Microsoft will invest and support Skype's business on non-Microsoft platforms

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Microsoft has promised to provide funding and support for non-Microsoft platform Skype, which has been confirmed by Microsoft.

This news confirms many people's guesses that I have been brewing for a long time yesterday: this Skype acquisition has become a counterattack against Microsoft competitors, it also limits the number of its users-including potential paying users-but this alone makes no sense. Therefore, we should continue to provide support for Linux.

In an official message confirming Microsoft's acquisition of Skype, the company said:

"Microsoft will continue to invest and support Skype clients on non-Microsoft platforms"

Steve Ballmer confirmed the above statement and said:

"We will continue to support non-Microsoft platforms because it represents the basic meaning of communication.

The basic meaning of communication is that everyone can reach each other, whether or not they use your device. In my opinion, progress makes sense."

Skype became Microsoft's new business department-'skype Microsoft division '-former CEO of Skype was head of its department.

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