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Web testing enhancements

Google Chrome support. Testcomplete now supports testing Web applications in Google Chrome (in addition to Internet Explorer and Firefox ). this enables companies to more easily verify the quality, functionality and consistent user experience of their web applications extends SS multiple browsers. testcomplete allows testers to record and play back tests in chrome, create a wide range of verifications for web page contents as well as individual elements, attributes and styles, images, URL link validity and much more. access to underlying DOM elements is also provided, which allows for advanced verifications, direct method calland JavaScript invocation.

Mozilla Firefox 7, 8 and 9 support.This release also adds support for the recent versions of Mozilla Firefox for Web application testing.

Accessing Firefox UI elements by XPath.The uipage object has the evaluatexpath method which allows retrieving Firefox UI controls using XPath notation.

Passing command-line arguments to tested browsers.Web pages in tested applications now have an option to specify custom command-line arguments for the browser. for example, you can use the-profile argument for Mozilla Firefox to start the browser with a specific user profile.

Enhanced support for Adobe AIR and rich Internet applications

Adobe Flex 4.6 support. This update adds support for the latest release of the Adobe Flex platform.

Adobe Flash Player 11 support. Now you can record and play back tests for Adobe Flash and flex applications running in Adobe Flash Player 11.

Adobe AIR 3 Support. Testcomplete now supports the newest release of the Adobe AIR 3 platform. You can now test HTML-based and flex-based applications developed using air 3 SDK and running in air 3 runtime.

Other improvements

Testing WCF services. Testcomplete now offers automated functional testing of WCF services. you can create automatic keyword tests and scripts that will call WCF Service methods (including those using complex data types) and verify the returned data with checkpoints. now you also can test your web and WCF services within a single test project.

Improved support for third-party controls. Testcomplete 8.70 adds support for the recent releases of popular Third-Party UI libraries and controls:

  • Infragistics netadvantage 2011 Vol. 1
  • Telerik radcontrols for ASP. NET Ajax Q2 2011
  • Developer Express. Net Windows Forms ver. 2011 Vol 2
  • Developer express gridcontrol and barmanager for WPF ver. 2011 Vol 2
  • Developer express expressnavbar ver. 1.49, 2.49, 3.0, 2011 vol 1.4 and 2011 vol 1.5
  • Developer express expressverticalgrid ver. 3.49, 2011 vol 1.4 and 2011 vol 1.5
  • Developer express expressquantumtreelist ver. 4.49, 5.49, 2011 vol 1.4 and 2011 vol 1.5
  • Syncfusion essential Studio Ver., and

DLL function call improvements. The DLL access plug-in now has a Scriptable option for controlling the maximum length of strings that can be returned from DLL functions. this allows for more stable function cballs that may return strings without a terminating character and containing redundant trailing characters.

Fixed in 8.70

Check out all the issues fixed in testcomplete 8.70. These fixes are also encoded in testexecute 8.70 and testrecorder 8.70, since these products are based on testcomplete.


  • Fixed: Incorrect copying of test items between groups
  • Fixed: testexecute hanging on an attempt to perform the second rebootandcontinue operation.
  • Fixed:Derived classesSetting of the object mapping settings had no effect on derived MFC controls that do not use the declare_dyncreate macro.
  • Fixed: An error cocould occur when saving the name mapping scheme after the test run.
  • Fixed: test item settings in Microsoft Visual Studio test projects were lost after refreshing the refresh command.
  • The message informing about the impossibility to launch a remote instance of testcomplete or testexecute has been improved.

Test Recording

  • Fixed: testcomplete cocould record clicks on tested applications in a wrong order.
  • Fixed: testcomplete recorded clicks Against Main Menu items incorrectly.


