the fruit is to extinguish, to extinguish the worry, to extinguish the delusion, to extinguish the reincarnation. The most important thing in the Four Noble Truths is the practice of cultivating the way of reincarnation of life and death. Buddha in the sutra said many practice, the door can become Buddha. Each of us have different root sex, the awareness, habits, stain also vary, such as the choice of the way is not suitable for their own roots, reluctantly to learn, the cost of energy and can not get results.

Although we now have a good understanding of the wisdom of Scripture, not complacent, although the insight, things need to be gradually repaired, their own fault habits can be broken, in daily life, the money color name eat sleep, see the sound of color, can not be tempted, phantom phase, if there is a slightest love evil heart, can not out of the three realms. Any way must break the trouble to go beyond Samsara, only the Dharma door can take the industry to life, as long as the worry, you can out of the three realms, the Volt is easier to break. Wisdom and fulfillment at the Hua Yan meeting to teach 41 people Dharmakaya also use this dharma, it is known that the choice of the Dharma is really intelligent, is the best top-notch people. To repair the Pure land, not only their own achievements, but also to persuade the fate of the same friend, in the life of a successful completion of the Buddha Road.

Buddha said that the five aggregates are due to the color of sentient beings light, fan heart heavy. The five aggregates include color method one, heart four. 12 exactly the opposite, the eye and ear nose is a color method, color sound fragrance Touch method, color method said 11, the root of the heart is only one, this is the cooing of the weight of the hearts of the light people said. There is a kind of person, the color Heart fans are heavy, the Buddha said 18 realms, six knowledge is cardiac, six in the root is heart, the remaining five is the color method, six dust is the color method. In the 18 realms, the color method speaks 11, the heart speaks seven. Buddha is said to be the machine and say, live lively splash, there is no way to say.

There is no wisdom and no good.

Wisdom is the wisdom of being able to view, to be the reason of the evidence. No wisdom is the wisdom of being able to view, and the absence of evidence is also not available. Can view is empty, the state of view is also empty. This righteousness is very deep, and those who are familiar with the strict, how much can appreciate their righteousness. In the Leng Yan meeting, the FU Lou that the venerable person Shang raises a question, namely is the clear to come from there exactly? The venerable man said to him, ' know and know, that is, there is no Ming. Gave away Wisdom is the root of the lack of knowledge, if there is evidence of wisdom, there is evidence of the rationale, can not be dead, no clear is not cut off, so no wisdom is true wisdom, nothing is really, what is the perfect self-nature, can testify to the wisdom also did not. All laws are empty, and can be taken, and can be proven by the cards. Buddha's claim is to cure us of the problem, because all sentient beings clinging to all laws have, thought all law is true. From this wrong point of view to produce the wrong ideas and practices, namely the attachment, there is a trade-offs, this is the empty phase. Buddha said that empty is the truth, not hypothesis, so that we understand the facts, know the law of the empty phase, in all the law of fantasy, distinction, perseverance, can all put down, the disease can be removed. But empty also can not persist, empty also does not exist, this talk about actually place. Wisdom is also the law of the Born, also no self-nature, also can not get. The following verses show the great use of wisdom.

With no gain. Bodhi Bodhisattva, according to the wisdom of more so, heart without from preoccupations. No from preoccupations, no horror, far from upside down dreams. What nirvana. The Buddha of the third world, according to the wisdom of more so, Nou Doro three Miao qie three Bodhi.

With no gain. This sentence summarizes the foregoing, all the law is not available, five Yun 12 18 realms, all the methods of the practice of the Four Noble Truths 12 causes, wisdom and can not be, the body and mind world million edge down, out of love, it is really obvious. From preoccupations that is concerned about, I hold the trouble, trouble barrier, Heart is not clean, uncomfortable, not liberation, manufacturing industry rotation. There is a law to know the barrier, the knowledge of the disabled Hui, not self-sex, not to reach the phase, even if the broken see thinking, out of three realms, because there is law, also can only bend belong to the small multiplication, can not become Buddha, so the obstacles to the great Nirvana said. All sentient beings are wrong to recognize four, six dust, five Yun, 12, 18 realms, persistent I see me, so there are six reincarnation. According to the wisdom of the perfect Bodhisattva, that is, according to the wise and many, see the facts, there is no obstacle in the mind, no longer paranoid obsession. No from preoccupations, no horror, far from upside down dreams. Kung Fu goes another level. The greatest terror in the world is life and death, away from terror is the end of life and death of the three realms.

