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The author of the unit this year has implemented the National Computer Application grade examination, according to the promotion job level different, examinee may choose 2 to 4 modules examination. Each examinee has the unique file number, the same examination qualified 1 and above module, obtains 1 Qualifications certificate, the certificate marking examinee qualified module.

If the candidate Liu XX qualified 1, there are 1 certificate, the examinee Wang xx qualified 3 families, also obtained a Certificate of conformity, certificate showed the Qualified 3 modules (Figure 1). In order to facilitate inquiries and to facilitate candidates to receive the card signature, the same file number of candidates in Figure 1 of the qualified modules to be merged, the module with "/" separated (Figure 2), then how to achieve this effect? Because the same file number has 2, 3, and 4 three cases, the number of modules to be merged is not fixed, and an array formula is needed to resolve such problems.

Figure 1 Three modules of the same file number in an Excel table

Figure 2 Merging excle the same file

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