Web Testing

  • Fixed: a PDF file cocould not be opened in Internet Explorer 8 during test recording.
  • Fixed: Sometimes, testcomplete incorrectly determined web button coordinates and was unable to click the button.
  • Fixed: testcomplete cocould not identify the first of the two tabs with the same URL in Internet Explorer.
  • Fixed: Occasional slow performance of the evaluatexpath method in Internet Explorer.
  • Fixed: there were non-existing objects in the object hierarchy of web pages in Internet Explorer 9.
  • Fixed: unexpected termination of Firefox 3.6 during test recording and playback.
  • Fixed: Incorrect object hierarchy of web pages in Firefox 3.6.
  • Fixed: duplicate jquery objects in the object hierarchy of web pages in Firefox.
  • Fixed: incorrect recording againstAbout: configPage in Firefox.
  • Fixed: testcomplete cocould not identify objects inside JavaScript popups in Firefox 7.
  • Fixed: testcomplete hanging when identifying web objects in Firefox using XPath expressions containing Arabic characters.
  • Fixed: The evaluatexpath method returned empty objects for web pages in Firefox 4, 5, 6 and 7.


Flash and flex application testing

  • Fixed: incorrect recording of item selection in Spark dropdownlist controls.
  • Fixed: it was impossible to create table checkpoints for certain flex MX DataGrid controls.


Silverlight application testing

  • Fixed: testcomplete cocould not identify objects in Silverlight applications running in Embedded webbrowser controls.


Visual c ++ application testing

  • Fixed: unexpected termination of a visual C ++ MFC application when its status bar control was being stored ed in the Object Browser.
  • Fixed: The msvc Property Group and the classname property were not available to some visual C ++ application objects.
  • Fixed: incorrect recording of actions against cmfctoolbar controls.


Delphi application testing

  • Fixed: There were memory leaks when running tests against Delphi 2006 applications if name mapping was used.


Java application testing

  • Fixed: A class path list was generated incorrectly for tested Java applications.
  • Fixed: Incorrect Letter Case in recorded text entered in Java swing text boxes.


Qt application testing

  • Fixed: unexpected termination of the QT 4.7.3 application when grouping it in the Object Browser.


AIR application testing

  • Fixed: incorrect recording of actions against air applications if the recording toolbar was expanded to show the current object name.


Msaa application testing

  • Fixed: testcomplete cocould not identify some msaa-exposed controls that were successfully identified in earlier product versions.
  • Fixed: the object spy cocould not capture items on msaa-exposed toolbarwindow32 toolbars.
  • Fixed: The pressed property returned false for pressed buttons that usedCheckedState flag ratherPressed.

Developer Express

  • Fixed: An error occurred when playing back actions against developer express xtratreelist controls v. 2010.2.6.



  • Fixed: incorrect recording of actions against infragistics ultramenu items and ribbon context menus.


  • Fixed: An error occurred when working with telerik radgridview controls v. 2011.1.
  • Fixed: incorrect recording of expanding and collapsing groups in telerik winforms radpanelbar controls.
  • Fixed: testcomplete cocould fail to access telerik radribbonbar items and simulate user actions on them.
  • Fixed: Incorrect simulation of clicks on telerik winforms radmenu items and subitems.
  • Now testcomplete clicks telerik radoutlookbar items correctly when the control uses the group style.


Rogue Wave

  • Fixed: testcomplete recorded actions against stingray objective grid controls as coordinate clicks instead of Object-specific operations.


Keyword Testing

  • Fixed: testcomplete cocould not copy some operations from one keyword test to another.
  • Fixed: testcomplete did not stop a keyword test immediately when an error occurred andStop on ErrorSetting was enabled.


Code Editor

  • Fixed: An error occurred when using code completion for an event handler parameter.
  • Fixed: the "List Index out of bounds" error occurred when searching in the code editor if word wrapping was used.



  • Fixed: The aqtextfile. Readline method read the contents of some CSV files incorrectly.
  • Fixed: Sometimes, the aqtextfile. writeline method trimmed output data.


DLL function CILS

  • Fixed: An error occurred when calling a DLL function with a BSTR return value.
  • Fixed: testcomplete failed to call the DLL function that sets process affinity.


JIRA Integration

  • Testcomplete's Jira extension now uses the addbase64encodedattachmentstoissue method instead of the deprecated addattachmentstoissue method.
  • Fixed: An issues with sending large logs to Jira.


Distributed testing and network suites

    • Fixed: testcomplete ignoredStop on ErrorProject property of slave test projects and did not stop them when an error occurred.
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