The origin of the reincarnation of life and death, all the most detailed in the theory. Indeed, because of the confusion upside down, the cause of good and evil, the sense of three of the fruit report. Ordinary do not know the truth, terror heart always forgotten in the heart. Hua said there are 18 kinds of terror, do not need one by one fine table, like Sho said very clear, leave me law two do not have terror. Away from the upside, upside down is confusion. Through the four kinds of inversion, often le I net. Ordinary do not know the world is impermanent, also do not know the world's music is a bitter cause. The lust for music is affected by the three poisonous problems of nature. Music is not as bitter as Buddhism, we are suffering for the division, in the depression, easy to alert, always think away. If you are obsessed with love, the more obsessed you are, the harder it is to extricate yourself. Ordinary clinging to the body for me, I do not know it is the four big fake, four also empty not to get. Ordinary the body and mind are pollution, I do not feel. Now the people are polluted than before do not know how many times, the heart filled with my right and wrong, greedy and slow, this is called upside down.

Dream is a delusion, the root of the five aggregates, the color is a solid delusion, by the Yun is the illusion of false, want to accumulate is the delusion, the line Yun is hidden delusion, knowledge yun is upside down delusion. The 10 in the Leng Yan said very clearly. All people who have delusions have dreams, and the phenomenon of dreams is different. Day had thinks, the night will have a dream. The other is no beginning habit, also have ghosts to dreams.

Far from upside down dream can achieve Nirvana, exactly is the success of the Buddha, although the Bodhisattva is not complete and can be divided into the certificate. Nirvana is Sanskrit, the most common to turn out, the Four Noble truths in the bitter set out of the road of death. To extinguish is to extinguish trouble. The nirvana of the small multiplication is the worry of the mind, not exactly, called ' Partial true Nirvana '. Mahayana Bodhisattva, not only see thought broken, dust and sand broken, no Ming also broken a bit, called ' Nirvana '. From the beginning of the first live to 41 classes, the quality of goods, the fruit of the great Nirvana is not suddenly obtained. This noun is turned to died, the circle is complete, silence is pure silence, see thinking, dust sand, no Ming are broken. The circle is the virtue of the success of the open, the Buddha said that the first Buddha to live Bodhisattva only broken a product is not clear, the role of the Tathagata as if the ground. The Yan Jing, guanyin Bodhisattva with ' anti-smell self-sex, sex into the road ' of the practice method, proof into the beginning of the circle, can with the class incarnation, in the Buddha brake the sea, Purdue sentient beings, know exactly Nirvana has died meaning. Merit perfection The Great Nirvana. Bodhisattva in accordance with the wisdom of many methods, from the beginning to live to the same position, bodhisattva position has been completed. To go up, the three Buddha in accordance with the wisdom of many, Nou Doro three Miao qie three Bodhi. Here tells us a very important fact, the Buddha wisdom can be recognized by intelligence to wait, all the Buddha is also in accordance with wisdom to the Bodhi, no wonder Buddha said 22 years.

