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There are not many courses for architects on msdn webcast, so from the 7th after New Year's Day, I will work with Microsoft's colleagues Wu Yu and Liang Zhen to create a series on msdn webcast one after another, this article introduces some relatively mature software factory developed by the Microsoft patterns & Practice team, which can be used in enterprise-level product development ), the audience focuses on architects and shares some SF-related analysis and design experience. Welcome to all heroes, brothers, and sisters in the blog Park. At the same time, if you want to hear something special, please reply below. If it is related to the subject, we can add the course content to share it with you.
Due to the nature of the work, we usually conduct technical exchanges with a small group of architects. Therefore, we have never talked about webcast before. If we can't speak to the computer, I 'd like to thank you :)
We hope this series of courses will help you.

Lecture content:
In recent years, the pattern and practice team (P & P) has released a series of software plants, including design documents, Application Scenario descriptions, and openSource codeHands-on labs, Getting Started guides, help documents, and other layers provide overall guidance to the development team, at present, three of the software factories have been implemented and achieved good results in some major projects at home and abroad. This model and practice series of network broadcast will introduce and analyze these three most mature software factories to provide reference for the actual product and project development complexity, we also share some experiences and lessons on designing architectures for actual products and projects.
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(I found that the patterns & Practice P was replaced in the msdn forecast. It seems that we have to practice it Before summing up the mode :))
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Wu Yu and Liang Zhen are colleagues I have met at Microsoft and are even more friends. Everyone is passionate about and pursuing technology, so although they are not in a team, they are not in a city, there are still many exchanges. If you have some suggestions on scsf and wssf, you can leave a message below and I will convey it.

Finally, I wish you a happy holiday and a New Year's dream!

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