National 863 plan and Kingsoft's EULA commitment to Microsoft

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In March 1986, Deng Xiaoping approved the National High-tech Development Plan, namely the "863 Plan ". The purpose of this plan is: "... renderingchina
Independent of financial obligations for foreign technologies "means that China is completely freed from its dependence on foreign technologies.

Kingsoft Development Office requires Microsoft's VBA authorization, and Kingsoft's VBA authorization must sign an EULA authorization agreement with Microsoft, that is, "end-user
License Agreement for Microsoft software "(EULA ).

In fact, Microsoft's original article on the EULA protocol 10th of VBA is as follows:

    1. Termination. Without prejudice to any other rights, Microsoft may terminate this EULA if you fail to comply with the terms and conditions of this

The core content of the termination clause is: If Kingsoft does not comply with the provisions of the clause, Microsoft has the right to terminate the agreement without any other reason. Essentially, this is Kingsoft's commitment or obligation to Microsoft (accepting this termination clause ). In this regard, it is hard to understand that the basic spirit of the agreement is totally different from that of the national 863 Plan (China is completely freed from its dependence on foreign technologies, regardless of the time when Kingsoft signed the EULA agreement with Microsoft.

Today, Kingsoft's Linux-based office is not doing well. It has touched the fundamental interests of Microsoft and may bring a Disaster Tolerance to Kingsoft. Some people say that Kingsoft may not have to sign any EULA agreement with Microsoft if it has spent money to authorize the use of VBA from Microsoft. We need to note that Kingsoft's use of VBA is different from that of General customers. Kingsoft uses Microsoft's VBA to develop an office software product that competes with Microsoft in the market, in view of this, Microsoft must reach a "share agreement" with Kingsoft to put control in its own hands. Microsoft is not a fool.

At present, Kingsoft's transition to Linux is just a show. If Kingsoft is a real player, can Microsoft sit still? I don't think so.

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