Dharma practicing is to set the wisdom of Hui, as if Hui, often said: ' Because of the precepts, because of the setting of the Hui, like to get from the set, wisdom is not in the Scriptures, not in the words of the Buddha, also not in the thinking of the imagination. Maming Bodhisattva gives us a revelation in the theory of the beginning of the letter, see by listening to the law to ' from the speech phase, from the name phase, the centrifugal margin phase. ' The heart is the study of thought, and it is not thought, but a thought falls into consciousness. If you do not mind consciousness, is self-sexual, self-employed, wisdom is now before, this reason is very deep. The Bodhisattva knows the air phase of the law, so he can stay away from the delusion, and shabbiness the reality of the law with the pure heart, and the natural fellowship into Nirvana. Further, the true equality of knowing the truth of the law is completely clear, and it is clear that there is no wisdom. Have to say this term, in fact, there is no saying in the sex. But use these names as a guide to the truth. Therefore, because it is called wisdom, it is called as sleep in the fruit. The fruit reaches the pole and adds a ' none '. ' A Nou Doro three Miao qie three Bodhi ' translated into ' no positive and equal ', this is to respect not to turn. It is not a slightest bias, and so is the equality with all the Buddha, the two-side, turn eight knowledge into four wisdom, the law of the Empty and enlightenment really like. It is the law that is true. In order to make it easy for people to understand, gold is used as a metaphor for gold, and the device is gold. Gold compares to sincerity, the device compares to the law. Sex is the phase, the phase is the sex, the same as the sex, so it is true, such as the Buddha's true pure consciousness. So all the realities of the Law (Truth) are fully awakened, called Bodhi. Good has a simple explanation, fully understand (enlightenment), evidence is true, actual, legal nature of truth, can be said to testify the truth of the world, the Buddha for its establishment of a name called the Bodhi, the origin of the name. They say that they cannot be broken, that they are not separate, that they are Bodhi. Also said: The law is true, there is no upside-down, and that is the Bodhi. From various explanations, the realization of the Nou Doro three Miao qie three bodhi perfection of the fine meaning, the Buddha is to pass the wisdom and the Buddha fruit. The essence of wisdom, Satori is not easy, enlightenment more difficult. Because of its difficulties, so Amitabha merciful, in the west to establish a world of bliss, to increase the upper margin, so that we go there to learn the perfect wisdom, if there is no perfect intelligence, how can not retreat? The definite power even has retreated, only has the real wisdom to achieve does not return, Good said well, the west is the most unique edge is the West has in the Good Samaritan party one place, has their care and care, decided can the round certificate big Bodhi.

Therefore know prajna the wisdom of many, is the great God curse, is the big Ming Curse, is the curse, is no wait curse. Can except all bitter, true is not empty.

This passage from therefore know prajna to the wisdom of more than is no wait curse, is to marvel at the supremacy of the wisdom of the law, the last two sentences is to admire the merits of the school's benefits. Buddha and Bodhisattva are in accordance with the wisdom of the wisdom of the Bodhi Nirvana, the function of wisdom is incredible, cannot be alleged. In the end, praise it with a spell, a curse that is willing, for one of the four kinds of Indra. There is always righteousness, all laws, all righteousness, so that good law does not lose, and evil law does not live. There is also a clear meaning, that bright wisdom, can remove all obstacles, can eliminate the five cover. The mantra has the meaning of the secret word, secret is not secrets, Dharma is not secret, is mysterious, is deep secret. Buddha in the Scripture, there are many sentient beings, ordinary invisible to the naked eye, such as Heaven and the Dragon Eight and ghosts, spells also have their language. Buddha said after the sutra, usually in their language, said briefly again, they feel a sense of kindness. The curse and the Meaning of truth, can show the reality of the law, true is not false. Obviously said can not be called the truth, said the general people after listening to the common sense of mind to imagine, but the obstacles to the true charm. Secret said there will not be these side effects, because do not understand can not think, but easy to clean heart, beyond all the drama, see the Law of reality, which is called the mantra. Indra also contains Shiyi: (a) Law, holding the law, through the infinite, never forget to lose. (b) Righteousness, the distinction between the law and the evil is not good and evil, the knowledge of the infinite charm. (c) The curse, the total blessing, the divine curse is very effective, always hold immeasurable righteousness. Some can slaving and ghosts. Now some are lost. Communicate with ghosts, the first to be sincere, the second mantra of the sound to be correct. (iv) Endure, Ann endure, the achievement of a solid practice, in the hearing of the law, to be diligent and endure, not for the border of the movement, praise do not like, scold do not hate.

The great God is the incredibly great mystery of the Indra. Able to remove all obstacles. There are three major categories of barriers, such as thinking, dust and sand, and the absence of Ming. The Divine Curse has the power to break this triple barrier. Daming is the nickname of the curse, the light is clear. Buddha in the Leng Yan will put on the top of the light, the light of the Buddha sent out five will be the God curse, with great light break all sentient beings without beginning to rob Black guard, can according to break the dark. Nothing is more than the most extraordinary, no, and so is all the law can not compare with it, the wisdom of the wise to marvel at the pole. The Bodhisattva has fulfilled its success, and the Buddhas of the Three Kingdoms have fulfilled their achievements without being positive. It is very appropriate to be amazed by the four sentences. As far as the net-Zong is concerned, it is the "Bodhi heart, which has always been devoted to Amitabha." Careful observation, this sentence Bihao is a mantra, is completely Sanskrit transliteration, indeed is the great God curse, it has incredible supernatural power. In the past, the Master of Empowerment said: Ordinary often want to eliminate the karma, the people of the industry, all of the law repentance law can not be eliminated, read ' Amitabha ' may be eliminated, that this sentence Bihao is the great God curse.

