Mourning the legend, John asked & #183; Nash and his wife Alicia Salute, create a legend, Love Math

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John Read and Nash's biography. I want to record the channel

I've always believed in numbers, whatever the logical equation makes us think. But after a lifetime of such pursuits, I asked myself, "What logic is this?" Who decided on the grounds? "My quest made me move from physical to metaphysical, and finally to paranoia, so I went back and forth.

I have made a major breakthrough in my career, and in my life I have found the most important person: only in such a magical love equation, talent to find the logic or origin.

It's all your credit for me to stand here tonight. You are the factor of my success. is also the only factor. Thank you

This passage is his biography of the film "Beautiful Mind" has also won 2001 years 4 Oscar awards. This is the most understanding of the passage, Nash stood on the Nobel speech platform to deliver the speech.

Nash is a successful man, but he is a legendary man, and his wife Alicia is the guarantee of legendary.

The movie is about love from the bottom of the human heart.

Mourning the legend, John asked & #183; Nash and his wife Alicia Salute, create a legend, Love Math

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