Network Planner Common Switch Configuration command collection: Catalyst 3548

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1, into the global configuration mode

Switch-3548 > Enable

Password: ********

Switch-3548 # config T

Switch-3548 (config) #

2, enable the switch HTTP Server

Switch-3548 (config) # IP HTTP Server

3, configure the host name

Switch-3548 (config) # hostname switch-phy-3548

4, configure the root user password

switch-gyx-3548 (config) # enable secret 5 zzz

switch-gyx-3548 (config) # enable password zzz

switch-gyx-3548 (config) #

switch-gyx-3548 (config) # enable password 7 zzz

switch-gyx-3548 (config) #

5. Configure Remote login Password

switch-gyx-3548 (config) # line vty 0 4

switch-gyx-3548 (config-line) # password 7 zzz

switch-gyx-3548 (config-line) # password 0 zzz

switch-gyx-3548 (config-line) #

6. Configure System time

switch-gyx-3548 # Clock Set 23:00:00 March 2009

7, configure the Device management address (IP address and default route)

switch-gyx-3548 (config) # interface VLAN1

switch-gyx-3548 (config-if) # IP address

switch-gyx-3548 (config) # IP default-gateway

8, enter the port configuration mode

switch-gyx-3548 (config) # interface f0/24

9. Configure Port Description Information

switch-gyx-3548 (config-if) # description To-lib

10, configure the switch port shutdown and open

switch-gyx-3548 (config-if) # (NO) shutdown

11, configure the switch port communication mode

switch-gyx-3548 (config-if) # Duplex Auto/full/half

12, configure the switch port transmission rate

switch-gyx-3548 (config-if) # speed 10/100/auto

13, configure VTP domain name

switch-gyx-3548 (config) # VTP domain PKU

14. Configure VTP Working mode

switch-gyx-3548 (config) # VTP mode server/client/transparent

15, into the VLAN configuration mode

switch-gyx-3548 # VLAN Data

16. Create VLAN

switch-gyx-3548 (VLAN) # VLAN 1000 name vlan1000

17. Remove VLAN

switch-gyx-3548 (VLAN) # no VLAN 1000

18. Modify VLAN

switch-gyx-3548 (VLAN) # VLAN 1000 name v1000

19. Assigning VLAN to ports

switch-gyx-3548 (config-if) # switchport access VLAN 248

20. Configure VLAN Trunk mode

switch-gyx-3548 (config-if) # switchport mode trunk

21. Encapsulation VLAN Protocol

switch-gyx-3548 (config-if) # switchport trunk Encapsulation dot1 q/isl/negotiate P

22, set up to allow the relay VLAN

switch-gyx-3548 (config-if) # switchport trunk allowed VLAN 10,14/10-14/except 100-1000

23. Open or Close STP

switch-gyx-3548 (config) # (NO) Spanning-tree VLAN 3

24. Configure root Network bridge and backup root Network Bridge

switch-gyx-3548 (config) # spanning-tree VLAN 3 root primary/secondary

25. Configure Spanning Tree priority

switch-gyx-3548 (config) # Spanning-tree VLAN 3 Priority 8192

26. Configure backbonefast Spanning tree optional function

switch-gyx-3548 (config) # Spanning-tree Backbonefast

27. Configure uplinkfast Spanning tree optional function

switch-gyx-3548 (config) # spanning-tree uplinkfast max-update-rate 32000

switch-gyx-3548 (config) # Spanning-tree Uplinkfast

28. Configure portfast Spanning tree optional function

switch-gyx-3548 (config) # spanning-tree portfast Default

29, configure the BPDU Filter to generate tree optional function

switch-gyx-3548 (config) # spanning-tree portfast bpdufilter Default

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