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Last Wednesday we just reported that Millet completed the acquisition of the Msnlite team, Friday Millet launched its Instant chat tool Chat pc Beta version, Msnlite team in the rice chat after the focus is to develop a chat PC client. Rice Chat This version of the PC is intended to achieve the mobile phone client and PC client information interoperability, convenient meter chat users to carry out multi-directional exchanges. Rice Chat PC Client's launch also shows that Millet will no longer evade the competition with Tencent, and QQ, micro-letter and so on to carry out a positive contest. Lei Feng Network was fortunate enough to get the meter chat PC version of the activation Code, and small series together to experience it:

Rice Chat PC version is still in the invitation to beta phase, the current first activation code distribution work has been completed, the need for children's shoes can focus on rice chat official microblogging, the next should also have activation code distribution activities. And for rice chat PC version of the official online date is still unknown, we need to do is to patiently wait for a while, I believe that millet and the new Msnlite team will introduce a satisfactory PC-side IM chat tool.

In the rice Chat official website After entering the invitation code can get the PC version of the download link, download installation can start the experience of the PC version of the journey, where the installation process is not much to repeat. However, it is worth noting that the installation package of the PC client is less than 8 m, which means that the function of the meter chat PC version will be very simple, mainly to bring the user a pure chat experience, removed some superfluous things.

Meter Chat PC client icon and mobile version of the non-virtualized, after the installation is ready to open the client, the meter chat PC version of the landing interface is a typical Mac gray interface, support meter chat number, mobile phone number and email login (your current rice chat number associated with the mobile phone, email account can be directly logged), May be the need to download a buddy list, the first time to log on PC version of the time it takes a few seconds, of course, these 10 seconds can be negligible.

Main interface

After successful landing, if there is unread message will have a message box to remind. First look at the main interface: above for the user avatar, user name and user personality signature.

Click the avatar can enter the user data settings interface, PC version of rice chat support upload multiple user avatar, you can choose one of them as the main head.

Next to the user name is the status selection button, the PC version of the chat only two states to choose-free and offline, there is no stealth option to make small series of the diving group is not convenient, in addition to access to my data page setup information and logout and exit.

Under the user avatar is mainly the contact window, mainly divided into contacts, rice Chat group and the most recent contact three columns, in the contact default is divided into four groups: my friends, I add people, add my people and blacklist. However, because the current PC meter chat is still in beta stage, you can not group the Friends list, rename and delete operations, I hope that the official online will open after. Right-click on the group or space, the pop-up menu includes only a few simple options: Display contact Avatar, only show online contact, display blacklist. Right-click contact Avatar can chat, modify notes, view information, view chat records and pull black and other operations, of course, like other chat tools, double-click the friend Avatar can also directly start chatting, when the mouse hovers on the contact head can be viewed when the friend's business card and chat records. If you have too many friends, you can also use the contact search function directly in the contact window to search directly with the contact person.

In the lower part of the main interface, there are only four buttons-the main menu, user feedback, find someone and the notification center, in the main menu contains a number of common functions, you can view the editing of personal data, system settings, modify passwords, check for updates, or logout, quit rice chat, etc. user feedback will open the Product Manager page of the rice chat, You can give feedback to the product manager about your feelings and suggestions for using a PC meter chat; If your information is perfect enough, click "Find Someone" after the system will recommend to you some of the best friends you may know 9 of the prerequisite is that your information is perfect enough, if you think the recommendation is inaccurate you can directly use the meter chat number, Name or school work information for accurate search.

And before the other side through the friend verification you can also through the "small note" function directly with the friend chat.

Chat interface

Chat interface is very concise, the function is relatively few, only support text chat, expression and screenshots function, for familiar with the shortcut key chat users, rice chat PC version can also choose to hide the lower right corner of the "Send" button, so that the interface looks more concise. Click on the Chat record button to see the chat record, in the Chat window in the upper right corner there are two very eye-catching buttons, one is the "Send a Picture" button, you can send local pictures to friends. The button on the left is "invite friends to join a multiplayer session" to facilitate users to create a quick chat group chat groups.

Small make up a person think simple text picture chat function or too single some, if can join file transfer and voice video chat function is more perfect, after all, as an IM chat tool, file transfer and video chat is still necessary.

Group Chat interface

In the Chat window, "Invite friends to join a multiplayer session" or the main interface group Chat option can create a rice chat group, add the appropriate friends and create a group after the group chat, the specific chat function and the previous friends chat, in the right can see all the people to join the group information, the upper right corner of the group message settings.

Change Skin

If you feel PC version of the default Mac style is too monotonous you can click on the main interface in the upper right corner of the "Change Skin" button next to replace the main interface and chat background, the PC version of rice chat defaults to provide a variety of skin-including millet orange, cool summer, green mood, etc., if not like the pattern, You can also choose to fill directly with a solid color.

The PC version of the chat also supports custom skin features, you can simply drag the picture you want to change to the background of the main interface or replace it with a custom skin in the "Replace skin" option, when you select a picture (the default can choose two filling methods), You can drag the main panel or the background to intercept a part of the picture as skin.

Small series in the process of trial found that many problems: in the Chat window next to the Avatar will have a landing time display, but small series in the test when found clearly two people are at the same time PC end online results actually show "a week ago landing", and friends use mobile phone log chat when the PC version of rice chat can not show friends online information, in short, whether it is in the mobile phone or PC-side landing, online information display is not normal, this hope to improve the later, after all, can not see the online information of friends or compare the impact of the use of. Small series of colleagues of the meter chat can pc and mobile phone side coexistence, but small knitting in use can only one end of the landing, any end of the line after the other end of the forced offline, this is a bug or small make up the account of the problem I know.

At present, the PC version of the rice chat is still in the beta stage, in addition to the most basic text picture chat, in the function or slightly monotonous some, of course, if you need to find a pure simple chat tool, rice chat PC version is worth a try.

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