Leng Yan Jing said, the trend to the Bodhisattva and 52, to the Buddha read the past Enlightenment causes. This 52 refers to the position of the Bodhisattva, 10 letters, ten lives, 10 rows, 10 back, 10 places, plus such as sleep, wonderful sleep, a total of 52. In other words, the trend to Bodhisattva from the beginning of the heart to Orbicular Buddha Road, is to use a method, hair bodhi heart, has always been dedicated to Amitabha, simple and easy, straight Czech and steady. This sentence Bihao can break see worry, dust-free sand is not clear, this is not the great God curse is what? The trend to this kind of character, with a sentence Bihao broken 41 products Orbicular Buddha Road, we do not have a slightest doubt. In the Sui and Tang dynasties, all the great German men and 49 years said that all through the law to make a comparison, the recognition of the generous broad Buddha-Hua Yan is all through the king. And then the immeasurable life by contrast with Hua Yan, that the Infinite Life Sutra is the true First sutra. Hua Yan to the end of the final fulfillment Bodhisattva ten willing King Guide to the Bliss, Hua Yan to achieve exactly the perfect. At the end of the Dharmakaya, the people of Hua Yan will not be successful in their spiritual practice if they are not going to live in the western Paradise. The infinite life by all means to promote the Western paradise in accordance with the solemn, it is the fate of Hua Yan, all dharmakaya the outcome of the grand, compared with Hua Yan, the Hua Yan down.

There are nine kinds of translations of the immeasurable Life Sutra, and the Xia Liangu the best of the five original translations into the present infinite life by the gathering. The verse is divided into 48 chapters, and we all know that in chapter 48, the sixth chapter is the first, detailing the 48 wishes of Amitabha, and the introduction of the West in accordance with the solemn. 48 What is the most important thing to do with that wish? Goudard almost recognized the 18th is the core, the 18th is willing to say that Ten will be born. A lot of comparisons, recognize clearly, six words flood name is the Dharma-free, is the essence of the whole Buddha, but also all the Buddha of all the Buddhist Tathagata said that the supreme god curse, its efficacy can be in addition to all suffering.

There are many kinds of bitterness, in short, there are three bitter, eight bitter. Three pains are hard, bad and bitter. Eight bitter is hard to elaborate. Eight suffering in sickness and death, any person escaped. There is no bitterness in the body, and there is endless desire for all sentient beings to suffer. Have the love parting bitter, the person, the matter, the thing, often is satisfied to break up to depart. There is hatred and hatred will be bitter, do not like the people, things, objects, want to leave, but inseparable. Five Yin Flaming Bitter is all the cranky, paranoid, like Meng Huo the same burning, not calm. The five Yin flaming is because, is the creation industry, feels the front seven kinds of suffering. There is also bad suffering, all the color law material will be bad will change, is impermanent. Still have the pain, the heart reads the birth and death ceaselessly. All methods are summed up as the two methods of color center. The bad bitterness is the color law says, the line suffering is to the heart to say.

Buddha said to give up Hui three studies, learn to teach us restraint, to all patience, this is the foundation of the study. Kung Fu deep layer is determined, will be able to worry, the heart of pure equality, but still not exactly. The general goal is wisdom, if Hui opened, the bitter will be extinguished. Buddha said turn trouble into Bodhi, turn life and death into Nirvana. Can't turn, Hui can turn. Wisdom now before, can be robbed all the trouble habits into a great bodhi. Buddha and Bodhisattva with this good skillfully to facilitate the use of sentient beings. The endless wisdom of virtue can be changed by the worry of the original, so worry Bodhi is a not two, life and Nirvana is a not two. Apart from the bitterness of such a perfect, true is not empty. The wisdom of the Dharma is attributed to the name of a million-German flood, which shows that the merit is incredible. Can hold the name of the person, not only to repair the Buddhist scriptures samadhi, Buddhist samadhi, the samadhi of the king of the said, really this is a perfect title is the great wisdom. In the immeasurable life of the sutra can find evidence, the Buddha's praise of Amitabha, called ' The light of the most, the Buddha in the King ', but also the Three Kingdoms of the Buddha's admiration. This is to be sure that the name of the Amitabha is ' no curse, no wait ' curse, can be in addition to all suffering, true. ’

Therefore, the wisdom of many mantras, that is to say the mantra: The Truth, Solomon revealed the truth, the Baltic monk uncover the truth, Bodhi.

