Methods to get the name of a class name method

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Below I present you and different ways to get the current Class:

    • Using Thread
    • Using GetClass ()

The simplest-to-get the name of the class where your code is being executed in are using the getClass() method present in Ev Ery Java object. Like here:

String clazz = This.getclass (). GetName ();

This works is only if executed in a Object, namely an instanciated class. If you try to execute the code above in a static method. It won ' t work. Even the keyword is this meaningless in a static method.

Also, the class returned by the above method may actually are a subclass of the class in which the method is defined. This is because subclasses inherit the methods of their parents; and GetClass () returns the actual runtime type of the object. To get the actual class in which a method is defined and use the method below also.

In a static method can instead use the following:

String clazz = Thread.CurrentThread (). Getstacktrace () [1].getclassname ();

Which uses the static method to getStackTrace() get the whole stacktrace. This method returns a array, where the first element (index 0) is the Getstacktrace () called and the second element ( Index 1) is the method your code are in.

A Similar trick can be used-find out the name of the The method currently executed:

String method = Thread.CurrentThread (). Getstacktrace () [1].getmethodname ();

It's exactly the same principle, just you dig out the name of the the The class.

             This . GetClass (). GetName ();              = Thread.CurrentThread (). Getstacktrace () [1].getmethodname ();

Methods to get the name of a class name method

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