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I. maxscript components:

Access the max script through the utilities panel. Max script is composed of an editor used to create and edit scripts. It also has a dictation tool that runs in command line mode to record input commands, return results, and errors. You can directly mount and run a script file with the suffix. Ms.

The max language script can connect Max with external text files and Excel workbooks. If you can use advanced languages such as C ++ for editing, you will find that Max script can complete very complex programming tasks.

Ii. Plug-In module:

  1. Installation:

    (1) directly install it in the default plug-ins directory.

    (2) Use the configure paths dialog box to set a special directory.

  2. Find plug-ins

File Extension

Functions and instructions

Possible location


Object To generate a new object type

Create panel

. Dlu

Utility, a public Tool

Utility panel



Create/System Panel


Space warps, Modifiers

Space warps or modify panel


Material new material type or texture

Material Editor, new material


Render, eniveronment, engine or render/eniveronment atmospheric effect



Maxscript In the plugin type

Any panel is possible


Import: enter a new file type.



Export, output new file type



Video Post File, image filter, and image filter

Render/video post/Add image filter event

. Lzf

Len flare, Len effect's filter settings file

Video post setting window

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