vibration testing theory and practice

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Agile testing theory and practice-6

[This article is the sixth article of agile Testing Theory and Practice (Article 1, Article 2, Article 3, Article 4, Article 5, Article 6, Article 7 )] 2. Encoding phase: After the requirement design stage is completed, it is necessary to beginEncoding phaseAlthough the development and testing needs to be synchronize

Agile testing theory and practice-5

[This is the fifth article in Agile testing theory and practice (article 1, article 2, article 3, article 4, article 5, article 6, article 7 )] In the previous article "using tools to achieve agile development", I have already talked about the current development situation of our company and I will not repeat it here. It is mainly about using devsuite of techex

Agile testing theory and practice-4

[This article is the fourth article of agile Testing Theory and Practice (Article 1, Article 2, Article 3, Article 4, Article 5, Article 6, Article 7 )] As mentioned aboveQuasi-agile TestingThe model is almost the same as what we call agile testing. But to understand the true agile

Agile testing theory and practice-3

[This is the third article in Agile Testing Theory and Practice (Article 1, Article 2, Article 3, Article 4, Article 5, Article 6, Article 7 )] Now let's summarize the problems with the above model: 1.The customer said angrily:This product does not seem to be what we want! I knew that you gave me such a product, so I won't place an order. You also told me earli

Basic theory-IBM model of software testing

theory and practice of testing have been perfected gradually, but the methods and systems of testing are not discussed in completeness.6 Test classification Test classification Installation test Build Tests White box test Black box test

How to use "mathematical modeling-graph theory model" for automated intranet penetration testing

How to use "mathematical modeling-graph theory model" for automated intranet penetration testing Privilege escalation in the Active Directory domain is an important part of the struggle between most intruders and the Intranet administrator. Although obtaining the permissions of the domain or enterprise intranet administrator is not the ultimate goal of evaluation, it often makes the target to be tested easi

Software Engineering--Test of theory, method and practice

SOFTWARE PRODUCT life cycle, such as Design Review, System review, and system testing. In the narrow sense, testing is the detection and evaluation of software PRODUCT quality, it checks the quality of software products in the existing problems, while the objective evaluation of products.Software products typically require unit testing, integration

Software Engineering--theory, method and practice

attention to the cluster phenomenon in the test ⑥ strictly execute the test plan, The random ⑦ of the test should be thoroughly checked for each test result ⑧ properly keep all the test process documentation and provide convenient maintenance. Test documents include test plans, test scopes, test cases, bug reports, and several parts. Software testers should have the necessary qualities of communication, empathy, technical ability, self-confidence, diplomatic ability, sense of humor, strong memo

"Software Engineering--theory, Method and practice"--tenth chapter

, boundary condition test, Duan Yuancan Villager test method.Integration testing: Top-down testing, bottom-down integration.System test: Recovery test, safety test, strength test, performance test.Software debugging: A simple Debugging method (1. inserting a print statement into the program; 2. Run part of the program;3. with Debugging Tools), inductive debugging, deduction, debugging, backtracking method d

Reading "Software Engineering-theory method and Practice" tenth chapter experience

Errors are the properties of the software and cannot be changed. Testing is the inspection and evaluation of the quality of software products. The basic principles of software Testing: ① Software testing as early as possible, ② avoid checking their own programs, ③ test cases include reasonable input conditions and unreasonable input conditions; ④ test cases shoul

Java Theory and Practice: eliminating bugs

method that can be declared private or protected is declared as public. But unlike FindBugs, it uses bytecode analysis and many built-in bug pattern detectors to find common bugs in your code. It can help you find out where your code is intentionally or unintentionally deviating from good design principles. (For an introduction to FindBugs, see Chris Grindstaff's article, "FindBugs, part 1th: Improving code Quality" and "FindBugs, part 2nd: Writing custom detectors.") ) Design recommendations

MySQL optimization core theory and practice

the online DDL requirements for large tables8. Regular use of pt-table-checksum, pt-table-sync to check and repair MySQL master-slave replication data differences Core program: Before going online, change any one parameter, should do stress test, avoid slip through the line cause MySQL appear various crash. Write at the end: The plan later on every detail of the theoretical analysis and stress testing, the first collation of writing, the

The method and practice of software engineering theory

condition test, Unit test method), integration test (top-down integration, bottom-up integration), validation test, System test, software debugging (Simple debugging method, Induction debugging deduction debugging, backtracking debugging). Software testing methods: Static and dynamic testing, black-box testing and white-box testingThe 11th chapter, Software Evol

Software Engineering--The realization of theory, method and practice

unit testing work.Programming language has been evolving and evolving, and its development has undergone a process from machine language to high-level language. The program designer should choose according to the requirements.In the early days of computer development, it was thought that programs were provided to machines rather than read by people. Therefore, it is sufficient to implement the correct logic so that the computer executes, and whether

Java Theory and Practice: using Volatile variables correctly

. Following these patterns (not exceeding their limits when using them) can help you implement most use cases safely and use volatile variables for better performance.Reference Learning You can refer to the original English text on the DeveloperWorks global site in this article. Java Concurrency in practice: How-to Manual for developing concurrent programs using Java code, including building and writing thread-safe classes and programs,

Microsoft nlayerapp case theory and practice-DDD, distributed DDD and its hierarchy

Castle dynamicproxy) can help us easily implement AOP. Summary This article focuses on text description and combines the Microsoft nlayerapp project to describe in more detail the DDD and its layered architecture. In this article, many 《Enterprise Application Architecture Model (poeaa)The concepts and Model names introduced in this book help readers better understand the main responsibilities of each layer in the DDD layered architecture. And 《Microsoft nlayerapp case

Java theory and Practice: Correct use of Volatile variables--turn

cases provides better performance and scalability than locks. If you strictly follow the use of volatile conditions-that is, the variable is really independent of the other variables and its own previous values-in some cases you can use the volatile substitution synchronized to simplify the code. However, volatile the code used is often more error-prone than code that uses locks. The pattern described in this article covers some of the most common use cases that can be used volatile instead syn

Java Theory and Practice: Correct Use of volatile Variables

, including creating and writing thread-safe classes and programs, avoiding performance impact, managing performance, and testing concurrent applications. Popular Atoms: Introduced the new atomic variable class in Java 5.0. This feature extends the volatile variable to support atomic state conversion. Introduction to non-Blocking Algorithms: Describes how to use atomic variables instead of locks to implement concurrent algorithms. Volatiles: Get mo

Software Engineering: Theory, Method and practice Introduction

methods of calculation and modeling to improve the computational approach itself. Products Software (such as Office packages and compilers). Algorithms (such as the hill Sort method) and abstract questions (such as philosophers eating questions). Schedule and schedule Software projects have specific schedules and schedules Research projects generally do not have a set schedule and schedule Focus Point Software engineering focuse

CSS conditional annotation theory and Practice Source Document _ Experience Exchange

Browser conditional annotation theory, using the following example to explain the problem X Html The following section of code is the effect of testing conditional comment statements under Microsoft's IE browser 您正在使用IE浏览器 版本 5 版本 5.0 版本 5.5 版本 6 版本 7 The following code is a conditional comment that runs under a non-IE browser You are not using Internet Explorer Ultimate

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