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Perhaps Microsoft's deliberate move, which came out with several "Win8 next releases" Last week, has also exposed many of the new features of Windows 8.1/windows Blue. Users will experience a friendlier Metro/modern interface, a more advanced kernel, a new browser IE11, and a stronger SkyDrive in this WIN8 upgrade. The following, the author summed up these new features, which can let you echocardiography?

Name sure is called "Windows 8.1"

A leaked screenshot of Windows 8.1 build 9375 was released online last week. Screenshots show that Windows Blue is likely to be named Windows 8.1. The ZDNet also implemented the message: Microsoft has established that the official name is Windows 8.1.

Windows 8.1

Dynamic magnetic paste with more controllable ability

Windows 8.1 can choose to be larger or smaller than the previous dynamic magnetic paste, adjustable size of the Metroui will make the operation more flexible. In addition, Windows 8.1 has a larger boost in the multitasking interface--users can view two applications of vision 1:1 side-view on the display, and four applications to watch simultaneously.

Windows 8.1 goes directly to the desktop

Users are likely to skip the "Start" screen in the official version of Windows 8.1 and go directly to the desktop system.

Can skip the start screen and go directly to the desktop system.

In this release, Twinui.dll contains a line of "can suppress Startscreen" code, which means that users can skip the "Start" screen and go directly to the traditional desktop system after powering on. However, this feature was not turned on in this release, but the presence of the code indicates that Microsoft is considering giving users the right to choose.

Installation application can see the tile progress bar

In Windows 8.1, an installation or update application can see the progress bar directly on the tile so that you can view the installation state of the application without entering the application store.

progress bar Visible

Or re-enable the Start menu

Existing third-party Start menu

There are foreign media reports that Microsoft is considering returning to the Start menu button in Windows Blue. At present, many users are using the Start Menu tool developed by the third party. Microsoft may offer a switch button that will require the user to pull up this feature.

Kernel Upgrades: Upgrade from 6.2 to 6.3

The direct effect of upgrading the Windows 8.1 kernel from 6.2 to 6.3 is that the system will be less power consuming, the notebook will be more mobile, and the system would react faster.

Windows 8.1 Code is "Windows Blue"

The kernel upgrade means that the most intuitive experience for the user is the decrease in power consumption. In addition, the upgraded kernel will become smaller, which means that a Win8 tablet like 16g/32g version surface will release more systems for real storage.

Windows 8.1 will use the 6.3 kernel

Windows 8.1 will reduce the amount of RAM consumed. The system code also mentions support for higher-resolution devices, and also mentions the two new features of "Basefs" and "Minkernel".

new browser: IE11

Windows 8.1 comes with a new version of the IE11 browser, and we've seen IE11 in the previous leaked Windows 8.1, and we know that the Metro version supports tag synchronization and the need to play flash without a whitelist, and now more features are being dug out, Like the metro version of the download list.

IE11 Browser

The Metro version IE11 browser provides a complete download list that allows users to view, run, and delete downloaded files. You can find the download function in the wrench chart and use this download list.

IE11 Browser New Download list

In addition, this update adds a Tracking protection option, which means that tracking protection will no longer be forced to open, and users who need to receive accurate advertising can choose to open it.

IE11 browsers may also be starting to support the WEBGL standard. Microsoft had previously said it would not provide support for WEBGL because of security concerns. But its web developer recently published a blog post saying: "It seems that the WebGL interface has been defined in the browser but is temporarily closed." "In other words, IE11 in the browser has done a good job of WEBGL support, but temporarily not to open up its support."

IE11 will be released concurrently with Windows 8.1

The WebGL is a 3D drawing standard that allows JavaScript and OpenGL ES 2.0 to be combined to provide hardware 3D acceleration rendering for HTML5 canvas, This allows Web developers to display 3D scenarios and models more smoothly in browsers and create complex navigation and data visualization with the help of a system display.

Paul Cotton, leader of Microsoft's Web standards work last year, has said that support for WebGL has always been the demand of IE: "If we can solve the security problem, I think we will seriously consider the characteristics." ”

Metro Edition security software and files Manager

In Windows 8.1, we will see the metro version of Windows DEFENDER,3G/4G Network hotspots, barcode scanning support, and some new features.

Microsoft may be developing a Metro version of Windows Defender anti-virus software for Windows 8.1. Previously, Microsoft had pre-installed the desktop version of the antivirus software for Windows 8 and Windows Rt.

The leaked Windows 8.1 also contains a metro version of the file management software that shows that Microsoft is developing more Metro apps that may be attached to the future release of the official version of Windows 8.1.

Metro Edition File Manager

WIN8 built-in applications are updated, such as mail, calendars, contacts, Bing Search, and the biggest improvement is the high combination of Windows 8.1 Local search and Bing search, which delivers a more flexible and integrated search experience than the existing Win8.

In addition, the Windows 8.1 code contains 3G/4G network hotspots and barcode scanning support, and contains different ways to improve the battery power of devices that install the update.

Deep integration SkyDrive Enhanced Search

In the Windows 8.1 release, Skydrive,skydrive has been thoroughly integrated into the system. Users directly access all files stored in the computer's local and SkyDrive cloud via the File Manager (Files app) under the Win8 interface.

Deep Integration SkyDrive

Users can now set the default to automatically save files to SkyDrive. This application is in fact the integration of two resource managers and SkyDrive applications, but the functionality is still relatively single and is not yet a substitute for the File Explorer on the desktop.

The new version also strengthens the Win8 interface search function, now the user in the beginning of the interface as long as the input text will go directly into the search bar, eliminating the trouble of their own search bar.

Global search will be greatly optimized

In addition, the arrangement of Metro applications has been improved, and now the system will automatically adjust the application on the start screen according to the frequency of application, so that users can quickly find the most commonly used applications.

Additionally, Windows 8.1 adds additional PC settings, such as "connecting wirelessly to remote displays" and "New touch options," and according to leaked information, Windows 8.1 's new touchpad settings will allow users to set whether or not to turn border gestures on or off.

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