New features in Skype for business Server 2015

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Skype for Business Server 2015 has many new features compared to Lync 2013, specifically the following improvements:

? User Experience

? Voice and video support

? Mobile support

? Internal server Management

? Hybrid solution deployment and management

? Multi-factor authentication support

For specific improvements, refer to the links below:


There are two more important improvements compared to Lync 2013:

Better interoperability with third-party video conferencing systems

Skype for Business Server now allows you to integrate some third-party VTC (video conferencing system) solutions. The new server role that supports this video conferencing interoperability is the video Interop server (VIS), which is currently implemented as a standalone server role and is only available for local installations. VIS acts as a mediator between a third-party teleconferencing system and a Skype for business Server deployment. For this release, VIS focuses on interoperability with Cisco/tandberg video systems. Please review this article to determine whether you want to use this feature in your Skype for business Server installation.

This server role provides:

? A conversion between a third-party video system and a Skype for business Server deployment using the-H. xml format.

? Converts a single video stream from the VTC with a specified resolution to multiple broadcast video streams with different resolutions for use in a Skype for business Server deployment. These video streams can be sent to AVMCU and then sent to the Skype for business Server endpoint and other video systems that request different resolutions. This conversion is also used when a third-party video system is involved in a Skype for business A/V conferencing call. After the code conversion restrictions are reached in a specific VIS server, the following requests for different resolutions will receive only the video stream with the lowest resolution.

? Supports video SIP trunking between CUCM Gateway and Skype for Business Server video interop server; VTC continues to register Cisco gateways and initiates calls through the gateway to Skype for business deployment. The call is routed through the video SIP trunk from the gateway to the Skype for Business video interop server.

? Users in the support room use a supported video system to dial in to open or closed meetings from the system. This call will traverse the video SIP trunk.

? The user in the support room uses a supported video system to call the Skype for business client. This call will traverse the video SIP trunk.

? Support for Point-to-point and multi-point call control in calls from the Skype for business Server side or the supported VTC systems, including mute/unmute, pause/resume video, lock video and suspend/cancel pending calls.

For details, please refer to:

of the internal server SQL Server AlwaysOn Support

Skype for Business Server 2015 adds support for SQL Server AlwaysOn availability groups and SQL Server AlwaysOn failover cluster instances. In addition to these features, Skype for Business Server provides the same database mirroring and SQL Server cluster support as the Legacy Lync Server.

For details, please refer to:

New features in Skype for business Server 2015

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