Name Scout コナンロマンチックセレクション4

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  1. Concave む"へこむ" flat, sunken
  2. The outside れ"まとはずれ" digress, not pertinent. Deviate from theme points
  3. Pillow High くする"まくらをたかくする" Peace of mind, peace of mind sleeping
  4. Vol Earpick Take る"まきとる" wrap, wound, winding
  5. Flat らげる"たいらげる" Leveling, leveling
  6. がつがつ Crunch and eat greedily. To eat like a greedy eater.
  7. パーカー Hooded Sweatshirt. Windbreaker
  8. メダルmedal; medal, medal, medallion
  9. Forgetれmisaki out す"つれだす", take it out, lure it out.
  10. じゃれる Frolic, play, hilarious
  11. Buy Kei slip め"かいだめ" Hoard
  12. See Set める"みさだめる"
  13. Spoon "さじ" spoon, spoon, spoon
  14. Salivary "よだれ" saliva, spit
  15. Degree of liver "どぎも" boldness liver tsukinuke bootcut surprising, so surprise
  16. The eyes of the "めだま";
  17. Expands fly ぶ"けしとぶ" flies. Disappeared Take off, alacrity fly away.
  18. Change break "かいざん" tamper, alter
  19. Manufactoring Yue "まんえつ" Joy, Grand Hyatt
  20. Genki が Lee Bootcut Clever, intelligent, cautious, have eyesight, good at the sense of the eye, beautiful dress up
  21. よりどり Random Selection
  22. Drama "すんげき" short Comedy
  23. アーモンドalmond, almond, almond apricot, almond
  24. The empty "うわのそら" absent-minded "into"; inattention.
  25. く"くじく", twist, twist, bruise, twist, sprain, squat
  26. To moistened together う"やりあう" to do, argue, argue.
  27. Earpick "ひきでもの" (when the host rewards the guest) giveaway, souvenir
  28. くるめく"めくるめく" dizziness; dazzling.
  29. Blood う"ちまよう" (horror, anger, grief, etc.) crazy, unable to self-control
  30. Jane Han "とんちんかん" (speaking and doing things) inconsistent before and after contradictions; stupid things.
  31. オブラートoblaat; rice paper, glutinous rice paper. Paper head for the package of drugs and food
  32. メタボ scientific terminology, suggest to see Wiki
  33. ミラクルmiracle; a miracle.
  34. Play にっては pay け"うってつけ" ideal;
  35. Router moistened consistent く"くりぬく" dig through, unscrew, punch through, dig out
  36. Inlay めの komagome む"はめこむ" inlay, embedded
  37. パティシエpatissier, master pastry.
  38. To スカウトscout with favourable conditions;

Name Scout コナンロマンチックセレクション4

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