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New business language and new system architecture of SOA-SOA and SaaS begin to introduce some new obfuscation with the increasing popularity of SaaS and the deepening of SOA, more and more people are talking about the capabilities of SOA products in Saas. A recent SOA Alliance completed by the Object Management Organization (OMG) pointed out that there is such an expectation in the market, that is, SOA has changed the market of software vendors. Therefore, important software can be provided to you through the SOA method of SAAS. However, it is very important to have a clear definition, said Bradley F. shimmin, Chief Analyst of current analysis's application software infrastructure. "I really think of SAAS as a delivery mechanism, which specifies a single instance/multiple rental applications," he said. "And I regard SOA as a philosophical framework for developing loosely coupled software. Therefore, SOA includes everything about how software is structured, while SAAS is about how software is applied ." Shimmin observed a part of the obfuscation between SOA and SaaS, which was caused by the absence of a clear indication of what we meant when we talked about services. "Maybe this problem breeds the word" service "," he explained. "In SaaS, he said that an application can be delivered just like any service, just like the voice of a phone in your home. It seems to be tailored to your needs, it is also something that you can customize at a certain level. The definition of SOA has no connection with this. The services supported by SOA are discrete transactions that can be used again. These transactions are combined to form a business flow, which is an abstract code extracted from the basic system ." Jason Bloomberg, senior analyst at zapthink, agrees that the confusion between SOA and SAAS is aimed at the differences between the two. There is no clear definition and problems that arise when combined. "There is a lot of confusion between SOA and SAAS ." Bloomberg said. "SOA is a framework approach, while SAAS is a delivery model. Service delivery through SaaS delivery models may not be possible to achieve loose coupling and standards-based services similar to Web services as we talked about SoA. In general, the types of these services are different, but we are looking for a convergence point of contractual services that can be delivered through SAAS ." Bloomberg also described that the functionality of traditional methods for delivering applications using SAAS has been achieved through network interfaces. Recently, SAAS began to try to integrate Web services so that they can be delivered through network services without user interfaces. However, such delivery methods are not SOA. "SOA is not required to deliver web services through SAAS ." Bloomberg said so. However, Bloomberg and other analysts interviewed in this article believe that the SOA method is good for SaaS. "SOA brings SaaS services that are both loosely coupled and agreed and manageable ." Bloomberg explained. "These services have been agreed and are all associated with the metadata of the policy, so that the relationship between the service provider and the service user can be constrained. For example, these policies may indicate the quality of service requirements, the guidelines for reuse, or version policies ." The demand for version policies highlights the importance of SOA in providing value to SAAS software vendors. He said. "We assume that you provide a web service through SaaS, and many customers are using this service. Now it is time to upgrade this service. What will happen to all customers? Let them stop all their work? Do they need to manually upgrade their software? Each option represents a close connection between service users and service providers-the issues that SOA can solve in this case ." The SOA method provided to SAAS can solve this problem. Bloomberg said that because SOA can provide "an appropriate pre-defined version policy that requires users to use some prescribed steps every month to ensure that they are using the latest software. For example, by automatically downloading an upgrade, the service automatically updates the version on the next day. Now, for customers, it is possible to automatically maintain one or all versions and synchronize updates to the server. This achieves loose coupling and proves a powerful SOA operation ."

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