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A mask can create a cut-out effect for an object, changing the appearance of the object.
Masks are grouped by at least 2 objects, one is changed, the other is a masked object, and the Mask object can be divided into vector masks and bitmap masks. After the mask is created, it remains fully editable and can be modified, deleted, and disabled.
The mask mainly has 2 main uses:
   change the shape of an object:As shown in the figure, we can see that the object has changed according to the Mask's outer shape.

   to change the pixel of an object:As shown in the figure, we can see that the object has a gradient effect like a mask.

The mask is created in a very simple way, starting with 2 objects, one that needs to be changed, and the other a mask that places the Mask object on the object being changed. If the object in the above is a vector will create a mask of vector type, if the above object is a bitmap will create a bitmap type of mask.
Select the 2 objects in the artboard at the same time, modify->mask->group as Mask is OK. Another way to create a mask is to store the Mask object in the Clipboard (ctrl+x), and then select the object you want to change to select Edit->paste as Mask. The masks created using these 2 methods are the same.
After the mask is created, you can change its properties as needed. To modify a mask, first click on the mask in the Layers surface (window->layers) to select it. When the mask is selected, the associated parameters appear in the Object surface (window->object).

In the object surface we can see the type of the current mask, and different types of mask properties, in the following figure we can see a vector type mask, a bitmap (bitmap) type mask.

There are 2 types of vector masks, bitmap objects have 2 modes, there is a pattern is the same, so the mask has a total of the following 3 modes:
   Grayscale Appearance:Grayscale, which can change the pixel of the object, selectively through some parts of the picture, similar to Photoshop's alpha channel technology, which is the pattern of all 2 masks.
   Path Outline:Path edges, you can change the shape of an object according to the mask's path, objects outside the path are invisible, and if you choose Show fill and stroke will display the fill and stroke of the mask, which is the pattern specific to the vector mask.
   Alpha Channel:Alpha channel, I would like to use Photoshop users must know the role of the alpha channel, this is a bitmap object-specific pattern.
The Mask Center has a plum-blossom shape of the drawing press, hold it and then drag to change the position between the object and the mask, if the mouse is not pressed on the plum Blossom Chart, the mask and object will move together.

If you want to remove the mask, first click on the chain icon in the layers, unlock the relationship between the mask and the object, and then drag the original mask out of this layer, they revert to 2 completely independent objects.

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