This verse is a knot open dense, this is a total of 260 words, the last 31 words are secret said, front is explicit said. Tantra is the mantra that Buddhism often speaks. The mantra does not turn to the principle, the mantra has five not to turn, this is the Tang Dynasty monk Xuanzang master translation place rules. (a) The mantra is the secret word of the Buddha, only the Buddha is clear, and so on the following Bodhisattva are not aware of its righteousness. (ii) Every word of the spell has immeasurable meanings. When studying the Mahayana sutra, it is known that the Scriptures also contain immeasurable meanings, the law tastes infinite, and the long reading is not enough, not to mention the Divine mantra. (c) There are many ghosts and spirits in the mantra, the Buddha calls for ghosts and gods to bless the people of practice, so the curse does not include the world language completely. (d) The mantra is also the secret word of the Buddhas, such as the command of the army. Recite the curse drawbacks, must be able to protect the Buddha, Dragon Heaven bless. (v) The mantra is the magic of the Buddha's divine power and blessing. There are so many meanings in it, therefore, Master Xuanzang's principle is to save his voice and not to turn his righteousness. Secret is the esoteric meaning, there is no secret in the Dharma, there is no secret, if the heart is clean, fair and square, there are secrets. Buddhism is a deep, profound, non-shallow root of the people can understand, it is called deep dense. Because his righteousness is too deep, but not on the root of the Lizhi, that is not to say, but sometimes also disclosed a little news.

In the theory of practice, we urge you to read and recite as one of the teachings. Recitation is often read, one side of thinking through the interest and interest, if the heart is not pure, thinking of the study of Imagination fell in the sixth consciousness, decided to obstacle the way of enlightenment, it is difficult to achieve samadhi. Since ancient times satori Many people, the Enlightenment is few. The Enlightenment shall be entered into by the definite Hui, and the Candide may be samadhi by the recitation, and the great open round solution. Therefore, the Bible study is to give up the three studies once completed, the following habits are very heavy people, unfold by this will be words too literally, this kind of root of the people reading the Bible is not as good as the mantra, read the curse of its righteousness, so do not have the delusion, easy to get samadhi, this secret law study of the victory.

Master Xuanzang does not turn on the mantra, nor do we have to explain it reluctantly. Goudard also have an interpreter, such as cleared Empowerment Mage in his Yan Jing by the note, the charm of the detailed explanation of the curse, the charm into a clear, whether as the law dare not say, but the great German still do not explain the appropriate. Many classics, after saying that there is still a secret said, the secret said or explain the meaning of the explanation, but the words briefly, it turned into a total holding. Therefore, as long as the understanding of the explicit said is enough, the secret is apparent dense, explicit is dense. The most important sound of the mantra is correct, so Tantra attaches great importance to the oral instruction of the Guru.

The heart has been introduced here to the fullest. Buddha hope that all sentient beings quickly orbicular Buddha, do not want us to smell the law, repair the three great monk only robbed, this is not the Buddha's. The world for parents, hope that children experience small, middle, university, research institute, doctoral class completed their studies. There are also parents who want children to be gifted child, do not need to experience this course, 13-year-old doctor. Buddha Bodhisattva to all sentient beings also, hope to have a superior person, do not have to experience Bodhisattva 52 classes, in a lifetime can become Buddha. Such a person is the root of the Buddhist scriptures. The Infinite Life scripture tells us that the word ' Amitabha ' is a god-free curse, including not only Sakyamuni Buddha's 49-year-old saying that all the laws of all the Buddhas are also included, so it is the first divine curse, the first big total diligently door. In vain, in the law world, no matter what the root of sentient beings, encounter the name of Amitabha, there is no degree of No. Even the five inverses of the ten evils are also available. Some people say that Buddha has so much energy, why not the people of the world suffering to take off? The answer is that these suffering people do not accept the teachings of the Buddha, can not follow the teaching, and Buddha without, Buddha can not be a person. This Dharma gate is for those who are good roots, merit, and the causes are ripe. The Infinite Life Sutra said, Ahan Prince and other smell Buddha introduced Amitabha, vowed to become Buddha in the future as Amitabha. This thought was in the heart, but not uttered. Buddha has his heart, know his mind, tell you, in the past born in the Prince Jayavarman VII 40 billion Buddha, heard this way only happy heart, but not the heart to live Pure land. Today we smell this means of faith, the heart of the survival of the Pure Land, more than Prince Jayavarman VII's good root virtue. It is too much to know that the Western world is truly victorious and is willing to live. A 41-bit Dharmakaya, who was born to live, received the achievements of Amitabha Buddha on the ground. Bihao if not perfect secret God curse, how can make karma deep ordinary, in a short period, all the immeasurable karma, toward the Life Buddha country.

