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Add legend legend and delete legend

private void Button1_Click (object sender, System.EventArgs e){Get the GraphicsContainerIgraphicscontainer GraphicsContainer = Axpagelayoutcontrol1.graphicscontainer;Get the MapframeImapframe mapframe = (imapframe) graphicscontainer.findframe (AXPAGELAYOUTCONTROL1.ACTIVEVIEW.FOCUSMAP);if (Mapframe = = null) return;Create a legendUID uid = new Uidclass ();Uid.value = "Esricarto.legend";Create a mapsurroundframe from the MapframeImapsurroundframe mapsurroundframe = mapframe.createsurroundframe (UI

Show Legend (legend)

Parameters: LOC (Set the location where the legend is displayed) ' Best ' : 0, (only implemented for axes legends) (adaptive) ' upper right ' : 1, ' upper left ' : 2, ' Lower left ' : 3, ' lower right ' : 4, ' right ' : 5, ' center left ' : 6, ' Center right ' : 7, ' Lower center ': 8, ' Upper Center ': 9, ' Center ' : 10, Ncol (Sets the number of columns so that the display is flattened, which is useful when the segment

Extjs chart Legend (Legend) branch and Column Display

Legend of Chart in Extjs. Legend. What exactly does Extjs Chart represent? Take a look at this figure: The red area on the right is Legend. In the definition of Extjs Chart, you can configure the configuration value (configs) of legend to set the position and style of the Legend

Visualization of medical data using D3.js (ii) Legend (Legend) __js

introduce At the end of the previous article, we mentioned a number of areas to be improved on the generated visual graph. Here we will discuss the display of the legend. The main purpose of the legend is to describe the contents and indicators of the symbols and colors represented in the chart. For the line chart we generated earlier, we need to use a legend to

[Ext JS 4] ExtJS Chart Legend (legend) of branches and columns display

The legend of the chart in ExtJS.Legend, translated by means of a legend.What does it mean in ExtJS's chart? Look directly at this picture:The red box on the right is the legend.In the definition of the ExtJS Chart, you can set the location and style of the legend display by configuring the Legend configuration Value (configs):Position Configuration Display Locat

Echarts legend color and map background color, echarts legend background color

Echarts legend color and map background color, echarts legend background color I originally wanted to write the echarts initialization function, but recently I want to write a mixed map and column chart, that is, a bar chart is displayed on the map of each province. So I carefully used the map. 1. Some basic attributes of the map will not be introduced, or those styles. 2. There is no big difference between

Xmind legend How to add Xmind Legend add use step process

Xmind How do I add a legend? Xmind is a very useful visual mind Mapping (MINDMAP) software. Here, green tea to share the Xmind legend add use steps flow, want to study it! Xmind software has a very rich template, able to express our thinking very quickly, is a very useful office, life software, but there are many people add to the legend and application is not v

Legend source code analysis-client (analysis and comparison of Legend 2 and 3 file formats)

I hope you can avoid detours. The version downloaded online should have been changed from Legend 2 to legend 3. Analyze the source code. g_xloginproc.load (); load m_image.newload (image_interface_1, true, true ); Continue reading the WIX file,Readfile (hwixfile, m_stnewwiximgaeinfo, sizeof (newwiximageinfo)-sizeof (int *), dwreadlen, null ); // Wix Header Format (56 bytes) (new)Typedef struct tagnewwixfi

Air Combat legend, Air Combat legend 10

Air Combat legend, Air Combat legend 10 Ios: L = zh ls = 1 mt = 8 Android: This is a game similar to thunder and lightning. On this basis, four heroes are added. Each hero has attributes such as life, attack, defense, attack speed, and attribute addition; each hero also has its own

Echarts The legend legend and coordinate system grid to achieve the left and right layout __echarts

1. Effect drawing 2. Implementation method Legend The legend vertically (Orient: ' Vertical '), width to (width:150), coordinate system grid left (LEFT:200), 50 margin in the middle 3, Code display Grid: { left:200 }, legend: { x: ' Left ', data: [' Air supply temperature ', ' mixed wind temperature ', ' Chilled water delivery temperature

Play the legend of hearth stone: Legend of warcraft in Linux

Firestone Legend: Heroes Of Warcraft is a free set-and-change card game developed by Blizzard Entertainment. You can also play this game on Linux. Like most games on the Windows platform, Firestone Legend: Legend of warcraft heroes can also run on Linux with the help of Wine (Wine Is Not an Emulator ). But it is not enough to install it. You need to adjust it sli

