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Media | Page Embed multimedia text (EMBED)

Basic grammar <embed src=#> #=url

This tag can be used to embed multimedia text in the home page, such as:
Movie (movie), voice (sound), Virtual reality language (VRML) ...
Experience <embed> labeling, you need to install the plugin complete.
Please note: Embed attributes are different between each plugins.

background Music

<bgsound src=#> #=wav File URL
<bgsound loop=#> #= Cycle number

<bgsound src= "Sound.wav" loop=3>

Insert a video clip

Use the Url.avi avi (video for ms-windows) file to play videos;
Use the Http:// GIF image as the cover of the video, that is: in the browser
When the AVI file is not fully read, the image is displayed in the AVI playback area first.

When to start playing AVI #=fileopen, mouseover

The default value is #=fileopen, which starts to play AVI when linking to a page with this tag, such as this page.

MouseOver is when you move the mouse over the AVI playback area before you start playing Avi.

You can also set both:

In addition, with the mouse click on the AVI play area, will also start the browser to play the AVI.


Control bar

AVI playback control bar for attaching ms-windows to the video window.

Loop Play

<loop=infinite> will loop more than once.


Delay #= millisecond number


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