Buddhist great virtue, the Pope wisdom, in the Amitabha many people. Since the Republic of China, a Jiang lay, a lifetime spent 40 years to study Diamond Sutra, completed a Diamond Sutra handout, the modern biography has his biography, there is a week-long temple, also used 40 years to study the heart, written a heart through contravariance, has been printed many editions. These two books are detailed to the annotation of the noun. In the past, Li Bingnan teachers in the college Buddhist lectures, that is, the use of Diamond Sutra handouts for teaching materials. To concentrate on the scriptures, we can really get wisdom. It is said that we open wisdom, help to extinguish the trouble. Secret said is that we put the separate delusion to put down, restore clean heart, anti-crime in addition to the barrier, is the great blessing of virtue. In the pursuit of the most afraid of obsession. He said: ' It is not clear that you know what is known. ' and said: ' The heart does not rest, the rest is the Bodhi. ' A sentence Bihao read to the end, put down the body and mind of the world, the great wisdom is now before.


1, three fine six in the Mahayana from the letter of the most detailed, its words said: ' According to not feel so born three kinds of phase, and he does not feel accordingly. ' These three kinds of phases are: accesses than either the non-Ming industry, the two can see phase, three realms phase. and said: ' For the sake of the realm, there are six kinds of rebirth. ' These six kinds of phase are: accesses than either, the two phase, the three take the phase, four of the name phase, five from the industry, the six industry bitterness. The nine phases can also be combined with 12 of causes: 1, the non-Ming industry to match the non-Ming and the line, 2, can see matching knowledge, 3, the boundary of the color six into, 4, smart matching touch, 5, the continuation of the match, 6, the matching love, 7, the name matching to take, 8, from the industry to match, 9, the industry bitterness and old death. For details, please read the Mahayana letter.

2, endure words not only contain patience, but also endure, peace of mind smooth righteousness. An Ann lives, that his heart is not moving, and that he is bound to it. Endure and divide three kinds: (a) bear. Endure the various destruction of personnel between the suffering of the pain, not born hatred, encounter contradict things, should be the concept of anti-crime. (ii) Law-forbearance. (a) in the non-heart of the cold wind and rain hungry old and sick and so can endure but not annoyed resentment. (b) In the heart of the anger crossly sorrow and other worries can endure but not rejected. Another explanation, we can follow the Dharma practice, peace of mind smooth, without the slightest difference in the law of forbearance. (c) There is no birth law to endure. The delusion of the law is not to be born, and the heart has been not moved by this law, and the name is not born to endure. The theory of Great Wisdom said: ' In the absence of the birth and death of the real phase, the letter is accessible, without prejudice to the name of no bear. ’

3. Know that there is no clear book. These two verses are from the Yan five. The meanings of the two known words in the knowledge-knowing sentence are different. The first known word and see the word together, know is a noun, refers to the root of the six, or is called the consciousness, that is the sexual body of the light of the nature. The next known word is perception, which is the separation of mind from the outward sense of thought. Six the root of the material, not yet, when the difference, silenced, do not know the false see, is pure sincerity, this sleep, not with the difference, not with the movement. Once it is known that there is a difference in an instant, the consciousness takes effect, and the birth of me and I, and all that comes with it, is the ignorance of this.

4, five cover. The An array of Buddhism. Covered with the meaning of cover, can cover the mind and not the birth of good law, a total of five kinds: (a) greed cover, clinging to the five desires of the territory. (ii) Anger crossly, in violation of the situation, the heart of Wrath. (iii) Sleep cover, heart faint stoop, not its use. (d) to repent and to repent of what has been done in his own mind. (v) Suspicion of the law, hesitation in law and no decision.

April 1994 recorded in the United States Seattle

Master of Headroom--"wisdom and wisdom"

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