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Common fault One: display flower screen.

This problem is more caused by graphics cards. If it is a new video card, it may be the quality of the card is not good or incompatible, and then there is not installed the correct driver. If the old card and added memory, it is possible that the newly added video memory and the original memory model parameters caused by the different.

Common fault Two: monitor black screen.

If the video card is damaged or the monitor is disconnected and other reasons cause no signal transmission to the monitor, then the display of the indicator lights flashing prompts do not receive the signal. If the resolution is set too high, more than the maximum resolution of the display will also appear black screen, the heavy destruction of the display, but now the monitor has a protection function, when the resolution exceeds the set value will be automatically protected. In addition, a hardware conflict can also cause a black screen.

Common fault Three: after the computer boot, the monitor only to hear its sound not its painting, dark One. It's going to take a few 10 minutes to show up.

This is caused by the leakage of the image tube seat and the tube seat must be replaced. The rear cover can be opened to see a small circuit board at the end of the image tube, and the tube seat is welded on the circuit board.

On Carefully unplug the circuit board, then weld the tube seat, buy the same seat in the electronics store, and then weld the tube seat back to the circuit board. At this time do not rush to put the circuit board back, to find a small piece of sandpaper, very carefully will be the end of the image tube protruding after the feet with sandpaper wipe clean. Especially pay attention to the oxidation layer on the foot of the tube, if the wipe is not clean will soon relapse. Put the circuit board back and you're done.

Common fault Four: the computer just opened the screen of the monitor jitter very badly, sometimes even the icon and text can not see clearly, but after one or two minutes will return to normal.

This phenomenon occurs more in humid weather, is the cause of damp inside the monitor. To completely solve this problem, you can use the moisture-proof sand in food packaging with cotton thread string, and then open the rear cover of the monitor, the moisture-proof sand hanging in the image of the tube neck near the tube seat. In this way, even in humid weather, there will be no more "problems".

Common fault Five: the monitor screen always has lingering interference clutter or lines, and the speakers also have annoying noises.

This phenomenon is mostly caused by the poor anti-interference of the power supply. If you are lazy, you can replace a new power supply. If you have enough hands-on ability, you can also try to replace the power supply within the filter capacitor, which often works, if the effect is not too obvious, you can change the switch tube.

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