Mourning the legend, John asked & #183; Nash and his wife Alicia Salute, create a legend, Love Math

John Read and Nash's biography. I want to record the channelI've always believed in numbers, whatever the logical equation makes us think. But after a lifetime of such pursuits, I asked myself, "What logic is this?" Who decided on the grounds? "My quest made me move from physical to metaphysical, and finally to paranoia, so I went back and forth.I have made a major breakthrough in my career, and in my life I have found the most important person: only in such a magical love equation, talent to fi

A graph solves various problems of the R language drawing legend _r

A picture solves various problems of the R language drawing legend 2016-11-01 With the R drawing of the small partners have wood has such a feeling, "the command to write a very complete, the operation did not complain, the legend can hide where." "The picture is very beautiful, how always the legend is not coordinated." "Ah ~ ~ Ah, crazy, the

The legend of Cowherd and Weaver, the origin of Tanabata Valentine's Day _ Classic net Pick

Tanabata: The seventh evening of July The origin of Qiqiao festival from the origin of the Tanabata Valentine's Day Introduction to the Tanabata festival: In China, the Lunar New Year of July at the beginning of the night, the weather warm, vegetation fragrance, this is commonly known as the Tanabata Festival, also some people call it "Qiqiao Festival "or" daughter's Day ", this is the most romantic festival in Chinese traditional festivals, and is the most important day for girls in the past

MATLAB drawing Legend

Legend (Resource:examples of legend in MATLAB document) Usage: 1.legend (' string1 ', ' string2 ',...) ' String1 ', ' string2 ' in order to correspond to the curve in the graph; HLEG1 = Legend (' cos_x ', ' sin_x ') will return a handle HLEG1 The underscore is recognized as subscript and can be avoided by using a

Js + echarts-pie Legend Position adjustment and value addition

var drawpiechart=function (Chartid,titletext) {var chartdata=[{value:335, Name: ' Cause 1 ', trend: ' Up '},{value:310, Name: ' Cause 2 ', trend: ' Up '},{value:234, Name: ' Cause 3 ', trend: ' DW '},{value:135, Name: ' Cause 4 ', trend: ' DW '},{value:1548, Name: ' Cause 5 ', trend: ' EQ '}]var option = {Title: {Text:titletext,Subtext: ",X: ' Center '},ToolTip: {Trigger: ' Item ',Formatter: "{A} },Legend: {Orient: ' Vertical ',Right: ' R ',//Top: ' M

Sword tower Legend strengthen skills to enhance combat strategy

In the legend of the turret game, the enhancement of skills is very important to enhance the fighting ability, then how to strengthen the skills? Don't worry, this article brings you the most detailed tutorial on strengthening skills in the legend of the turret. Hero Skills Each hero has 4 different skills. The quality of the initial state of white hero, you can already use the first "big recruit" skil

Legend has it that the user's request is received in Jioendpoint's accept function, which is the dividing point of tomact interaction with the outside world.

Legend has it that the user's request is received in Jioendpoint's accept function, which is the boundary point of tomact interaction with the outside world, so to study, "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "", "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "From the top-level interface:How ==================jioendpoint was pulled up ================ Public InterfaceProtocolhandler---》 Public Abstract classAbstractprotocolImplementsprotocolhandler,mbeanregistration---

Win7 Desktop appears legend br icon cannot be deleted resolution

Win7 Desktop appears legend br icon cannot be deleted resolution Step: Download and install 360 security guards 1, open 360 security guards, in the lower right corner open "software housekeeper"; 2, in the Software Butler interface click the "Uninstall" button; 3, find "legendary BR" click on the back of the "Uninstall" button to wait for automatic uninstall; 4, after unloading if there is "uninstall complete!" The hint we cl

A legend is the shell test of Baidu interview

-X b.txt-f a.txt|wc-lMany books do not write grep-x-f meaning, here to fill:-F: Specifies the template file whose contents contain one or more template styles so that grep finds the contents of the file that match the template criteria, in the form of a template style for each column.-X: Displays only columns that are compliant with all columns.From a problem can easily see the ability level of the shell, with the diff dead entanglement is the primary, with Comm is intermediate, and grep is adva

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