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Microsoft CRM 3.0, which has been around for half a year, has recently asked the company to quickly learn about the installation and use of its Mobile version. As a result, it has been pondering over the past few days. I have heard that this stuff is not fun. Some predecessors have almost collapsed because it involves N-plus settings, and even feared this stuff. No way. The task is coming. Stick it to your head. Put the installation notes here and discuss them with friends who care about them. After that, the Microsoft installation manual translated by yourself will also be released.

(Miserable! Because my Vista blue screen just now seems to have accidentally turned off and delete change when I shut down the VPC ...... Huhu! The whole day of work was exhausted yesterday! Let's just review these articles during the long installation process ...... If you can remember it, it would be a loss of the web .)

To put it bluntly, my installation environment is in VPC (although Microsoft CRM 3.0 Mobile installation manual indicates that it cannot be performed in VPC, I just installed it! Now it seems that there is no problem .), The operating system is Windows 2003 Server with Service Pack 1. Microsoft CRM 3.0 has been installed and runs properly.

Download Microsoft CRM 3.0 Mobile ( Here, note, not CRM Mobile Express for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 3.0, the difference between the two is great! CRM Mobile Express for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 3.0 only uses Mobile devices as real devices. It cannot process and store data and supports Pocket PCs and Smart phones. Microsoft CRM 3.0 Mobile only supports Pocket PCs, you can save, process, and synchronize data.

Before installation, prepare the following items:

 Name Description Download link
ActiveSync4.5 4.2 or above
Used to establish connections between simulators, mobile devices, and hosts.
Http:// Familyid = 9e641c34-6f7f-404d-a04b-dc09f8141141 & displaylang = en & tm
Dotnetfx2.exe . NET Framework 2.0, basic environment for software running Http:// Bytes
Standalone_emulator_V1 Mobile device Simulator Http:// FamilyId = C62D54A5-183A-4A1E-A7E2-CC500ED1F19A & displaylang = en
Windows Mobile 5.0 Emulator Images for Pocket PC-CHS. msi Image files of Pocket PC 5.0 and simulated running environment of PPC 5.0 Http:// Displaylang = zh-cn & FamilyID = 52fed581-8f8d-4c46-9966-4832098191b7
Windows Mobile 5.0 Pocket pc sdk. msi Environment required for installing image files Http:// Na = 90 & p = & SrcDisplayLang = en & SrcCategoryId = & SrcFamilyId = Response & u = http % 3a % 2f % % 2 fdownload % 2fd % 2f2% 2fe % limit % 2 fWindows + Mobile + 5.0 + Pocket + PC + SDK. msi

In addition, it is best to prepare Visual Studio 2005 at hand (if the previous image file is in version 2003, The VS version also needs to be adjusted to version 2003 ). It is recommended that you prepare the PPC 2003/2005 SDK and Mobile Power Toys to connect the simulator to the host through ActiveSync. If you need a development environment, you can do this. For details, refer to here ( ). If you only need to simulate the display environment, the previous method may be lighter.

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