MiS603 Development Board 1.3 Xilinx Library compilation and its federated Modelsim

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Date: 20150911

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1.3 Xilinx Library compilation and its combined Modelsim

Xilinx Library compilation is simply the generation of Modelsim can recognize the unit, for simulation, including pre-and post-imitation, these basic units are made by the Xilinx company, different chip manufacturers do these things differently (the above is a personal understanding, looking at expert guidance, do not spray). Xilinx Library compilation has 2 methods, one is to use the Xilinx company to provide a graphical interface for library compilation, the other is to use a DOS environment first to compile the library. Next, in the compilation process, you only need to select a method to the line.

1.3.1 Xilnx Library Graphical interface compilation

STEP1: Start à all Programs àxilinx design toolsàise design Suite 14.7àise design toolsà32-bit toolsàxilinx Simulation Library Compliati On the Wizard, then the following interface is displayed. Select Modelsim SE and 32-bit, and click Next.

STEP2: Select both VHDL and Verilog, click Next.

STEP4: This step is to choose the simulation needs Modelsim support chip model, haha, Xilinx chip really enough, Elf 3 is based on SPARTEN6 series FPGA do, this is required, the other can not be selected. I have chosen all the chips here, click Next.

STEP5: This step is to select the library file to compile, full selection when I compile EDK Simulation library when there are many errors, do not know why. Then select the partial library file, as shown in, click Next.

STEP6: This step is to choose where to put the compiled library files, I placed in the D:\modeltech_10.0c\xilinx_lib directory, check the contents of the Red box, click Launch Compile process, to compile the library.

STEP7: Display is compiling, click More info for more information, all e-text.

STEP8: After a period of time to compile, look at the library we compiled, haha there are many warnings, no errors on the good, if not satisfied can click Restart, recompile, if the feeling can also click Next.

STEP9: This interface is a summary of the library file compilation, as shown, click Finish to complete the library compilation.

1.3.2 XILNX Library DOS compilation

Select start à all programs à attachment à command prompt à right click à run as Administrator, enter D:\XILINX\14.7\ISE_DS\ISE\BIN\NT in the inside press ENTER, then enter D: Press ENTER, then switch to D:\Xilinx\14.7\ISE_DS \ise\bin\nt directory, and then in input compxlib–s mti_se–l all–arch all–lib all–w–exclude_superseded–dir D:\modeltech_10.0c\xilinx_lib for library compilation. In a long wait for the following interface to appear.

Here I have a question, why the DOS environment compiled without warning, and the GUI compiled a lot of warnings, I hope the great God guidance.

1.3.3 Ise and Modelsim Union

By the time this library has been compiled, we are going to federate the Ise and Modelsim, and we can call Modelsim directly within the ISE in order to achieve emulation.

STEP1: Locate the Modelsim.ini file for the D:\Xilinx\14.7\ISE_DS\ISE folder and open it with a text editor. I used the sourceinsight to open as shown. which '; ' is the annotation function, find the [Library] option and start copying from SECUREIP.

STEP2: Copy until [vcom] as shown.

STEP3: Find D:\modeltech_10.0c under Modelsim.ini file, right click à select Properties à remove read-only attribute. The author's habit is to make a backup of the files before changing them, to prevent them from recovering after the error. Open with a text editor. I used the sourceinsight to open it. which '; ' is the comment function, find the [library] option, which has brought several library files, they are:

std = $MODEL _tech/. /std

IEEE = $MODEL _tech/. /ieee

vital2000 = $MODEL _tech/. /vital2000

Paste the library file you copied above into this, as shown in the following 2 images. Where yellow is because there is no save, then click Save to close the file. Then change the Modelsim.ini file property to read-only.

STEP4: Start à all Programs àxilinx design toolsàise design Suite 14.7àise design toolsàproject Navigator, select Editàpreferences ..., After the interface shown, in Ise generalàintegrated Tools, locate the Modelsim installation path in Model Tech Simulator, and then select OK.

STEP5: Start à all Programs àmodelsim SE 10.0càmodelsim, open Modelsim, there are a lot of library files, interested can count, anyway I do not count. To this the ISE and Modelsim are associated successfully.

MiS603 Development Board 1.3 Xilinx Library compilation and its federated Modelsim

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